5 fall family photo ideas

Get inspired to capture timeless fall family photos

Fall — the season synonymous with orange-hued landscapes, cooler weather, comfy sweaters and pre-holiday season relaxation — presents the perfect opportunity to capture some gorgeous family photos. A fun tradition for both young and old, discover five fall family photo ideas designed to help you capture display-worthy memories.

Family in field at golden hour

1. The Golden Hour

If you’re busy pondering what time to schedule your fall family photo shoot, we highly recommend the Golden Hour; that magic 60 minutes right after sunrise or just before sunset where you can expect colorful skies and warm, natural light for the most flattering results. Whether you opt for morning or evening, consider the time of day that’s going to best suit all members of your family. Adjust nap time for young children if you need to, ensure everyone is well fed and happy, and keep the shoot short and sweet.

Twenty Twenty, a family Photo Album created by MILK customer Taylor, is all the evidence you need that you can’t go past scheduling your fall family photo shoot at Golden Hour.

Family of four autumn portrait in forest

2. Location, location, location

Location is everything when it comes to fall family photos. When scouting for the perfect backdrop we recommend an outdoor setting. Whether it’s a forest, beach, lake, or verdant park, take advantage of both the natural lighting and colorful tapestry of autumnal hues to really let your fall family photos shine. Plus, if you have little ones to wrangle, they’ll thrive outdoors – and it may mean you have their cooperation for a little longer than you would in an indoor studio! Pack some baby wipes incase of any grubby hands and clothes.

We love the location seen in this family Photo Book created by MILK customer Jade. Shot at Sherbrooke Forest in Victoria, Australia, the natural surrounds serve as the perfect setting for this family of four’s photo shoot.

Family of four running towards camera smiling.

3. Consider your color palette

The most obvious color palette to think about is your wardrobe. If you’re heading outdoors you are more than likely going to be up against a colorful backdrop of honey, orange hued leaves. Consider this when putting together the family’s outfits for the day. Neutral colors that complement rather than compete with each other might be your best bet. We also suggest taking layers or a second outfit so you can mix things up, but make sure everything’s timeless. You don’t want to be looking back confusingly on any trend-led outfits.

Another important but often overlooked aspect to consider is the color palette of your home. You’re taking the time to do a family photo shoot so be sure to account for having the beautiful memories on display. If you wouldn’t decorate your home in certain colors, avoid wearing them on the day of the shoot.

The Pangilinans have perfected their wardrobe color palette in the beautiful family Photo Album created by Ma Contessa Pangilinan. No clashing or cheesy coordination, just beautifully complementing shades that ensure they’re the focal point of every image.

Family sitting under fall tree.

 4. Get candid

If you have some must-have family photos on your shot list, go for it, but make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to capture the candid moments. We recommend not posing for every picture; let your photographer record the little snippets of reality that celebrate the uniqueness of your family unit. Simply have fun, relax, laugh, enjoy yourselves and let the photographer capture the moments that matter.

This Classic family Photo Book created by Beth has the best of both worlds. Timeless family portraits and unfiltered moments forever frozen in time.

Family portrait at golden hour

 5. Don’t be afraid to invest

Don’t be afraid to invest in the photographer you want. It’s important you like their aesthetic but also make sure it’s someone personable that you’re comfortable around and will bring out the best in your family. If you or anyone else needs a little extra pep in their step, don’t feel guilty about treating yourself to a new outfit, blow wave or makeup application. It’s important that you and all members of your family are feeling happy and confident as this will translate on camera.


There you have it - five ideas to help you perfect your fall family photos. Ensure you give these memory-making moments the home they deserve with MILK Books. Your beautiful family photos are as versatile as anything and can make perfect custom gifts for the holiday season; Canvas Prints for the grandparents; picture frames for the kids’ rooms, or a beautiful statement family Photo Book or Album to display proudly in your lounge.

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