Alissa Kitchen: A Wedding in the Trees

Alissa & Karim

Storyteller: Alissa Kitchen, USA

Bride and groom kissing at the altar as wedding party looks on

What inspires you to take photos?

I love telling stories through photographs. Whether it's documenting life's little moments from morning to night, or the composition and editing of a series of photos. I like consistency and fluidity and am often most inspired by the little moments that capture a mood or a feeling that will tie all the other photos together.

Bride and groom during first look

What was the best part of your wedding day?

Our first look was really special to me. We had made the decision to spend the 24 hours leading up to our first look apart. It definitely made it all the more exciting but it was also very challenging. Karim is my best friend, my happy place and the person I lean on when I'm nervous or need reassurance. Finally getting to see him gave me all the grounding calmness I needed. And the look on his face when he turned around and saw me for the first time was priceless.

Bride and groom hand in hand in field

Why did you decide to design and create your wedding book?

I love the entire process of designing and creating photo books. Growing up, I loved to scrapbook but with less spare time on my hands, creating photos books has become the perfect alternative that allow me to explore my creativity but with much less hassle. It was a no brainer that I would design and create my own wedding album.

Bride and groom in forest

What is your favorite image in the book and why?

They are all my favorites but the photo above does something to me every time I look at it. When we first started dating, some of our most precious moments were spent listening to music and driving with the windows down on country roads, admiring the beauty of the forests. As we took this photo amongst what looked like meticulously planted trees, the sun shone down like magic, we could hear our live band playing through the trees, and every kiss felt like a dream of our first kisses somewhere in the countryside.

Bride, groom and guests waving sparklers

What is your favorite story behind an image in your book?

The photo above actually has a funny story behind it. As someone who is passionate about photography, I was really intent on having a photo with sparklers. Amidst the planning that went into this day, we overlooked having enough lighters for everyone to set off their sparklers and amongst 120 people, we only had two! The way our friends and family rallied to help us make this happen was hilarious and also very special. As we ran up and down the pathway surrounded by our loved ones they cheered and laughed, and even handed us their sparklers as ours began to fade.

Groom kissing bride on forehead

What do photos mean to you?

To me, photos are the most valuable thing you can own. To look back on and relive moments or to hand down to future generations to tell your story, they are beautiful expressions of your favorite moments in time.


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