Laptop open with online photo book on screen
Family Photo Albums: Our top design tips

A family photo album is a project of love. We’ve compiled our eight top tips for designing a family heirloom that best showcases your treasured milestones, shared laughter, and kinship.

Black and white photo of two young boy brothers lying on wooden deck
Lucy McGregor: An Ode to Childhood

Discover Lucy's family adventures in her stunning Softcover Photo Book, filled with archival film photography that captures each cherished moment with her children.

Open Portrait Premium Photo Album with old family photos
Our guide to create a family history album

Bring your family tree to life in print with a sentimental keepsake. Find out how to create a family history album you’ll cherish for generations with our six helpful tips.

Bride Caitlin and groom kiss in vintage white car
A chat with designer, Caitlin Crisp

Step into the world of weddings & fashion with Caitlin Crisp. MILK chats to Caitlin about details of her fairytale wedding, self-designed wedding dress, and newly released bridesmaids collection.

Bride holding colorful pink red and purple wedding bouquet
12 vibrant wedding ideas

Be inspired by our 12 most loved vibrant wedding ideas. Whether it's a standout wedding dress or a bold photo backdrop, explore the fun of using color in your wedding ceremony.

Flatlay of wedding day accessories including jewelry, perfume and bridal shoes
Our wedding day jewelry checklist

What necklace suits the neckline of my wedding dress? How should I style my hair with statement earrings? Read our checklist for jeweled accessories for your big day.

Black and white photo of cat squinting eyes
Laurence Carey: A Special Companion

A poignant tribute to beloved cat Sebastian was created through a tactile Moleskine format. Explore life's precious moments through his big eyes, tiny paws and pointy ears.

Baby with ginger hair crawling out of basket
Kelsey Goodwin: Week by Week

Follow along baby Wylder's growth, beautifully documented week by week in a Classic Photo Album. Every week is preserved in a timeless tribute that'll be passed down for generations.

Understated floral wedding trend
Our guide to 2024 wedding trends

From understated florals to hand drawn stationery and bows, bows and more bows, discover the 2024 wedding trends set to make an impact.

Couple dancing together at wedding reception party, guests forming a crowd around them holding sparklers
The rise of intimate wedding dinner parties

Carefully curated guest lists and adding tailor-made touches, discover the world of intimate wedding dinner parties with our detailed and practical guide.

Colorful stained glass windows in dark chapel from the inside
We love these gothic wedding elements

From décor in shades of black to romantic lace accents, discover our favorite ways to add a touch of gothic elegance to your special day. View our collection of ideas for an unforgettable ceremony.

Two brides walk down the wedding aisle together wearing white dresses
Mariah Wasilewski: The Happiest Wedding

Experience the joy of Mariah and Patty's emotional wedding day, captured in a contemporary Wedding Magazine format. Their classic "Love Story" truly shines throughout every page of their magazine.

Family photo spanning generations, dogs included, in a grassy landscape.
How to preserve memories of grandparents

Preserve the wisdom shared through photos of your grandparents. Learn how to archive this collection of memories in a heartfelt photo book or album.

Man carrying woman celebrating their intimate elopement ceremony, in snowy landscape with lake and mountains in the background
Creating an elegant elopement photo book

Discover how to capture the essence of your elopement with an elegant photo book, combining personalized text, high quality printing, and exquisite cover designs for a timeless keepsake.

Flipping the pages of a Wedding Guest Book with handwritten messages inside and champagne glass next to book
How to create a wedding guest book

Discover how to make a custom wedding guest book in 7 simple steps. Design a MILK Wedding Guest Book for your loved ones to sign on your wedding day.

Foggy docks of Venice Italy with silhouette of old fashioned lamppost
Vanda Ralevska: Visions of Venice

Explore Venice's timeless beauty through Vanda's photography, capturing mystical moments around the city's enchanting streets and architecture.

Wedding Magazine in Black Buckram MILK Presentation Box on top of Metallic Pearl Presentation Box
Our new Magazine Presentation Box

Elevate your Wedding Magazine with our new Presentation Boxes. Discover how to ensure lasting protection for your cherished memories with elegance.

Bride and bridesmaid in dressing gowns with wine glasses hold hands while seated
9 tips for capturing candid wedding photos

Wedding photographers Lisa and Neil share their top tips for capturing personalities in amazing candid wedding photography.

Using the Mobile Upload Tool in the Design Studio
A guide to our new Mobile Upload Tool

Our Mobile Upload Tool makes printing your camera roll easier than ever. Learn how to effortlessly transfer photos from mobile directly to the MILK Design Studio with our quick steps.

Queenstown farm with bright green grass and hills under warm sunlight with tree overhanging farm fence
Jordan Landers: Queenstown Adventures

Discover Jordan & Jodie's journey, from Lake Ohau's sunset to the Kepler Track's happy struggle. Each photo tells a unique tale of perseverance and adventure.

