7 instaworthy vacation ideas in the U.S.

Take a break at one of these stunning locations.

America has over 9 million square km to explore (or rather 3.8 million square miles), so it’s no surprise that a holiday here can lead you to some of the most stunning destinations on the planet. Grab your camera and get ready to make beautiful memories in one of these remarkable places—worthy of spending your well-earned vacation days. From colorful cities to marvelous mountains, the following seven vacation ideas in the U.S. tick all the boxes for a perfect getaway and are sure to come alive in a MILK Travel Photo Book.


Charleston, South Carolina

Street in Charleston, CS


Whether you love gazing out at the sparkling sea or admiring exquisite architecture, Charleston on the East Coast provides. It boasts a rich history and a unique culture, a fascinating combination that makes for excellent conversation with your travel companions. After a long day of sightseeing, dine out at a top notch restaurant to rehash the day’s events—Charleston is a world renowned foodie destination. The aesthetic beauty of this southern city is fit for daydreaming in every setting—and oh-so Instaworthy.


Portland, Oregon

Oregon in Fall


Head west to experience the unparalleled personality of Portland. Famous for its craft breweries, food carts, and a bridge reserved for cyclists, Rose City is just the sort of hip, quirky place you would imagine it to be. Its colourful street art, culinary delights, and magnificent theatre scene make for endless entertainment and unforgettable shared memories. The city itself has plenty enough to keep you occupied, but if you fancy a taste of the outdoors, you have the Oregon Coast, Mount Hood and the Colombia River Gorge on its doorstep.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Crowd in New Orleans


Dazzle your senses with a trip to the “Big Easy” on the Mississippi River. This is a place to gather for fabulous festivals, raucous nights out, and multicultural experiences of all kinds. The city is all about music, fun, and feeling, and has a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that is simply unforgettable. Whether you visit during the loud and vibrant celebrations of Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest, or any other time of year, the good times and photo opportunities are endless. Just make sure your camera is fit for low lighting—New Orleans is all about the nightlife!


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Lake


For the travellers who love to spend their days away from the office amongst the beauty of nature, there is no better place than the world’s first National Park. Abundant wildlife, geothermal wonders, and jawdropping vistas abound in this enormous park that stretches across three states in the Midwest: Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Get ready to explore unique magical landscapes and encounter incredible majestic animals on every turn. You might get so lost in the moment that you forget to take photos! Those who remember should preserve them in an album to enjoy forever.


Yosemite National Park

Mist in Yosemite


While the coastal beauty of California is certainly worth a visit, there is only one Yosemite. The craggy cliffs of El Capitan and Half Dome that make the park famous are alone worth the trip, but travellers will also be rewarded with soul-stirring waterfalls, deep valleys, and giant sequoias. It’s a wild, adventurous setting where outdoor lovers can soothe their weary souls and amateur photographers can practice their shooting skills. There’s a romance to Yosemite worth capturing on your phone, but also in a classy and elegant photo book.


Puerto Rico

Street in Puerto Rico


A bit of tropical sunshine is a must on any top vacation list, so of course Puerto Rico makes the cut. The main island is the foremost attraction, with beautiful beaches and stunning destinations, but if you're feeling adventurous, there are some small islands off the mainland worth visiting. You have a few islands to choose from, ranging from unspoiled and charming, like Vieques, to popular and beachy, like Culebra. All have something spectacular to offer and will not disappoint, whether you're someone who likes sleepy settlements or surfing the day away. Fill your next vacation album with sandy shores and azure blue water.


Ketchikan, Alaska

Sky reflected in Alaskan lake


On the other end of the climate spectrum, the Last Frontier also makes the list of the most Instaworthy vacation spots in the United States. Alaska is a behemoth of a state and—while every part of it is worth seeing—we had to narrow it down to one particularly sublime location. Not only does Ketchikan have the sort of ethereal scenery and local wildlife that photography enthusiasts dream about, but the first stop on the popular Inside Passage coastal route also has an impressively lively dining scene and nightlife. You’ll be spellbound from beginning to end.

You’ll never find a shortage of vacation ideas in the U.S, but these seven destinations offer something a little extra special. Strengthen bonds and build connections with your travel companions as you venture to new places and marvel at some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. And when you get home, relive the memories all over again by creating a fabulous travel album.

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