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Black and white photo of two young boy brothers lying on wooden deck
Lucy McGregor: An Ode to Childhood

Discover Lucy's family adventures in her stunning Softcover Photo Book, filled with archival film photography that captures each cherished moment with her children.

Black and white photo of cat squinting eyes
Laurence Carey: A Special Companion

A poignant tribute to beloved cat Sebastian was created through a tactile Moleskine format. Explore life's precious moments through his big eyes, tiny paws and pointy ears.

Baby with ginger hair crawling out of basket
Kelsey Goodwin: Week by Week

Follow along baby Wylder's growth, beautifully documented week by week in a Classic Photo Album. Every week is preserved in a timeless tribute that'll be passed down for generations.

Two brides walk down the wedding aisle together wearing white dresses
Mariah Wasilewski: The Happiest Wedding

Experience the joy of Mariah and Patty's emotional wedding day, captured in a contemporary Wedding Magazine format. Their classic "Love Story" truly shines throughout every page of their magazine.

Foggy docks of Venice Italy with silhouette of old fashioned lamppost
Vanda Ralevska: Visions of Venice

Explore Venice's timeless beauty through Vanda's photography, capturing mystical moments around the city's enchanting streets and architecture.

Queenstown farm with bright green grass and hills under warm sunlight with tree overhanging farm fence
Jordan Landers: Queenstown Adventures

Discover Jordan & Jodie's journey, from Lake Ohau's sunset to the Kepler Track's happy struggle. Each photo tells a unique tale of perseverance and adventure.

Engaged couple smile and play a white guitar together leaning on vintage car in California
Miranda Sergas: Love Takes the Stage

Witness Anthony’s romantic stage proposal to Miranda. A love story sparked from a sports game in Philadelphia, to a retro engagement shoot in California.

Newlywed couple kiss under winter snowfall at night with spotlight
Maggie Leahy: A Wedding in Norway

Maggie tells the story behind her enchanting Norwegian wedding. Magical Aurora Borealis photos and snowfall make this photo book entrancing.

Engaged women couple face each other on clifftop in Athens Greece
Ashlen Sepulvida: Engaged in Greece

From a winning swipe, to a romantic dinner proposal in Athens, Greece. Spectate a truly unforgettable engagement with a gorgeous backdrop.

Aerial photo of fishing boat leaving wave trail on on dark aqua sea
Matt Raynor: A Creative Journey

Discover an inspirational tale of resilience and creative rebirth. Matt Raynor's emotional story is one to be admired for photographers and fishermen alike.
Sarah Linzon: Sarah & Esgardo

Sarah tells the story behind her intimate Rocky Mountain elopement.
Emma Hussain: Boho Moroccan Wedding

Read the story of Emma's perfect wedding day, married by her father against the stunning backdrop of the Atlas Mountains.
Bob Weil: Trip to Israel

Bob tells of the inspiring trip he and his wife took to Jerusalem.
Kaleen Enke: Family Photography

Documentary family photographer Kaleen discusses the importance of capturing the small things.
Connie Chang: Wedding At Glacier Point

Wed in the middle of a pandemic, Connie & Ryan share the story of their intimate ceremony in Yosemite National Park.

Newlywed couple stand on mountaintop edge overlooking lake while kissing.
Yi-Luen Tan: Mountain Wedding

Discover the story behind Alice and Yi-Luen's breathtaking wedding portraits taken atop Roys Peak, Wanaka.
Kate Cameron-Donald: A Family Journey

Kate tells the stories behind her favorite images from her family adventure through India.
Vivian Le: Married in Kenya

Vivian gives insight into her intimate wedding day and offers advice on how to naturally capture and preserve your love story.
Rachel Lariviere-Singh: A Day in NY

Discover Rachel's stunning wedding album. Frozen moments in time, juxtaposed against the buzz of the city that never sleeps.
Antonio Camacho: A Trip to Kenya