Engaged couple smile and play a white guitar together leaning on vintage car in California
Miranda Sergas: Love Takes the Stage

Witness Anthony’s romantic stage proposal to Miranda. A love story sparked from a sports game in Philadelphia, to a retro engagement shoot in California.

Western couple in cowboy hats twirl and dance on farm during sunset
9 ideas for an engagement photoshoot

Immerse yourself in the celebration of saying "yes" with these romantic ideas for your engagement photoshoot, made to help capture the moments of the beginning of forever.

Alternative newlywed couple lying on lace blanket with disco balls and flowers
8 ideas for a retro-inspired wedding

Bring retro charm to your wedding day with these timeless ideas. Take your guests back in time with your special celebration of love.

MILK Premium Family Photo Book
11 heartfelt wedding guest book prompts

Discover creative cues that will turn your wedding guest book into a treasure trove of thoughtful sentiments.

A couple swimming in light blue clear water by rocky shore
How to take perfect honeymoon photos

Create lasting memories by capturing beautiful honeymoon moments. Discover the art of taking flawless honeymoon photos with our top tips.

Newlywed couple kiss under winter snowfall at night with spotlight
Maggie Leahy: A Wedding in Norway

Maggie tells the story behind her enchanting Norwegian wedding. Magical Aurora Borealis photos and snowfall make this photo book entrancing.

Engaged women couple face each other on clifftop in Athens Greece
Ashlen Sepulvida: Engaged in Greece

From a winning swipe, to a romantic dinner proposal in Athens, Greece. Spectate a truly unforgettable engagement with a gorgeous backdrop.

MILK Premium Family Photo Book
How to make a family yearbook

Relive the cherished moments and adventures of your family’s year. Craft a stunning family yearbook with our step-by-step guide.

Aerial photo of fishing boat leaving wave trail on on dark aqua sea
Matt Raynor: A Creative Journey

Discover an inspirational tale of resilience and creative rebirth. Matt Raynor's emotional story is one to be admired for photographers and fishermen alike.

Three bridesmaids in pink dresses share a toast during speeches
The fail-proof bridal shower checklist

From games and activities, to choosing a theme, decorations, and music. Enjoy a stress-free plan for your bridal shower with our fail-proof checklist.

Young girl in front of sunflowers blowing out 5th birthday candle on cupcake
10 important milestones to celebrate

To recreate memories, celebrate our favorite occasions, or to share the best moments of our lives with those we love. Here’s why we preserve our milestones in print.

Image Quality tool in the MILK design Studio
How to use our new image quality tool

Learn how to use our image quality tool to ensure your photo book or album achieves the highest print quality. Follow these simple steps for stunning results.

A wedding Guest book laid open with warm messages from wedding guests written on the pages.
The MILK Wedding Guest Book

Commemorate your special day and capture heartfelt messages from loved ones in a MILK Wedding Guest Book, the newest addition to our photo album range.

Parents wearing white holding baby and sitting in yellow flower field together
6 family photo ideas for spring & summer

Capture the magic of spring and summer with our top family photo ideas. From blooming flowers to seaside adventures, celebrate the seasons in photographs.

Bride wears bold pink wedding outfit and holds hands with groom at end of colorful and flowery aisle
8 unique wedding photo booth ideas

Discover creative and fun wedding photo booth ideas to capture memories. From floral backdrops to polaroid prints, get inspired for your special day.

Wedding couple doing their first look
7 creative pre-wedding photoshoot ideas

Capture the special moments from your wedding day with these creative pre-wedding photoshoot ideas.

Wooden table outside with tea and coffee with brown bags with kit for s'mores in each
Custom wedding favors your guests will love

From bespoke cookies to seedling pouches and survival kits, delight your guests with these custom wedding favor ideas.
Sarah Linzon: Sarah & Esgardo

Sarah tells the story behind her intimate Rocky Mountain elopement.
Emma Hussain: Boho Moroccan Wedding

Read the story of Emma's perfect wedding day, married by her father against the stunning backdrop of the Atlas Mountains.
Bob Weil: Trip to Israel

Bob tells of the inspiring trip he and his wife took to Jerusalem.

Pregnant woman stretches in front of sunrise in dried grass field
10 of our most-loved maternity photos

Believe us when we say you will never regret having maternity photos to look back. Get inspired with 10 of our most-loved maternity photos from the MILK community.

Open photo book being held pages show couple dancing at birthday party wearing pink colors
How to create a birthday photo book

Capture joyful memories from your next birthday party in a beautiful photo book with these tips.

Bride and groom walking together, the bride wears a sparkly white strapless A-Line wedding dress with a long train
The wedding dress edit: 10 styles for all brides

From lace silhouettes to chic pantsuits, we’ve curated a collection of 10 wedding dress ideas to get you inspired.

Mothers Day Photo Album Gift
6 custom Mother's Day gift ideas

Make Mother’s Day extra special with these 6 custom gift ideas.

Wedding couple in front of flowers
Discover 8 beautiful wedding theme ideas

Discover these 8 beautiful and aesthetic wedding theme ideas to make your wedding truly unforgettable.

