Vacation Photo Albums

Relive your vacation memories

Preserve the unforgettable moments from your vacation with our beautifully handcrafted Vacation Photo Books and Albums. Whether you explored exotic destinations or discovered hidden gems closer to home, your vacation deserves to be remembered and relived. Purposely crafted to last, your Vacation Photo Book or Album can be cherished for years to come whenever you need an escape.

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Vacation Photo Albums

Capture the treasured moments of your vacation adventures with our Vacation Photo Albums, a delightful keepsake for cherished holiday memories. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Photo Albums come in Classic, Premium, and Premium Leather options, ensuring your travel tales live for years to come.

Classic Vacation Photo Albums

Embrace affordability without compromising elegance with our Classic Vacation Photo Album range. With thick board pages that lie perfectly flat, these albums guarantee your vacation snapshots shine as bright as your memories.


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Premium Vacation Photo Albums

Preserve the essence of your holiday with our Premium Vacation Photo Albums, boasting vibrant 6-color printing and archival-quality board pages. Designed to lay flat for seamless viewing, these albums serve as timeless keepsakes for your travel escapades.


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Premium Leather Vacation Photo Albums

Indulge in luxury memory-keeping with our finest Vacation Photo Albums. Adorned with genuine Milano leather covers and featuring lay-flat binding, these handcrafted photo albums ensure your travel adventures remain etched in elegance for lifetimes to come.


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Vacation Photo Books

Capture the essence of your holiday adventures with our Vacation Photo Books, tailored to house the cherished moments of your holiday explorations. Available in hardcover or softcover format and spanning up to 200 paper pages, these books provide the perfect home for every travel tale.

Premium Vacation Photo Books

Elevate your travel escapades with our Premium range of Vacation Photo Books. Crafted with luxurious paper pages, timeless linen covers, and boasting vivid 6-color printing, this format ensures every moment of your holiday adventures is captured in breathtaking detail. Add an elegant touch with optional features such as a Presentation Box, custom Jacket, or Designer Cover, enhancing the allure of your vacation chronicles.


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Classic Vacation Photo Books

Relive the magic of your holiday explorations with our elegant yet affordable Classic Photo Book format. Available in three versatile sizes and featuring beautiful linen covers, these books offer up to 200 pages to showcase every whimsical moment of your vacation.


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Softcover Vacation Photo Books

Treasure the fond memories of your travel adventures with our lightweight and collectible Softcover Photo Books. Crafted with archival quality materials, featuring panoramic cover options, and Designer Page Layouts, these photo books ensure every moment of your vacation is preserved with sophistication and flair.


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A vacation photo book is a personalized memento crafted to document your travel journey, whether it's an adventure across continents or a serene holiday getaway. It's a canvas where you can preserve your most cherished photographs, from snapping selfies at iconic landmarks or capturing the beauty of local cultures, a dedicated vacation photo book ensures these precious memories are beautifully showcased and safeguarded for generations to come.

Vacation photo books are a wonderful way to reminisce your holiday. Here at MILK Books we believe all of life’s moments should be celebrated, and vacations whether near or far, adventurous or relaxing, are just some of many memories that deserve to be preserved in print.

The best option depends on how many photos you have or want to include in your vacation photo book or album. If you want to include as many photos as possible we’d recommend our Photo Books as these have paper pages to allow for a higher page count of up to 200 pages, which best suits around 200-500 photos. If you want to highlight some of your favorite moments from your trip then we’d recommend our Photo Albums. These have thick board like pages and with a maximum page count of 64 pages, are best suited for a selection of around 80-120 photos.

There are no rules on what you can and cannot include. At MILK, we encourage you to tell your own unique story, start to finish. If you think it’s worth taking a photo of, it’s probably worth remembering through print. You could create a collection of vacation photo books, one for each destination or trip. Or a single photo book collating all the memories from travels over one to a few years may be more suited to you.

Yes! Our intuitive Design Studio allows you to create your own custom photo book and tell your story how you want. You can choose from a range of formats, orientations and sizes, and once designing, you can use our Designer Templates to select layouts that best tell your story.

Yes, you can. Our Designer Templates offer options for image only, text only, or image and text layouts. Adding text, image captions or personal notes to your vacation photo album elevates the storytelling aspect of your journey, offering context that might otherwise be overlooked.