Bereavement Photo Albums

Honoring their legacy, celebrating their journey

In life's journey, we are blessed with moments of love, joy, and celebration. Yet despite all this, there are times when we confront the profound loss of a loved one. It’s during these moments of grief and reflection that comfort can be found in preserving their memory. Through the tears and the laughter, we remember the legacy of their life and hold them close in our hearts forever. Relive their unique and beautiful story in a memoriam MILK Photo Book or Album, designed to be cherished for generations to come.

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Bereavement Photo Albums

Preserve your beloved moments inside a MILK Bereavement Photo Album. Designed as a professional and elegant memoir, they are specially crafted as a beautiful ode to your loved one. Choose between our Classic, Premium, and Premium Leather options to best house your treasured memories.

Classic Bereavement
Photo Albums

Our Classic Photo Albums are the perfect way to share the memory of your loved ones. Simple and refined, this format offers the best of both quality and value. Secure their legacy in a beautiful Presentation Box to withstand the test of time.


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Premium Bereavement Photo Albums

Create a precious memoir in the quality your treasured memories deserve with a Premium Photo Album. Exquisite cover fabrics, stunning 6-color printing and a stunning array of Designer Cover options will bring their most cherished memories to life in print.


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Premium Leather Bereavement Photo Albums

Our Premium Leather Photo Albums are for those who want to preserve their favorite moments with a sophisticated touch. Beautifully finished with elegant Milano Italian leather cover fabrics – our four stunning, high quality options are made to suit every person’s legacy.


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Bereavement Albums >

Bereavement Photo Books

Cherish a memory that deserves to be celebrated in one of our beautifully designed Bereavement Photo Books. Ensure your moments are never lost to time with one of our three book formats - Classic, Premium, and Softcover. With the flexibility of up to 200 paper pages, you can safeguard all your heartfelt moments in archival quality print.

Classic Bereavement
Photo Books

Celebrate your special memories with a Classic Photo Book. Allow every treasured moment to be preserved with 4-color printing and high-quality paper. Our Designer Templates ensure that your printed photographs are beautifully organized with ease.


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Premium Bereavement Photo Books

Highlight the moments that matter with one of our finest formats. Lovingly handcrafted with traditional bookmaking techniques and archival quality papers, our Premium Photo Books are our most-loved range for a reason. Remember every single detail in vivid 6-color printing, never to be lost to time.


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Photo Books >

Softcover Bereavement Photo Books

Start a legacy collection with a lightweight yet resilient Softcover Photo Book. Crafted with premium French fold covers and customizable printing both inside and out, you have the freedom to curate your photo book the way your loved ones will treasure forever.


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Photo Books >

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Frequently asked questions

A bereavement photo album is a printed keepsake designed to preserve and honor the memories of a loved one who has passed away. Bereavement photo albums provide a meaningful way for family and friends to remember and celebrate the life of someone they care about through a collection of old photos and memories.

The MILK Design Studio makes creating beautifully designed, professional quality bereavement photo albums or books easier. You can create online on both desktop and mobile devices. Simply upload your photos into the MILK Design Studio to start creating. Our autofill function is the fastest way to create; select your photos and let our autofill tool populate your project for you. Once you’ve added your photos to your project, finalize each page one at a time. Use our Designer Templates to bring each page to life, adding text boxes to narrate the history of your loved ones. Then, head to settings to select your cover fabric, paper type, and any custom add-ons you’d like, like a personalized UVP cover design.

At MILK Books, we offer a curated range of high quality print products, perfect for preserving life's special memories in a customizable format.

  • Softcover Photo Books - Available in three medium orientations. 24-200 paper pages. Durable PUR binding. 4-color printing. Customizable double-sided photo cover. A fantastic way to build a legacy collection, or shareable memoir for friends and family.
  • Classic Photo Books - Available in three landscape formats. 24-200 customizable paper pages. Durable PUR binding. 4-color printing. Linen cover with your choice of photo displayed on the front cover. A great way to preserve the memory of a loved one or keep in a photo book collection.
  • Premium Photo Books - Our most popular range. Available in six different sizes and orientations. 24-200 paper pages. Archival section-sewn binding. 6-color printing. Variety of cover fabrics, designs and personalization options for the best print possible. Great for cherishing the memory of a special person and a treasure to last a lifetime.
  • Classic Photo Albums - High quality albums at an affordable price. Available in two landscape formats. 24-64 thick paper pages. 4-color printing. Lay-flat flush mount binding. An elegant format for your most treasured memories.
  • Premium Photo Albums - The ultimate in luxury memory-keeping. Available in six different sizes and orientations. 24-64 thick paper pages. 6-color printing. Lay-flat flush mount binding. Our most popular format for archival legacy projects.

Compare our range to discover the treasured keepsake that's right for you and your loved ones.

A personalized photo album or book is a meaningful keepsake that ensures your special photos don’t get lost in your camera roll. Rather than keeping your photos stored away on a phone, computer, or tucked away in a storage box gathering dust, preserve them for generations in a high quality photo book or album. Nothing compares to the tactile experience of seeing your photos in print, flipping through pages and being able to relive the moments together with your loved ones.

Definitely! You can effortlessly print additional copies of your bereavement photo album or book by ordering multiple copies at the checkout. Whether you want to share your book with other family members, keep a backup for safekeeping, add one to your coffee table, or gift it to someone close, you have the freedom to order more. If you wanted to add small, personalized details for multiple friends and family members, head to the ‘My Books’ section of your account and duplicate your book – then click through to the Design Studio to add personalized text or cover options.