Pregnant couple walking down street
How to organize a family photo book

Unsure where to begin? Read our comprehensive guide to creating the perfect family photo book.

Pregnant couple walking down street
How to create stunning maternity photography

Discover how to create gorgeous maternity photos. Capture the beauty of this special time to look back on in the years ahead.

Family on the beach
Six must-dos for your family photo shoot

Follow these six handy tips to ensure a fun, relaxed and successful family photo shoot. Capture beautiful memories for years to come.

Child blowing out candles of birthday cake
How to choose a kids birthday party theme

Simplify the planning of your child's birthday party with these five tips for choosing a kids' birthday party theme.

Three premium photo books
Finding the right font

We have a font for every storyteller. Find the one that fits your personality.

Softcover with cover image of child's art
How to turn your child's art into a photo book

Transform your child's artistic expression into a creative and memorable photo book in six simple steps.

Table with platters and champagne flutes
A complete guide to planning the perfect baby shower

Throw the parent-to-be in your life a beautiful baby shower with this comprehensive party planning guide.

Newlywed couple toasting with their wedding guests
A guide to writing wedding thank you cards

Leave your guests with a beautiful lasting impression of your wedding with the perfect thank you cards.

Canvas hanging in home
Elevate your home style with canvas prints

Canvas prints offer the perfect balance of chic sophistication and personal touch. Complement your home with this timeless trend.

Three premium photo books
Explore our new font selection

We've added 5 new fonts to our design selection, giving you more freedom to tell your story your way.

Person holding photo album
How your digital photos look in print

Your digital photos will always look different to how they appear printed on paper. Discover the difference.

Two vegan leather premium photo books
Our Vegan Leather covers

Soft, luxurious and 100% vegan-friendly. Exclusive to our Premium Photo Books.

Wedding photo album
25th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Make your 25th wedding anniversary one to remember with these perfect gifts your spouse will love.
Drone photography 101

Create and capture new memories with the help of a drone. This exciting, fun way of taking photos is more accessible than ever.
7 instaworthy vacation ideas in the U.S.

The U.S. is filled with beautiful vacation spots. Discover our 7 must-visit places for your next U.S. vacation.
How to make a first year baby book

Mark your child's precious firsts with a beautiful first year baby book.
Top 50 MILK moments of 2021

We've rounded up our most-loved photos from our community. Discover the 2021 moments that inspired us.
10 creative family photo ideas

Elevate your family photography with these 10 inspirational family photo ideas.
8 spectacular 30th birthday gift ideas

Looking for a unique and thoughtful 30th birthday gift? We've got 8 timeless and creative 30th birthday gift ideas.
How to make a portfolio

Discover our complete guide to creating a stand-out professional portfolio.
8 fun family staycation ideas

These staycation ideas will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and more connected to your family than ever.
The MILK Wedding Magazine

Meet the newest addition to our photo book range and our new favorite format: The MILK Wedding Magazine.

Three tiered wedding cake with caramel drizzle
11 amazing wedding cake designs

Discover 11 wedding cake designs from members of our community. Let it inspire your own unique wedding cake style.

Picture frame on white table next to indoor potted plant
Heartfelt bereavement gifts

Bereavement gifts can be a comfort to loved ones experiencing loss. Let us help you create loving bereavement gifts with MILK.

Young toddler girl in pink coat walks through snow in forest
Our top winter family photo ideas

Whether you venture into snowy landscapes or stay cozy by the fire, discover these wonderful winter family photo ideas. Create your own keepsake now with MILK.

Mother with two children walk on sunny beach with boats lined on wharf
7 creative family vacation ideas

A vacation is an opportunity to share new experiences, build traditions, and create special memories unique to your family.
5 best photo editing apps

Five photo editing apps you need on your iPhone or Android to create a photo book or album of your cherished memories.

Pink giftbox and pink flower petals
Wedding anniversary gift ideas

Make your next anniversary special with a heartfelt wedding anniversary gift.

Landscape Family Photo Book on white sheets
9 things to include in your baby keepsake book

Capture and relive your child’s precious firsts with a beautiful baby keepsake book. Get inspired to start creating with this list of 9 things to include.
7 unforgettable 21st birthday gift ideas

Turning 21 is a huge milestone. Make it memorable with a personalized gift that will endure. Here are some 21st birthday gift ideas that are sure to be loved.
Inspiring travel journal ideas

Some trips are life-changing, others are much-needed getaways but each one is filled with great times we want to remember. Travel journals are perfect for reliving every special moment.

Newlywed couple toasting with their wedding guests
Micro weddings: The ultimate guide

A micro wedding promises an unforgettable celebration of love on a smaller-than-usual scale. Get insight into the emerging trend with this ultimate guide.

Father and son together with child on father's back displayed on photo book
6 thoughtful Father's Day photo book ideas

Show the special father figure in your life just how much he’s loved and appreciated with a custom-made photo book.

