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Nothing makes us happier than seeing the beautiful books and albums made by our customers. Each month, we at MILK pick our favorite project with the hope of inspiring others and to celebrate Moments of Inspiration, Love, and Kinship.

For even more inspiring customer projects, discover our runners up showcase featuring all of our past Book of the Month finalists.



October 2022 winner: 2016-2021

Thomas Christian Keller, Germany

This photo book captures the incredible work of Berlin-based photographer, Thomas Christian Keller. A wonderful compilation of images taken from 2016-2021, this keepsake is a celebration of all things travel; culture, landscapes, adventure and more.

Congratulations on your beautiful memento and on winning a Premium Photo Book.

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Highly commended:

Woman and toddler in field of lavendar

Jahnavi Lakkireddy, USA

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Bride and groom pose on black sand shore

Jillian Baco, USA

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More inspiration from our customers.

September 2022 winner:

Emily Tesselaar, Canada

Travel Photo Book

This family trip shines in our large portrait Premium Photo Book. Discover their beautiful travel adventure spent on the jagged coastlines and picturesque mountains of Iceland.

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August 2022 winner:
Mr & Mrs Sparkes

Jenna Sparkes, NZ

Wedding Photo Book

This stunning elopement shines in our new magazine format. Their intimate yet adventurous wedding produced beautiful portraits against the mountains and alpine lakes of Queenstown.

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July 2022 winner:
Two Marshmallows

Chris McClain, USA

Customer wedding magazine

Beautiful photography accompanied by text captures all 'chapters' of the special milestone, from the arrival hike and rehearsal dinner to ceremony celebrations and the reception.

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June 2022 winner:
Amboseli National Park

Stephen Burke, UAE

June: Amboseli National Park

The wildlife of Amboseli National Park are the stars of this winning book. Stephen has gotten up close and personal to capture the drama of these majestic animals in stunning definition.

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May 2022 winner:
The Cunningham Family

Annie Catford, Australia

May: The Cunningham Family

Annie has crafted a beautiful photo book that we feel so strongly captures the love this family has for one another. It is a delight to witness such moments of happiness under warm rays of sunshine.

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April 2022 winner:
the bird book

Anne Cirillo, USA

April: the bird book

Anne has given us the rare opportunity of a close-up look at America’s most striking birds. Her magazine is a stunning visual diary that lovingly shares the beauty she found during a difficult year.

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March 2022 winner:
This is Us

Shasta Holland, Australia

This is Us - Shasta Holland

A stunning location, a loving family and a great photographer. This simple recipe always succeeds — this time for Shasta and her family, who's loving moments are captured to revisit time and time again.

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February 2022 winner:

Sarah Harvey, USA

Scotland - Sarah Harvey

Sarah invites us to introspectively gaze into intriguing beauties which lie beneath the clouds of Scotland. We adore the charming historic architecture and landscapes of vast mountains which she has captured.

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January 2022 winner:
The One

Yen-Pei Huang, USA

Open photo album showing spread of wedding photos

A touching portrait of true love, where we see the couple share pizza, walks in the rain, and one another’s hand in marriage. All cohesively wrapped up with touches of red, and a delightful toy goose.

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December 2021 winner:
The Family We Have Built

Natalie Rose Schuh, USA

Photo book with cover image of people walking on grass

What happens when you surprise your parents with a photo shoot on the annual family hike? You get beautiful family photos featuring three generations in picturesque nature. It's breathtaking.

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November 2021 winner:

Lisa Halgren, Australia

Open photo book showing travel images in Cuba

We loved being transported to the streets of Cuba. People, places, and moments beautifully captured just as they are. This book is a true snapshot of the essence of life in Cuba.

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October 2021 winner:

Prithvi Addepalli, USA

Open photo book showing spread of wedding images

This beautiful wedding album showcases the coming together of Prithvi & Ranish. We love the brightness and joy that comes with every page turn.

