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Nothing makes us happier than seeing the beautiful books and albums made by our customers. Each month, we at MILK Books pick our most loved project and with the creator's permission it is shared with the hope of inspiring others and to celebrate Moments of Inspiration, Love, and Kinship.

For even more inspiring customer projects, discover our runners up showcase featuring all of our past Book of the Month finalists.


May Winner: Amore mio

Anne Banks Easter, USA

Through their photo book, Anne and her husband, William, take us on a dreamy journey to Italy by way of sun-kissed photos captured during their honeymoon. Be transported to Europe from another era through gorgeous film photography documenting their newly wed bliss.

Thank you, Anne, for sharing your honeymoon memories with us, and congratulations on winning a Premium Photo Book.

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Highly commended:

Engaged couple look at each other standing under bridge by waterfront


Jerome, Australia

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Parents with toddler boy sit in dark brown room with little filtered sunlight coming through

The Guerras

Monica Terry, USA

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April Winner: Riko & Rai

Yumiko Kinoshita, Japan

Delightful portraits of children Riko and Rai are carefully laid out in this enchanting photo book. Set against natural backdrops, their playful spirits are captured in a minimalistic style, rendering this book a cherished treasure for parents.

Thank you, Yumiko, for sharing this adorable photo book with us, and congratulations on winning a Premium Photo Book.

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Highly commended:

Father pulls children on wooden sleigh in snow

Williams Family Travels

Vanessa Williams, USA

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Girlfriend kisses cheek of boyfriend in front of sunflowers

Shreya & Nitsan

Shreya Desikan, USA

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More inspiration from our customers

March 2024 winner:
B + E

Emaan Zahir, USA

Wedding Magazine of Indian newlywed couple in front of lake

Explore Emaan's beautiful Wedding Magazine, brimming with love and laughter. Stunning photos capture the evident excitement between the newlyweds in perfectly coordinated wedding attire.

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February 2024 winner:
Sebastian the Cat

Laurence Carey, UK

Landscape Moleskine Photo Book of black and white cat sitting on fence

Dive into the heartwarming tale of Sebastian, Laurence's beloved black & white cat, through a captivating Moleskine Photo Book. It's an emotional celebration of his presence in Laurence's life.

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January 2024 winner:

Jordan Landers, Australia

Navy Blue Buckram Portrait Photo Book of mountains in Queenstown New Zealand with gradient purple and pink sky

Explore the beauty of Queenstown, New Zealand in this adventurous photo book. Intrepid hikes, unique wildlife, and untamed landscapes reveal the country's natural allure in stunning photography.

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December 2023 winner:
Egypt 2021

Noemie Faugere, France

Portrait Moleskine Photo Book with hot air balloon travel photos inside

Noemie’s intrepid travels through the marvels of Egypt are beautifully captured in this Moleskine Photo Book. From remarkable pyramids to hot air balloons, no detail from this trip of a lifetime will go forgotten.

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November 2023 winner:
With Love

Mariah Wasilewski, USA

Magazine with newlywed brides in wedding dresses with dog between them

Mariah and Patty's exquisite wedding ceremony is captured in one of our gorgeous Wedding Magazines. Explore the heartwarming moments between these two beautiful brides, and the sheer joy of their special day.

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October 2023 winner:
Just the four of us

Paige Karasalidis, Australia

Portrait Premium Photo Book of family of three at a beach in Australia

Paige's photo book is a collection of heartfelt moments shared between her family at the beach. Sandy toes, plenty of hugs and a stunning sunset make for memories that are sure to be treasured for years to come.

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September 2023 winner:
Before me | After me

Craig Mowry, USA


Landscape linen photo book off Matt Raynor's beautiful nature photography

Craig showcases Matt Raynor's journey after a life-changing accident. This moment led to a story of creative reinvention, motivating his photography today. His remarkable recovery and beautiful photographs make this book truly exceptional.

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August 2023 winner:
Hachi & Nari

Jun Tanai, Japan


Square black Moleskine photo book with pictures of two corgi dogs together in grass and lying in living room under bright sunlight

Embark on a colorful journey with corgi pups Hachi & Nari, who go on numerous outdoor adventures in Japan. These photographs are captured with a beautiful softly-lit tone that perfectly complements the Moleskine format.

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July 2023 winner:
Shehla & Rameez

Sumaiya Asghar, USA

Open portrait wedding magazine with photos of Indian newlywed couple holding hands together in red and white wedding attire

Immerse yourself in a vibrant love story as this couple celebrates their love with a contemporary magazine. We loved the shimmering red & gold details in Shehla’s dress.

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June 2023 winner:
Windy Gully

Paulie Eaborn, Australia

Open black portrait premium photo book of farm animals and young boy at sunset in barn under trees

This captivating portrait photo book captures the scenic beauty of life on a farmland and heartfelt moments of a family cherishing their time in a cozy countryside home.

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May 2023 winner:
A Portrait of Auckland

Hannah Davey, New Zealand

Open Square Moleskine Photo Book with photos of Auckland local street with red car, white letterbox, and red flowers on display

This stunning Moleskine Photo Book takes us on a journey through one of the local communities in Auckland, New Zealand. It features stories from residents, giving a genuine glimpse into their daily lives and leaving us moved by their warmth and humility.

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April 2023 winner:
Family of Four

Kana Tanaka, Japan

Open Square Premium Photo Book of Japanese children eating rice balls and playing in the snow during winter outside home

Kana chose to archive some of the many special moments shared with her family within a Softcover Photo Book. It was heart-warming to see how the seasons were woven through her children’s memories. These photos were a delight to look through.

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March 2023 winner:
The Orange Garden

Elizabeth Kelly, Australia

Open photo book of family celebrating orange themed birthday party for son in backyard all wearing shades of orange

Elizabeth preserved the memories of her vibrant orange birthday party to celebrate her son Aiden’s third birthday. We were inspired by the variety of treats and lively atmosphere shown in her large photo album. So fun!

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February 2023 winner:
The First Ten Years

Katherine Heise, Australia

Open Moleskine Photo Book with photos of young girl wearing shades of pink

Katherine has crafted a timeless keepsake full of portrait photography that beautifully chronicles her daughter’s first ten years of life. Preserved within the pages of our iconic Moleskine Photo Book format, this book is a delight to flip through.

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January 2023 winner:
Our Day

Eric Meyer, Australia

Wedding photo of couple in front of sunset sky

On Christmas Eve 2020, Eric and Julia, dressed in their wedding finery, headed out to the cliffs of North Bondi, New South Wales to celebrate their love.

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December 2022 winner:
Through Our Lens 2022

Dee Dee Lim, USA

Beach sunset landscape photo of California by the sea

This beautiful coffee table book offers a glimpse into Dee Dee and Michael’s adventures in nature. Discover the many landscapes of California in this inspiring travelogue.

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November 2022 winner:
Christiane & Rebecca

Christiane Pheil, USA

MILK Wedding Magazine

This Wedding Magazine is filled with stunning portraits in the snow and sprinkled with quotes, lyrics, speeches and heartfelt messages which tell the beautiful story of their love.

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October 2022 winner:

Thomas Christian Keller, Germany

Portfolio photography photo book

A wonderful compilation of images taken by Thomas Christian Keller from 2016-2021, this keepsake is a celebration of all things travel; culture, landscapes, adventure and more.

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