Family of three stand together holding hands in dried grass field in fall
5 fall family photo ideas

A fun annual tradition for every family member, discover five of our top fall photo ideas designed to help you capture display-worthy memories.
MILK Softcover Photo Books

Meet the newest addition to our photo book range: Softcover Photo Books. Discover why we think they'll be your new favorite.
Kaleen Enke: Family Photography

Documentary family photographer Kaleen discusses the importance of capturing the small things.

MILK Premium Photo Book and smartphone next to it displaying the Online Design Studio
Create on mobile in 5 easy steps

Every MILK format is available to create and order on your mobile device. All it takes is 5 easy steps

Young girl planting flowers in home garden
6 fun photo projects to try with kids

Looking for new ways to entertain your children? Here are 6 fun photo projects that you can work on together at home.

Open photo book with travel photo
16 inspiring photo book ideas

Get inspired with these 16 unique photo book ideas inspired by members of our MILK Community.
Why we take photos

To recreate a feeling, to create memories, to share our lives with those we love. We explore why we take photos and why is preserving them so important.
Connie Chang: Wedding At Glacier Point

Wed in the middle of a pandemic, Connie & Ryan share the story of their intimate ceremony in Yosemite National Park.

Newlywed couple stand on mountaintop edge overlooking lake while kissing.
Yi-Luen Tan: Mountain Wedding

Discover the story behind Alice and Yi-Luen's breathtaking wedding portraits taken atop Roys Peak, Wanaka.
Introducing MILK for Mobile

Discover the MILK Design Studio for Mobile. Creating the world’s finest photo books and albums on-the-go has never been easier.

Picture frame of siblings in a modern living room with houseplant and record player
6 reasons to buy custom gifts

Custom gifts are perfect for thoughtful gift-giving. Discover the top 6 reasons why you should buy a tailored gift next time the occasion calls for it.

Geöffnetes Fotoalbum neben Kaffee auf Tisch.
8 photo book ideas for Christmas

Christmas is a time for celebrating family and friends and so we've picked our favorite customer books and albums to do just that.

Newlyweds kiss surrounded by hedges in outdoor garden
20 wedding planners share their best tips

To help with your wedding planning duties, we've asked twenty experts to share their best planning tips.
The all new MILK Design Studio

Discover the new Design Studio you helped us design. With many new features and tools, preserving your memories has never been easier.
Design Studio tip videos

The MILK Design Studio has hundreds of features designed to make creating books simple and quick. Watch our tutorial video series to learn more.
Kate Cameron-Donald: A Family Journey

Kate tells the stories behind her favorite images from her family adventure through India.
Vivian Le: Married in Kenya

Vivian gives insight into her intimate wedding day and offers advice on how to naturally capture and preserve your love story.

Open photo album with father and son
Inside the MILK team's projects

Go behind our team's books and discover what moments we're preserving in MILK.

Newlyweds walking back down the aisle
Top 50 customer wedding photos

We've rounded up our favorite wedding photos from the members of the MILK community.
The traditional techniques behind your cover image

Discover the process behind how we craft your cover images.

Three Premium Photo Books stacked
Why we love our Premium Range

Our Premium Range is our most popular range of photo books and albums. Discover why we love it and why our customers do too.

Bride and groom at first look
73 expert tips to finding your perfect wedding dress

Wedding dress designers & experts share their tips on finding the perfect dress for your special day.

Open landscape photo book with newlywed couple walking together on beach on the pages
How to choose the right image templates

Our beautiful image templates are designed to make creating beautiful books simple. Discover our tips for choosing the right ones for your images.
Rachel Lariviere-Singh: A Day in NY

Discover Rachel's stunning wedding album. Frozen moments in time, juxtaposed against the buzz of the city that never sleeps.

Vintage black and white image of adult man fixing an old film camera
How to ensure a great print result

You’ve gathered your images and are ready to embark on the journey of turning your memories into a keepsake to treasure forever.

Newlyweds walking in snow together
Wedding planning tips from wedding photographers around the world

We've rounded up the best wedding tips to help you plan your celebration of love to perfection.
Antonio Camacho: A Trip to Kenya

"Everyone has a different truth of the world and for some humans its size only includes a couple of villages". Antonio reflects on his first solo journey.
Graham Cook: New York Minute

Two decades of New York City street photography come together to form this truly impressive body of work.

Newlyweds celebrating with champagne at wedding party near ocean
7 wedding blogs you simply have to read

We've rounded up the 7 best wedding blogs to help you plan your celebration of love to perfection.

Mother spreads white icing on plain vanilla cake while young son watches
A must-have in every family collection

Discover the must-have books that will become the most treasured in your collection.

Photo book held in hands
4 ideas for a meaningful gift

For a gift from the heart, try designing and printing shared memories. Create something you know will be treasured forever.
Discover MILK Jackets

Our custom Jackets are available to add-on with our Premium Photo Book range. Discover how you can protect your precious memories in style.
6 destinations to add to your bucket list

Make your next holiday one spent exploring nature in all it's glory. Add these beautiful parks from around the globe to your must-visit list.
Tips and tricks to photographing fall

Discover our guide to capturing fall, from the small moments spent snuggled by the fire to the amazing scenes out in nature.
How to make space for moments of joy

Helpful tips for decluttering your living space and focusing on what's really important to you.