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September 2021 winner:
3 Rounds and a Sound

Sheridan Schulte, USA

Open photo book showing spread of landscape photos

A creative take on a wedding guestbook, 3 Rounds and a Sound is a keepsake that’ll be cherished for years to come. Each page filled with sentimental photographs from Sheridan and Gabriel’s time together. We love the meaningful quotes and thought starters for the guests on each page. This book will be a personal treasure of a lifetime.

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August 2021 winner:
A European Winter

Landon Rosa, USA

Open photo book showing spread of travel images in Italy

Experience Europe as Landon did; 30 cities ,13 countries in the middle of a picturesque winter. Landon’s 87-day trip spent backpacking and meeting locals has made for a captivating 200 page photo book. With hundreds of photos from Iceland to France and beyond, he’s created a stunning and meaningful travel memento.

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July 2021 winner:
Mum-z - A Life, a legacy

Gabriela Ojeda, USA

Photo book spread displaying old black and white photos

This treasured family heirloom preserves in print the 91 wonderful years of Grace Marjorie Diehl McAdams’ life. It's packed with timeless photography and text that chronicles everything from her birth, meeting the love of her life.

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June 2021 winner:
Mr & Mrs Nuku

Mele, NZ

Luxury Wedding Photo Album with wedding portraits of newlywed couple in Wanaka, New Zealand

This beautiful wedding album captures the nuptials of Mr and Mrs Nuku on their special day in Wanaka, New Zealand. Showcasing the coming together of two families, the pages are filled with love, laughter, and dance.

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May 2021 winner:
Pop - A Day in His Life

Beth Buchanan, Australia

Open photo book with black and white images of a man on his farm

Beth has beautifully captured ‘a day in the life’ of her beloved Pop. Letting the striking black and white portraits do the talking, she offers an uninterrupted glimpse at Pop’s day-to-day.

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April 2021 winner:

Bernhard Klug, Germany

Open photo book with images of monuments in Venice, Italy

Following a visit in 2020, Bernhard has captured the unique and uninterrupted side of the usually bustling tourist spot. This travel photo book offers a new look at the floating city.

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March 2021 winner:
North Perth House

Nic Brunsdon, Australia

North Perth House on Moleskine Photo Book

This MILK Moleskine Photo Book documents the epic design and construction of North Perth House, a two-storey family home conceived by architect Nic Brundson. 

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February 2021 winner:
Twenty Twenty

Taylor Gibson, USA

Open Photo Book showing photo of young girl with parents.

This family album is beautifully simple. Filled with family photos shot at golden hour, it’s an effortless yet meaningful photo album. It will surely be treasured for generations to come.

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January 2021 winner:
A Tour of the Deserts & Kasbahs of Morocco

Christopher Souza, USA

Desert of Morocco

Christopher's epic 200 page photo book is filled with vibrant travel photos. Every detail of his Moroccan adventure is captured from the busy markets to the empty yet breathtaking deserts.

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December 2020 winner:
Travel Photography

Wolfgang Schmitzberger, Austria

Travel photography

Take a trip around the world as you turn through the pages of Wolfgang's vibrant and rich photography. Mesmerizing moments have been frozen in time with his creative eye.

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November 2020 winner:
Hanna & Minsu

Hanna Shim, USA

Open Photo Book showing photo of wedding ceremony with guests

The beautiful wedding day of Hanna and Minsu has been captured and preserved moment by moment. Laughter, intimacy and love fill the spreads as you turn each page. Congratulations Hanna and Minsu on your special day.

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October 2020 winner:
Ishaan & Mansimran

Ishaan Kahlon, USA

Open Photo Book showing photo of Sikh wedding ceremony or Anand Karaj

This photo album captures the spectacular Sikh Wedding, or Anand Karaj, of Ishaan and Mansimran. A vibrant celebration of commitment, culture and family, each page is a timeless record of the day's most picturesque and intimate moments.

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September 2020 winner:
Lauren & Daniel

Lauren Owens, Australia

Open Photo Book showing photo of newlyweds toasting their wedding with guests

Lauren and Daniel wed in the intimate company of loved ones including their four-legged bridal party. Their elegant portraits flow seamlessly to make this timeless album.

