11 heartfelt wedding guest book prompts

Inspire your guests with these creative cues

When it comes to a wedding guest book, finding the right words to share can often be a challenge. It’s not just about signing names; it’s about leaving heartfelt messages that the couple will cherish forever. To simplify this for your friends and family, consider using prompts, sentence starters or questions. These creative cues will inspire your loved ones to share their love and advice in a uniquely personal way. Discover 11 prompts, questions and sentence starters that will turn your guest book into a treasure trove of thoughtful sentiments.

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In this journey of marriage, don't forget to...
Encourage guests to offer practical or humorous advice to navigate the adventure of married life.

Our favorite memory from today is...
Prompt guests to share their most memorable moments from your special day.

The secret to a great marriage is...
Have guests share the key ingredients they believe contribute to a happy and successful marriage.

What should we do on date nights?
Ask guests to suggest fun and unique date night ideas.

The first time I met you both, I thought...
Encourage guests to reminisce and reflect on their first interactions with you as a couple.

The best advice I ever received about love is...
Ask guests to reflect on the best advice they've received and how it can apply to the newly married couple.

What is your favorite memory with us?
Invite guests to reflect on shared experiences and favorite moments with the newlyweds.

What movie title best describes our love story?
Spark creativity amongst your loved ones by asking them to relate your love story to a movie title.

Predict where we'll be in ten years...
Have guests share their predictions and hopes for where you'll be in the future.

What should we name a future pet or child?
Add a playful touch by having guests suggest names for your future family members!

Wishing you a lifetime filled with...
Conclude your wedding guest book by inviting guests to express their hopes and dreams for your future together.

Your Wedding Guest Book is more than just a collection of signatures; it’s a keepsake of love and heartfelt wishes. By providing prompts, questions and sentence starters, you encourage guests to get creative and add a personal touch to your special day. Long after your wedding day is over, revisiting your wedding guest book will remind you of the love and heartfelt sentiments left by your nearest and dearest.

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