Grey linen book with wedding designer cover
Our Designer Covers

Our Designer Cover Templates give you more options for your book cover. Start your story right.
Terry Divyak: Touring Africa

Inside a father-daughter safari around Tanzania. Terry and Amanda spent quality time touring Africa and taking great photos.
Eilidh Neilson-Gibb: Always Us

The story of Eilidh and Ryan's beautiful snowy wedding in Scotland.
Jamie Gray: Love and Laughter

"10 December, 2016 was the most incredible day and it was absolutely filled with laughter, people and love." Jamie tells the story of her beautiful day.
Allen Fong: Seeing the World

Allen and his wife marked their wedding anniversary with a trip around the world.

Bride and groom holding hands
Jo Cox: A Wedding in Austin

Discover the story of Jo & Taner's special day. A Moleskine wedding book was the perfect choice for this cool couple.
Olga Lopez: Feeding Your Spirit

"One feedback I always get is the surprise that a woman is traveling by herself." Olga reflects upon her travels across Oaxaca, Kathmandu and Habana.
Jenny Cheng: Elegance & Fun

That's how Jenny describes her wedding day: "Sophisticated, elegant, and fun!" See how this combination produced an amazing day of love.
Lara Caspari: Building a Collection

"I take photos to capture the moment, to freeze a little piece of it forever." Read more about why Lara started creating her now diverse collection.
Tom Furley: Adventures in SE Asia

Tom and his wife took a month off work to immerse themselves in Southeast Asia.
Jason Kirchgessner: Crossing the Atlantic

After traveling all over his American homeland, Jason chose England for his first trip abroad.
Susanne Armberger: Napule 2018

Susanne returned to Naples where she once again fell in love with the cinematic city and its people.
Hayley Marshall: At the Family Farm

The story of Hayley and Hayden's simple wedding day spent with close friends and family.
Joshua Irving: Borrowing Moments

Real life, real moments, real people—these are the things that interest Joshua; these are the things he focuses on when he travels the globe.
Emily Williams: The Next Adventure

One day, a million emotions. Emily tells the story of the laughter, tears, love and pure joy of her wedding day.
Tegan Cooper: A Wedding Weekend

Tegan and John didn't let a little rain ruin their wedding day. In fact, "it could not have been more perfect."
John Rogers: Ellis Island

Between 1892 and 1954, 12M people immigrated to the US via Ellis Island. Discover the island's abandoned hospital where 1.2M were treated.
Matt Hawthorne: Iceland

The fruits of hard work; this commercial photographer squeezed all he could out of his business trip to Iceland and this book proves it.
Vanessa Naran: Two Ceremonies

An Indian ceremony and a civil ceremony, all in one day.
Umberto Pastore: A Classic Wedding

An intimate ceremony in Italy highlighting love and family.
Adam Deer: Off the Beaten Path

The Wild - Where your travels take you when you want something a little different to your "everyday".
Tara Garofano: What We Discover

The Garofano family spent almost 2 years on the road; exploring, learning, growing, and discovering. Together.
Alissa Kitchen: A Wedding in the Trees

Alissa and Karim were married among the beautiful redwoods in the Fall. Go inside their gorgeous wedding.
Terri Wara: A Beach Wedding

A relaxed wedding featuring a barefoot bride and groom celebrating their love on a sandy shore.
How to sort, organize & select your photos

Get ready to spring clean your digital photo library with these 5 tips.
Why I'm taking a photo a day

Photographer Clair shares why she's taking a photo a day, what it's taught her and get her advice for starting a challenge of your own.
The origins of MILK Books

Founder Geoff Blackwell wanted to give his dad a gift that captured how loved he was. Discover how this became the spark that started MILK Books.
Caylee Grey: Why I Create

Caylee Grey of Get Messy Art shares her creative inspirations with us and tells us why she's made preserving memories a priority.

Baby in white onesie laughs on picnic blanket next to small dog
6 photo tips every family should know

Photos are a snapshot of time. A memory frozen in place forever. Here are 6 photo ideas to help you freeze the right moments.

Father smiles and walks bride down the aisle on grassy land
Father's Day gift ideas

Buying for Dad can be tricky, let us help you make Father's Day truly special with these 6 great gift ideas.
Spotlight on a photographer: Juliette Fradin

As a family photographer, Juliette believes in "telling honest stories to pass down to our kids".

