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The quickest way to find your perfect keepsake

Choosing the right format is the first and most important step in creating a timeless and elegant keepsake.

At MILK, we provide a variety of customizable photo books and albums, and we've made it easy to compare all of the options - from ranges and sizes to materials and binding techniques - to help capture your story beautifully.

Key differences between Photo Books & Photo Albums

Photo Books
From $35.00 USD
Photo Albums
From $199.00 USD

Paper – flexible art paper

Board - stiff, inflexible, heavy (0.61mm - 1.25mm thick**)


Photo Albums - 24-64

Guest Books - 24-80

Premium Photo Books are stitched, section-sewn bound (lay near flat)

Magazines, Softcover and Classic Photo Books are PUR bound (pages bow from the center)

All Photo Albums and Guest Books are lay-flat flush mount (pages open to lie perfectly flat)

*Please Note: For H&T bands to be included, your photo book must have a minimum of 42 pages (Classic), or 44 pages (Premium). **For albums over 46 pages we use a marginally thinner board (0.88-0.98mm compared to 1.15-1.25mm), to accommodate the higher page count, and for Guest Books we use a 0.61mm board.

Explore our Classic versus Premium ranges

MILK’s Premium Range are made with archival materials resistant to deterioration or loss of quality and will last for generations. Our Classic Range provides a more affordable option still using high quality materials.

Classic Range
Premium Range

Photo Books from $35.00 USD

Photo Albums from $199.00 USD

Photo Books from $68.00 USD

Photo Albums from $234.00 USD

Standard 4-color

Premium 6-color


Landscape, Portrait, Square

7 options (linen only)

17 options (incl. Leather and Vegan Leather)

• Presentation Box*

• UV Designer Cover

• Presentation Box

• Jacket*

*Presentation Boxes not available for Small Classic Photo Books. Jackets only available for Premium Photo Books.

Compare our products

Select up to three products to compare a comprehensive list of features and details.​

From $68.00 USD
From $234.00 USD
From $279.00 USD
Sizing & Format

Medium Landscape (21.8 x 16.3cm)​​

Medium Square (20.3 x 20.3cm)​

Medium Portrait (16.3 x 21.8cm)

Large Landscape (32.3 x 24.1cm)​

Large Square (27.9 x 27.9cm)​

Large Portrait (24.1 x 32.3cm)​

Medium Landscape (21.8 x 16.3cm)​​

Medium Square (20.3 x 20.3cm)​

Medium Portrait (16.3 x 21.8cm)

Large Landscape (32.3 x 24.1cm)​

Large Square (27.9 x 27.9cm)​

Large Portrait (24.1 x 32.3cm)​

Large Portrait (24.1 x 32.3cm)​

Page Count

24 - 200







Matt White


Matt Ivory

Photo Lustre


Matt White

Extra Page

Medium - $1.70 USD

Large Portrait/Landscape - $2.35 USD

Large Square - $2.55 USD

Medium - $5.00 USD

Large - $7.15 USD

$2.35 USD

Stitched, section-sewn binding

Lay-flat binding

PUR Bound

Natural Linen

Colored Linen

Coated Cloth

Vegan Leather

Natural Linen

Colored Linen

Coated Cloth

Premium Leather

Water varnished Matt White card

Medium - $45.00 USD

Large - $65.00 USD

Medium - $45.00 USD

Large - $65.00 USD

$65.00 USD

Medium - $16.00 USD

Large- $16.00 USD

Yes (no extra cost)


Medium - $12.00 USD

Large- $16.00 USD



Leather Cover

Medium - $10.00 USD

Large - $16.00 USD

(Note: FSC® certified vegan leather only. Learn more here)

Medium - $110.00 USD

Large - $170.00 USD


Medium - 7-12 days

Large - 14-21 days

14-21 days

7-12 days

Four key considerations to help find the right format for you

If you’re really not sure which format is right for you there’s four key considerations that could help. Answering these should help you figure out which format will best serve your story.

If you have a curated selection of your most-loved photographs, we recommend creating a personalized photo album. Our photo albums have smaller page counts as we use a thicker board material to ensure your photos will be preserved for years to come. Our lay-flat binding is perfect for giving moments that matter the perfect space to breathe. Our photo albums are a popular choice for wedding photography, professional family photography, and family heirloom projects.

If you have hundreds or even thousands of photos (think family pictures from your phone's camera roll or travel photos from your latest adventure), we recommend creating a personalized photo book. Our photo books are crafted using a selection of high quality paper pages. As these are thinner than our albums range, MILK Photo Books can have up to 200 pages to include lots of your favorite shots.

If you have a vast array of wedding photos and want a modern luxury feel, try the MILK Wedding Magazine. Like our photo books, the MILK Wedding Magazine can have up to 200 pages for you to personalize, and the large portrait format (designed to look like a high-end editorial magazine) is a beautiful way to showcase your wedding day.

A shorthand would be: lots of photos = photo book, less photos = photo album.

Quick Tip:

  • Traditional Wedding Day or Family Heirloom Project - Photo Album
  • Travel, Family or Baby Book - Photo Book
  • Modern Wedding Day - Wedding Magazine

Traditionally, wedding days are celebrated in Wedding Photo Albums. The weighty board pages and luxury lay-flat binding perfectly suit the importance of such an occasion. But if you're looking for something more modern, we recommend the MILK Wedding Magazine. With a card cover (softcover) and art paper pages, it's a unique way to celebrate your wedding day. For those special moments leading up to your wedding day, consider our Wedding Guest Book, a timeless keepsake for capturing handwritten messages from your loved ones.

Family heirloom projects deserve the high quality and prestige that our Photo Albums offer. They're perfect for personalized projects filled with precious old photos that you'd want to pass down to the next generation.

Family yearbooks and travel mementos are typically created with products from our Photo Book range. All the memories that fit into a year or a trip abroad need a high page count. Plus, it's the type of project that will be flicked through often and enjoyed, which suits the paper pages of a photo book.

Professional newborn photos are often celebrated in our Medium Photo Albums. For a casual ‘brag book’ style personalized memento (popular for grandparents), we would recommend a Small Classic Photo Book.

Quick Tip:

  • High quality or professional photography - Large or Medium format
  • Lower quality or mixed - Medium or Small format

To ensure a satisfactory print result, we suggest aiming for an image resolution of 300dpi at the final size. Our software will alert you if this drops below 160dpi. You can ignore our low-resolution alerts at your own discretion as we understand that in some instances sentimental value trumps print quality. If you have a collection of photographs that aren't high quality but have high sentimental value, we recommend printing them in our smaller formats - we offer Small and Medium sizes across our range. Learn how to choose the best templates for your images here.

Will this keepsake sit on display in your home for guests to flick through? Or is it a treasure you're creating for posterity?

If it's going to be on your coffee table, we recommend photo books. Softcover Photo Books are great for travel photos that will be enjoyed often and their water varnished card cover adds an extra layer of protection. Classic Photo Books are similarly great for family photos that will be flicked through with children.

If it's a precious personalized keepsake that will be enjoyed for lifetimes, we recommend our Premium Photo Books or Premium Photo Albums. MILK’s Premium Range are made with archival materials resistant to deterioration or loss of quality and will last for generations.

Ready to start creating?