"Everyone has a different truth of the world and for some humans its size only includes a couple of villages". Antonio reflects on his first solo journey.
Graham Cook: New York Minute

Two decades of New York City street photography come together to form this truly impressive body of work.
Terry Divyak: Touring Africa

Inside a father-daughter safari around Tanzania. Terry and Amanda spent quality time touring Africa and taking great photos.
Eilidh Neilson-Gibb: Always Us

The story of Eilidh and Ryan's beautiful snowy wedding in Scotland.
Jamie Gray: Love and Laughter

"10 December, 2016 was the most incredible day and it was absolutely filled with laughter, people and love." Jamie tells the story of her beautiful day.
Allen Fong: Seeing the World

Allen and his wife marked their wedding anniversary with a trip around the world.

Bride and groom holding hands
Jo Cox: A Wedding in Austin

Discover the story of Jo & Taner's special day. A Moleskine wedding book was the perfect choice for this cool couple.
Olga Lopez: Feeding Your Spirit

"One feedback I always get is the surprise that a woman is traveling by herself." Olga reflects upon her travels across Oaxaca, Kathmandu and Habana.
Jenny Cheng: Elegance & Fun

That's how Jenny describes her wedding day: "Sophisticated, elegant, and fun!" See how this combination produced an amazing day of love.
Lara Caspari: Building a Collection

"I take photos to capture the moment, to freeze a little piece of it forever." Read more about why Lara started creating her now diverse collection.
Tom Furley: Adventures in SE Asia

Tom and his wife took a month off work to immerse themselves in Southeast Asia.
Jason Kirchgessner: Crossing the Atlantic

After traveling all over his American homeland, Jason chose England for his first trip abroad.
Susanne Armberger: Napule 2018

Susanne returned to Naples where she once again fell in love with the cinematic city and its people.
Hayley Marshall: At the Family Farm

The story of Hayley and Hayden's simple wedding day spent with close friends and family.
Joshua Irving: Borrowing Moments

Real life, real moments, real people—these are the things that interest Joshua; these are the things he focuses on when he travels the globe.
Emily Williams: The Next Adventure

One day, a million emotions. Emily tells the story of the laughter, tears, love and pure joy of her wedding day.
Tegan Cooper: A Wedding Weekend

Tegan and John didn't let a little rain ruin their wedding day. In fact, "it could not have been more perfect."
John Rogers: Ellis Island

Between 1892 and 1954, 12M people immigrated to the US via Ellis Island. Discover the island's abandoned hospital where 1.2M were treated.
Matt Hawthorne: Iceland

The fruits of hard work; this commercial photographer squeezed all he could out of his business trip to Iceland and this book proves it.
Vanessa Naran: Two Ceremonies

An Indian ceremony and a civil ceremony, all in one day.
Umberto Pastore: A Classic Wedding

An intimate ceremony in Italy highlighting love and family.
Adam Deer: Off the Beaten Path

The Wild - Where your travels take you when you want something a little different to your "everyday".
Tara Garofano: What We Discover

The Garofano family spent almost 2 years on the road; exploring, learning, growing, and discovering. Together.
Alissa Kitchen: A Wedding in the Trees

Alissa and Karim were married among the beautiful redwoods in the Fall. Go inside their gorgeous wedding.
Terri Wara: A Beach Wedding

A relaxed wedding featuring a barefoot bride and groom celebrating their love on a sandy shore.
Hannah Nunn: A Golden Anniversary

A week spent eating, playing, and celebrating family under the stars.
Sandra von Riekhoff: Versailles 2017

A day exploring the Garden of Versailles. Ice cream, orange juice and sun make for great adventures and an unforgettable childhood memory.
Loann Vo: A Wedding in Mexico

A destination wedding in San Miguel del Allende, Mexico. 4 days of celebrating family, friends, love and the happy couple.
Shawn Moreton: Adventures