Wedding photo book with photos of newlyweds inside
Wedding album design tips and tricks

For the DIY newlywed looking to create a great wedding album. Art director and groom Joseph Paul takes us through his simple process.
Hannah Nunn: A Golden Anniversary

A week spent eating, playing, and celebrating family under the stars.
Sandra von Riekhoff: Versailles 2017

A day exploring the Garden of Versailles. Ice cream, orange juice and sun make for great adventures and an unforgettable childhood memory.
Loann Vo: A Wedding in Mexico

A destination wedding in San Miguel del Allende, Mexico. 4 days of celebrating family, friends, love and the happy couple.
Shawn Moreton: Adventures

The best of both worlds; Moleskine and MILK, Canada and Portugal, family and adventure.
5 unique book ideas from our community

We've all heard of the traditional photo albums that line ones shelves. Let us introduce you to the little known wonders that everyone should be creating.
Tips and tricks to photographing spring

Spring is the perfect time to get outside with your camera. Here are our tips and tricks to capturing those great spring moments.
Johnny Abegg: Returning to Tasmania

Johnny re-experiences the place he used to call home, this time as a father. Read why he decided to make this beautiful book.
8 tips for taking great travel photos

Are you about to embark on an exciting trip? Read this guide to getting the best from your photos.
Photography tips from our community

Tips from our community of photography lovers to help you get the most out of every moment.
How to capture everyday life's beauty

Our guide to photographing the beautiful little details of your day-to-day.
Wally & Della: An Epic Romance

A golden night of golden love: celebrating 50 years of Wally & Della Schaefer.
Jamie Carpenter: A Kiwi Wedding

Jamie's wedding was natural, raw and relaxed. Discover the story behind her album and how this style translates through each stunning photo.

Two sisters in swimsuits and goggles with pool toys by the edge of the pool
Family photo tips

We’ve put together our photo taking tips for ensuring you capture the moments that make your family unique.
A modern baby book

A modern baby book that captures more than milestones – How one photographer curated photos for her son’s first years.
MILK Inspiration Series

The MILK Inspiration Series is here to inspire your next project.
Ben Foster: Leaving Your Comfort Zone

The story of a life-changing trip to Thailand. One month, 14 friends, and endless photographic possibilities.
Jon Jackson: Down the Coast

A solo road trip from Portland to Los Angeles with not much beyond a camera, a loose plan and the freedom to stop and explore the places between.
Alan Shortall: Travels in India

Traveling to Kerala, India to document a pepper harvest - how about that for a unique work story?

Couple sitting on cliff edge in front of scenery with mountains and rivers.
Jami Johnson: Meeting Halfway

Jami and her partner Sam made the most out of their long distance relationship by meeting halfway in exotic places. Read more about their travels.

Blonde woman with black round glasses holding MILK photo book in cobbled street
Quick tips from a travel blogger

World traveller Anne Stikvoort stopped by to give us her tips on making a great travel keepsake.
Scarlet Paolicchi: Summer Travels

A classic road trip with the whole family (even the dog). Camping, hiking and all the fun that comes with an action-packed summer.
Juan Carlos Paredes: A Dance in Monochrome

A stunning series in black and white, read more on this showcase of ballerinas as they pose outside of their natural environment.
Chanel Vann: A Destination Wedding

A beautiful couple, an intimate ceremony, and a breathtaking Italian venue; this wedding album is gorgeous. Read more about the story behind it.
Sandra Davis: Boxers and Ballerinas

Two gruelling activities. Seemingly opposite and yet in many ways strikingly similar.
Becarra Fletcher: Travels in Tanzania

"The most challenging six days I have had". Read about Becarra's hard-won experience in the ranges of Tanzania.
Seattle Dredge: The Call of the Wild

Seattle and her camera have been a package deal since she was 11 years old. Read her story behind 13 years of travel photography.
Kirralea Birch: The Midst

Being submerged, being under, being between; it's this state of 'not quite' that fascinates Kirralea and drives her photography.
Yuting Liu: An Engagement Book

What started as a hike with friends became a day that will never be forgotten. A beautiful backdrop for a beautiful story.
Roniel Tessler: Exploring the Azores

Like all good stories, this one was inspired by wine (and a drive to explore somewhere new).
Hollie Sherlock: A Gift for Dad

What do you get someone who has it all? The opportunity to reflect on the meaningful stuff; family, friends, and bad haircuts.
Karen Ishiguro: A European Story

A couple's travels from Iceland to Spain to the Czech Republic. Both pro photographers, they capture beauty wherever they land.
Margi Denton: A Creative Portfolio

Each piece inspired by a creative whim, by life and family, by what lay in the corner of the eye.
Anette Urbina: A Trip to Cuba

To the places that steal your heart. Anette got local Pedro's story. We got hers.
Hannah Kacary: On Route 66

One van, half a plan, and a whole lotta open road.

Family sitting in living room and presenting photo album.
Tilly Koppes: Creating a Legacy

A love story spanning over half a century. An epic to be preserved and told for another half century, and another.
Jean Perdue: A Life in Poems

Jean didn't start writing poetry until she was in her late seventies. Raw, real and refreshing, each poem is a piece of her.
Lauren Miller: A Love Story

A beautiful couple, a magical day and a fresh take on "tying the knot". Read the story behind Lauren & Joshua's amazing wedding.
Kevin Kaminski: A Tale of Adventure

"Work hard, play hard"; the motto of a photographer trying to balance adventure and reality while in pursuit of the perfect shot.
Minette Martin: A Family Yearbook

Family trips, school events, moving house, and everything else that fits into 12 months (and the pages of a photo book).

