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Nothing makes us happier than seeing the beautiful books and albums made by our customers. Each month, we at MILK pick our favorite project with the hope of inspiring others and to celebrate Moments of Inspiration, Love, and Kinship. 



August 2019 winner: Oscar Pak, USA

Peter's Pictures

Why we love it:

Within these pages lie moments captured of places and faces throughout the travels of Peter M. Nichols. The feelings that each striking image sparks are further enhanced once you read the stories alongside them.

Congratulations Oscar on beautifully bringing Peter’s stories and memories back to life and on winning a MILK Premium Photo Book.


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Highly commended:


Julia Sayers, Australia

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Kiri Armstrong, Australia

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More inspiration from our customers.

July 2019 winner:
Ushi Patel, USA

This wedding book is part of a series which encapsulates the stunning ceremony of Ushi and John. A day like this not only celebrates the coming together of two people but also two families, that's exactly what is preserved in their extraordinary photo book.


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June 2019 winner:
Enrico Rosignoli, Italy

Enrico's stunning photography brings the culture, history and breathtaking scenery of Tibet to life. The book beautifully showcases the contrast between the hustle and bustle of village streets with the simplicity of everyday Tibetan life.


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May 2019 winner:
Caitlin White, New Zealand

In just 26 pages we get a glimpse into the beautiful summer wedding of Caitlin and her husband. Moments were captured of love and laughter between friends and family. Take a look into their beautiful wedding that was celebrated in a breathtaking New Zealand location.


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April 2019 winner:
Gabrielle Karademos, USA

This collection features spectacular photographs taken from across America, all in striking definition. In just 40 pages, we see Gabriella’s talent for capturing color, scenery and emotion through varied shots of nature, landmarks and people.


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March 2019 winner:
Rick Friedman, USA

This book is a celebration of the beauty in urban life. It's divided into 6 chapters; each one named using simple captions from “Enjoy the ride” to “We are small”. It reminds us of lines in poetry, fitting as the collection feels like an ode to urbanity.


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February 2019 winner:
Carl Jani, United Kingdom

With this travel photo album, Carl showcases Antarctic wildlife. His stunning, high-quality photographs show us albatross, penguins, leopard and fur seals, and even whales up close. It's a wonder to behold.


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January 2019 winner:
Garry Crompton, USA

Garry's Chapters Photo Book beautifully captures his trip to Japan. His photographs of everyday scenes paint an honest and intriguing picture of urban Japanese life, and the few quiet rural shots in-between accentuate that feeling of city bustle. The simplicity of layout and story creates an easy flow that engages from start to finish.


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December 2018 winner:
Sebastian James, United Kingdom

Sebastian has created a captivating art book with this beautiful collection of travel sketches. Each page depicts a colorful interpretation of a beautiful vista or cityscape. From the Grecian coast to an Italian street, we get to see another way in which a traveller can be inspired to preserve a moment in time, not with a camera but a pencil.


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November 2018 winner:
Jason Kirchgessner, USA

Jason has created a detailed photo-diary of his tour of England and France. As he journeys from sight to sight, we get to experience them alongside him. It leaves you feeling like you were there too; a trip abroad without the jetlag.


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October 2018 winner:
Lisa Weetman, USA

This wedding book is 152 pages of opulence. With a magnificent castle venue, traditional Scottish celebrations, and a fireworks finale; this would've been one epic wedding day. It's certainly an epic photo book.


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September 2018 winner:
Iryna Demchenko, United Kingdom

This wedding book opens with a simple yet beautiful marriage blessing. The photos that follow mirror that same sentiment of love and ease. With just 32 pages, Iryna beautifully shares the joy of their seaside wedding, continuing the feeling of minimal elegance seen in their luxurious but intimate ceremony.


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August 2018 winner:
Monica Acree, Singapore

This unique project is both a family photo book and a love-letter to Singaporean architecture. The young family pose in the street they once lived, introducing their son to a place that is dear to their hearts. For them, memory lane is filled with colorful shophouses - making for a beautiful and meaningful backdrop.


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July 2018 winner:
Juan Carlos Paredes, Ecuador

The art and skill of ballet is cultivated in the studio and perfected on the stage. But this monochrome Moleskine collection depicts professional ballerinas outside of these expected environments. To see them performing steps in an urban landscape not only heightens their beauty but the beauty of their surroundings.


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June 2018 winner:
Ljubljana Smith, United Kingdom

Two soulmates, an amazing venue, and an intimate ceremony - these are the makings of a great wedding day and a great wedding album. With just 40 pages, this album is able to communicate the love of their event and all the small details between. Classic, minimal, and visually captivating, we loved this album at MILK.


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May 2018 winner:
Stefan Wagner, Germany

This Moleskine Photo Book is a triumph of creativity; not just Stefan's but the nameless contributors whose spray cans and deft hands he is celebrating. It is an exhibition of beauty in unlikely places and a call to "Follow the white rabbit" wherever it leads.


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April 2018 winner:
Declan Whealing, Australia

More than a collection of travel photos, this book is a beautiful tribute to an adventurous father. He is seen on an epic journey, spanning Southeast Asia and Europe. Each frame has us yearning not just for a place but a time.


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March 2018 winner:
Sandra von Riekhoff, United Kingdom

From the cover of the presentation box to the final page, this wedding album is captivating. The newlyweds, their guests, and the majestic Italian venue are all effortlessly photogenic. Throughout the album, photographs of the opulent celebration are peppered with stills of quiet moments, adding a sense of realism to their magical day.


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February 2018 winner:
Michael & Felicity, New Zealand

This wedding album is breath-taking. The beautiful couple posed against a striking Queenstown backdrop makes for a stunning photographic combination. Michael and Felicity’s photo book showcases their eye for design and an uncanny ability to weave a visual narrative using a mix of candid and staged images from their special day.


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January 2018 winner:
Wai Lam, Hong Kong

Wow! This book really stopped us in our tracks. Wai has taken us on an amazing adventure to Tanzania through his incredible wildlife photos. He has an expert eye for the hauntingly beautiful, the quirky, and at times, the terrifying. Thank you Wai for sharing your book with us - we are all dreaming of our next adventure.  


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December 2017 winner:
Mathieu Henon, France

Mathieu has a beautiful eye for composition. His Moleskine Photo Book, titled Matière à rêver (To dream about), showcases travels around Europe as well as his intimate understanding of idiosyncrasies of Paris from a different perspective allowing us to discover things that people might not 'see'. 


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