Jamie Gray: Love and Laughter

"The Most Incredible Day"

Storyteller: Jamie Gray, NZ

Bride and groom laughing together

What inspires you to take photos?

People are what inspire me to take photos. Which feels like a really cliché answer, but I just love how photos have a way of encapsulating people; their laugh, their smile. Photos of the small ordinary moments are my favorite.

Bride and groom slow dancing together

What was the best moment of your wedding day?

Our first dance was the best moment, I think (very hard to choose). Surrounded by the people who we love and who love us, yet feeling like we were the only ones there and dancing like we do in the kitchen. No choreography, just us. It was amazing.

Newlyweds and family getting ready for photo

What is your favorite image from the your wedding day and why?

(Thanks for the hardest questions ever) To be honest my favorite photo changes quite a lot. A solid favorite though would have to be a candid family photo in black & white where we are trying to sort out who needs to be where in the shot. It is my favorite because it is not posed, its real and it shows my family in action, to be honest. A reminder of the reality of the wedding and the organization and the people in amongst all the beautiful photos that there are from my wedding (and there are many).

Bride laughing with groom

What is your favorite story behind an image in your book?

I think it has got to be the photo where Paul is posed walking and I am cracking up laughing. It was quite late in the day and by this point we had probably been taking photos for a couple of hours. It was raining, we were pretty wet and he just got silly, which was great. We were told to pose like we were walking (too hard to actually walk as my dress was very wet at the bottom) so he just started posing like an idiot. The photo just takes me back, makes me remember how much he makes me laugh and I can’t help but giggle.

What do photos mean to you?

The fact that photos can take you back to a moment, help you relive it and give you the opportunity to share it with someone who wasn’t there is absolutely incredible. I am already excited to show the album to my future children!


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