Man on cliff overlooking the hills
Tips to perfectly shooting your next adventure

Life is full of adventures, both big and small. Here are 7 tips to ensuring you best capture your next adventure.
Why you should try MILK

Whether you're an experienced book maker or a first time creator - here are some great reasons to try us.

Premium Photo Book with photo of young girl on cover
Book of the Month runners up

We couldn't let these customer projects go unseen, so we've decided to showcase our amazing runners up for Book of the Month.

Woman and child looking at photo book
How to create a photo book or album fast

There’s just not enough time in the day. So I won’t waste a precious second more - here’s 5 tips to creating your photo book or album fast.
The MILK Scholarship Winner 2018

We asked university students "What does creativity mean to you?" as part of our scholarship initiative. The answers were astonishing.

Black and white photo of MILK Books head of design sharing her ideas.
How to make a creative photo book

The first rule of creative expression is there are no rules. But a few helpful tips wouldn’t go amiss. Here are some tips to making a creative photo book.

Colorful yellow and pink art print in a photo book
Creative books by you

Everyone has the ability to make art. All you need is a blank canvas and a drive to create. Let these customer works inspire your next work of art.
Introducing the medium photo album

Announcing the arrival of medium albums—the newest addition to our Premium range.

Close up of book and album binding
The difference between photo books and photo albums

About to start creating? Make sure you've got the right format for you.

Photo book on table
Our Binding Process

Discover more about the binding processes we use to create our photo books and albums.
Milestone albums by you

At MILK, we believe in celebrating those big moments, those milestone events. Let these customer-made milestone albums inspire your own.

Woman opens a square photo book while sitting on outside deck in sunlight
Our most popular photo book

The MILK Premium Landscape Photo Book is our customers most loved format. Read on to find out why.

Woman and small dog read large square photo book with black and white dog photos
How to make the perfect pet album

At first look, you knew your beloved pet was the one. Here are 5 tips to celebrating your furry friends with a pet book or album.

Bride looking at groom while walking next to road
Wedding albums by you

We feel honored when our customers entrust us to make their wedding albums. Here are six wedding albums that inspired us, now let them inspire you.

Family holding baby
Ideas for your next family photo book

Families come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you were brought together by nature or design, one thing all families have in common is love.

MILK Photo Album, Photo Book and Art Prints laid on table
How to build the perfect wedding collection

Learn great ways to commemorate your special day beyond the traditional wedding album. Create your collection.
How to take great photos on your phone

We've put together our top tips for capturing your best travel moments on your phone. A must-read for every traveller and every smartphone user.

MILK square wedding album in black and white leather on beige background
How to create the perfect wedding album

Your wedding album is something you will cherish forever. It’s a keepsake to turn to to relive some of the happiest moments of your life. Learn how to preserve every memory beautifully.
Love stories by you

Few things bring us more joy than seeing the beautiful moments of love our customers preserve. Here are some love of their stories.

Man riding a horse through misty hills cape
The importance of travel books

British freelance photographer and designer Lucy-Jane shares why she believes creating travel photo books is so important and why she chooses MILK.
Ron Van Dongen

Growing plants and flowers has always been part of my life, as long as I can remember. I must have been five or six, sowing my first batch of some simple annual; I remember looking each day at the lit…
Michael Kenna

I was the youngest of six children in a working-class Catholic family. There was no tradition of art among my family. I think I took pictures in my mind from when I was a child, but my first serious e…
Ernesto Bazan

I went to Cuba in 1992 and it was love at first sight, for the island and the people. I realized after a few trips that Cuba reminded me so much of my wonderful childhood in Sicily. Time had stopped i…
Guido Mocafico

It is the sum of little influences in my life that made me turn into a photographer. When I was about fifteen or sixteen I was influenced by seeing the movie Blow-Up by...

Image of child drumming
Loretta Lux

I trained as a painter and love paintings, but I found that the physical aspect of the medium did not suit me. I did not like the messiness of handling pigments, oil and turpentine. I still think like…
Mary Ellen Mark

I’ve done photography my whole working life. It is what I do. I used to like it a lot but it has changed a lot. I like the idea of being able to capture a moment in time, but all that has changed now…
Steven Bloom

I’ve been passionate about photography for most of my life, although I originally trained as a printer. I responded to and thought about photography from the age of eight, when I first picked up a Box…
Victor Schrager

I have been seduced by photography since I made my first prints in sixth grade. I printed negatives my father sent me from his travels around the world—the South American jungle, the Kremlin, Africa.…

Woman in Paris holds up Portrait Photo Book to align picture with Eiffel Tower
How to make great photo books

We spoke to blogger Anna Konevskaya and got her tips and tricks to turning your extensive photo collection into a really great photo book.
Adam Fuss

When I was young I think I looked at science to explain the world around me, and at some point in my early teenage years it failed to do that for me; and then the arts became a medium...
Art Wolfe