The best of both worlds; Moleskine and MILK, Canada and Portugal, family and adventure.
Johnny Abegg: Returning to Tasmania

Johnny re-experiences the place he used to call home, this time as a father. Read why he decided to make this beautiful book.
Wally & Della: An Epic Romance

A golden night of golden love: celebrating 50 years of Wally & Della Schaefer.
Jamie Carpenter: A Kiwi Wedding

Jamie's wedding was natural, raw and relaxed. Discover the story behind her album and how this style translates through each stunning photo.
Ben Foster: Leaving Your Comfort Zone

The story of a life-changing trip to Thailand. One month, 14 friends, and endless photographic possibilities.
Jon Jackson: Down the Coast

A solo road trip from Portland to Los Angeles with not much beyond a camera, a loose plan and the freedom to stop and explore the places between.
Alan Shortall: Travels in India

Traveling to Kerala, India to document a pepper harvest - how about that for a unique work story?

Couple sitting on cliff edge in front of scenery with mountains and rivers.
Jami Johnson: Meeting Halfway

Jami and her partner Sam made the most out of their long distance relationship by meeting halfway in exotic places. Read more about their travels.
Scarlet Paolicchi: Summer Travels

A classic road trip with the whole family (even the dog). Camping, hiking and all the fun that comes with an action-packed summer.
Juan Carlos Paredes: A Dance in Monochrome

A stunning series in black and white, read more on this showcase of ballerinas as they pose outside of their natural environment.
Chanel Vann: A Destination Wedding

A beautiful couple, an intimate ceremony, and a breathtaking Italian venue; this wedding album is gorgeous. Read more about the story behind it.
Sandra Davis: Boxers and Ballerinas

Two gruelling activities. Seemingly opposite and yet in many ways strikingly similar.
Becarra Fletcher: Travels in Tanzania

"The most challenging six days I have had". Read about Becarra's hard-won experience in the ranges of Tanzania.
Seattle Dredge: The Call of the Wild

Seattle and her camera have been a package deal since she was 11 years old. Read her story behind 13 years of travel photography.
Kirralea Birch: The Midst

Being submerged, being under, being between; it's this state of 'not quite' that fascinates Kirralea and drives her photography.
Yuting Liu: An Engagement Book

What started as a hike with friends became a day that will never be forgotten. A beautiful backdrop for a beautiful story.
Roniel Tessler: Exploring the Azores

Like all good stories, this one was inspired by wine (and a drive to explore somewhere new).
Hollie Sherlock: A Gift for Dad

What do you get someone who has it all? The opportunity to reflect on the meaningful stuff; family, friends, and bad haircuts.
Karen Ishiguro: A European Story

A couple's travels from Iceland to Spain to the Czech Republic. Both pro photographers, they capture beauty wherever they land.
Margi Denton: A Creative Portfolio

Each piece inspired by a creative whim, by life and family, by what lay in the corner of the eye.
Anette Urbina: A Trip to Cuba

To the places that steal your heart. Anette got local Pedro's story. We got hers.
Hannah Kacary: On Route 66

One van, half a plan, and a whole lotta open road.

Family sitting in living room and presenting photo album.
Tilly Koppes: Creating a Legacy

A love story spanning over half a century. An epic to be preserved and told for another half century, and another.
Jean Perdue: A Life in Poems

Jean didn't start writing poetry until she was in her late seventies. Raw, real and refreshing, each poem is a piece of her.
Lauren Miller: A Love Story

A beautiful couple, a magical day and a fresh take on "tying the knot". Read the story behind Lauren & Joshua's amazing wedding.
Kevin Kaminski: A Tale of Adventure

"Work hard, play hard"; the motto of a photographer trying to balance adventure and reality while in pursuit of the perfect shot.
Minette Martin: A Family Yearbook

Family trips, school events, moving house, and everything else that fits into 12 months (and the pages of a photo book).