How to create a wedding guest book

Create an archival timestamp of your wedding, and those who celebrated with you

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with love, laughter, and the company of your lifelong friends and family. To preserve the memorable stories and heartfelt wishes shared by your loved ones, a custom MILK Wedding Guest Book makes a wonderful keepsake for your special day. Follow these eight simple steps to craft a personalized and unforgettable guest book memento you'll cherish forever.

1. Prepare your photos

Choosing printing wedding photos laid out on table

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Start by curating a selection of meaningful photos that tell your love story. Your guest book can be made up of high quality, professional photographs (like a proposal or engagement photoshoot), or a compilation of creative snapshots of your history together. These photos add personality to your custom guest book - so include as much flair in your photos as you'd like!

2. Choose the perfect cover fabric

Guest Book cover fabrics lined up together in 10 different shades

Select a cover fabric for your wedding guest book that complements your wedding theme and personal style. Whether it's a sleek Premium Leather, a rustic Natural Linen, or a traditional and practical Metallic Pearl Buckram, make sure it resonates with the style of your special day, but is also a color you love. Take a look at our fabrics page to find all of our luxurious options for your custom guest book.

3. Select a page count fit for you

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Consider your guest list when determining the page count for your wedding guest book. With up to 80 thick board pages in beautiful Matt White paper, our Wedding Guest Books allow plenty of room for a larger guest list or a private ceremony. Effortlessly display your loved one’s words of wisdom on a selection of pages that allow for any wedding size.

4. Lay out your love story

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Organize the photos of your journey together, from first glances to the proposal. Show where you met, most-loved date spots, engagement photos, or key memories of your relationship so far. This can also be a great way for loved ones to add context if they were a significant part of a moment in your relationship. Let your guests flip through the pages to relive the special emotions you felt in each step of your journey.

5. Give enough writing space

Flipping the pages of a Wedding Guest Book with handwritten messages inside and champagne glass next to book

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Your custom keepsake should have enough space for everyone to leave their well-wishes. We recommend leaving a maximum of two images on each page of your guest book to let every word shine. Every MILK Guest Book comes with two complimentary quick-dry and waterproof black pens to ensure each memoir from a loved one stands the test of time.

6. Add a note of thanks

Wedding Guest Book on bedsheet with printed message of thanks inside page spread

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Add a touch of gratitude to your loved ones with a brief note at the beginning or end of your personalized wedding guest book. You can keep it generic by simply saying thanks for attending, or write notes of praise dedicated to those who made the union happen from the start.

7. Keep it safe with a custom Presentation Box

Premium Photo Album Presentation Box with black silk ribbon

Preserve your beautiful guest book with a custom MILK Presentation Box. This step isn't just about protecting your wedding guest book; it can be customized to suit you, as well as ensuring your keepsake stays in good condition to flip through again and again.

8. Plan your wedding collection

MILK Wedding Album set with 2 Medium Albums and 1 Large Album

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Use your new guest book as a marker to start building your archival wedding collection. Often this involves a photo book or album for engagements, bridal showers, anniversaries, honeymoons, and of course – a wedding album or magazine. Check out our special package offers for an elegant Wedding Album Set, that way you are prepared for every upcoming milestone.

A MILK Wedding Guest Book is a sentimental keepsake that allows you to relive your journey with your partner, shared by your nearest and dearest. These eight steps are your roadmap to a guest book that both reflects your style and preserves the memories of your special day in a creative way. As you revisit its pages in the future, you'll find a truly authentic reflection of your wedding in a beautiful, archival keepsake.

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