I started painting as a young man and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in painting with a watercolor emphasis. I know this background affected the way I approach...
David Doubilet

It seems like I have spent my entire life beneath the surface. I first looked underwater when I was eight years old. I took my first successful picture when I was twelve. From my earliest memory there…
David Goldblatt

I had wanted to become a magazine photographer when I matriculated in 1948. However, at that time there was virtually no magazine photography in South Africa. For a short while I apprenticed...
Duane Michals

I didn’t go to photography school. I never wanted to be a reportage photographer or anything like that, and I became a photographer by accident. I borrowed a camera on a trip to Russia...
Elliot Erwitt

I started out just taking pictures. I was fifteen and a half. They were pictures of the neighbors, friends, and so forth. Eventually I got into it more. It became a career and I’ve been doing it ever…
Erwin Olaf

I started out as a photojournalist when there was a lot of unemployment. To get work I volunteered to shoot for various groups. I also assisted a photographer. I learned how to print a kilo...
Fazal Sheikh

It is one thing to photograph a group of people, it is another to try to understand them. For that you need time, and patience, and an innate respect for difference – the gulf between your own religio…
Fulvio Bonavia

I started my career as a hyper-realistic illustrator, working by hand on advertising and film posters. When the computers became faster and more popular, I moved my skills...
Graham Nash

I have been making images longer than I’ve been making music. I was ten years old when my father showed me the magic that photography represents. I have never, ever forgotten that feeling:...
James Mollison

I developed intuitively. Through accidents, luck, and love of photography I’ve come to this point. I have always been more interested by how the world works than by fiction or the supernatural. My wor…
Jill Greenberg

What’s driving me in how my images look? It reflects what I am feeling at a particular time, and the reality of the world I live in, even the day-to-day light. When I moved to California...
Joel Meyerowitz

I connect to things in a visceral way. There are things that surprisingly move me and often I am shocked at the unpredictable character of these things. The camera is a reflex for me, it rises...
Joyce Tenneson

I started with an interest in all the arts—literature, painting, sculpture, design—but photography was the one that allowed me to use my creativity in the best way. I love people and I love being able…
Lauren Greenfield

I did not start with just photography and I am not ending up with it, as I make films as well, but it has been the dominant expression for me. I went to Harvard, not art school, and studied social stu…
Mark Seliger

I always start from the place of an idea. I don’t walk into a photoshoot without an idea at hand, a possibility of where I want to go – perhaps just the format and the energy, or perhaps something rea…
Massimo Vitali

I had two 4x5 cameras that I used for jobs and they were stolen from a car in Milan when I went for lunch. All they left was the big bag with the 8x10. I hadn’t used it then, but it was like a sign of…
Michael Light

I am a photographer because I’ve been one for so long now that it’s all I know. It’s thus by default what I’m best at. The more time passes the greater my admiration for other professions, more concre…
Mitch Epstein

I made my first pictures as a seventeen-year-old student at a traditional New England boarding school. I volunteered to edit the yearbook, and the job led me to my medium by...
Oliviero Toscani

I am more of an “imaginator” than an old-school photographer. To be a photographer today you must think of your image and then produce it. I am not a reporter. I imagine the image that...
Peggy Sirota

I was working at a clothing store, living in Los Angeles – no training or involvement with photography at the time. I was complaining about the money I was making to a friend of mine...
Pieter Hugo

Sometimes I look at my work and how people read it, and it has no relationship to what I might have experienced in taking the picture or what I might get from it. There’s no absolute truth in what a p…

Coming from a graphics background was the best thing for my photography: it taught me to appreciate design and to understand where art directors are coming from. In many ways, I....
Ralph Gibson

I had a vocation. I knew my destiny by the time I was eighteen. I was in the navy, standing on a ship crossing the Atlantic, standing guard at three in the morning in a storm, and I was miserable and…
Steve Pyke

I have always been uncomfortable with the phrase “taking pictures.” I think it’s all wrong. Mostly I think there is an understanding that takes place during a portrait session between the photographer…
Tim Flach

Taking a picture was initially an almost voyeuristic thing. At the beginning I was not given the opportunity to do big projects, but I would be commissioned to go and photograph somebody...
Tim Walker

As a child I loved picture books and at school I looked at fashion magazines a lot – they were comics of photography for me. Fashion photography seemed the only photography...
Adam Broomberg Oliver Chanarin

We are photographers with doubts. When we first started, we were working in a more traditional mode – we thought of ourselves as documentarians, producing socially concerned...

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How to select your wedding photos

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Landscape photo tricks to shoot like a pro

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Introducing your book

A book’s title will introduce the story and set the tone for the experience. Make sure you pick a good one. For some title inspiration, look no further.

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Create MILK on desktop

The MILK Design Studio has hundreds of features designed to make creating books simple and quick. To learn more, watch our tutorial video series.

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Photo books and albums made by you

Every day, hundreds of precious memories are preserved in beautiful MILK Photo Books. Here are some of our favorites to inspire your next project.

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Flawless wedding photos in 7 steps

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