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August 2020 winner:

Celeste Twikler, Australia

Premium Photo Book with image of bearded man on three quarter wrap cover

Celeste's photo book is a heartfelt ode to her father. Made with love, it's a beautiful birthday gift that celebrates his storied life in photos and a poem.

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July 2020 winner:
An Icelandic Wedding

Shaun Young, USA

Premium Wedding Photo Album with photo of couple in Iceland on cover

Shaun and Timothy wed in front of their closest friends and family. Celebrating their love and the nation's dramatic landscapes, this beautiful wedding album had us captivated from start to finish.

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June 2020 winner:
Karielle & Andrew

Karielle Reichert, USA

Open Photo Book showing photos of newlyweds smiling

Karielle & Andrew celebrated their wedding day at a Californian cactarium. Their newlywed portraits looked beautiful against the native desert plant life.

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May 2020 winner:
Fifty Things I Love About You

Elissa Bottles, USA

Open Photo Book showing photo of family in field

This book is a beautiful display of love from Elissa to her husband. Each page is a tribute to him in a beautiful and personal way.

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April 2020 winner:
Alice & Yi-Luen

Yi-Luen Tan, Australia

Open Photo Book showing photo of newlyweds walking back down the aisle together

Married amid picturesque Wanaka, Alice and Yi-Luen's intimate ceremony is beautifully captured in this stunning memento.

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March 2020 winner:

Shourya Ray, USA

Open Moleskine Photo Book showing photo of woman and cat

This quirky collection of black & white photographs is proof you can make a great photo book with nothing more than a camera and a pet. A simple and raw collection of moments, this book is both elegant and unique.

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February 2020 winner:
Arctic Light Adventure

Richard Paas, Netherlands

Open Photo Book showing photos of dogs in Iceland

Inside this travel book are stunning stills from Richard's exploration of northern Iceland. Through his lens, witness an array of breathtaking landscapes, each dedicated a single or double page spread. This book is truly spectacular.

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January 2020 winner:
Kenya 2019

Antonio Camacho, Mexico

Open Photo Book showing photos of Kenyan tribe

Feel the rich and vibrant culture of Kenya come to life in this truly spectacular travel book. From beginning to end, this book captivates with its lively photography and effortless flow.

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December 2019 winner:
The Heaphy

Nathan Ramsey, New Zealand

Open Photo Book showing photo of sea off Heaphy Track, New Zealand

This book is one family filled adventure. Each page holds memories told through photos, stories, poems and illustrations. The personal touches are what makes a photo book a true family memento.

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November 2019 winner:
A Family Journey Through Rajasthan

Kate Cameron-Donald, New Zealand

Open Photo Book showing photos of the Taj Mahal and the Great Gate, India

This mini memento captures the essence of India. Although the book itself may be small, the memories it preserves are immeasurable.

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October 2019 winner:
Angela & Pete

Peter Jones, United Kingdom

Open Photo Book showing photos of newlyweds posing in Japanese Garden

Within these pages lay memories captured of Peter and Angela on their gorgeous wedding day. Their album beautifully preserves every moment of love and laughter.

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September 2019 winner:
A Day at the Beach

Josie Blines, Australia

Photo Book with cover image of young family on the beach

Between exploring rock pools and sandy cuddles, we see their love and laughter preserved. These are the precious little family moments worth remembering.  

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August 2019 winner:
Peter's Travels

Oscar Pak, USA

Open Photo Book showing photos taken in South America

Within these pages lie moments captured of places and faces throughout the travels of Peter. The stories behind the striking images are well worth taking a few moments to read. 

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July 2019 winner:
Ushi & John

Ushi Patel, USA

Open Photo Book showing photos of Indian wedding ceremony

This wedding book is part of a series which encapsulates the stunning ceremony of Ushi and John. A day like this not only celebrates the coming together of two people but also two families, that's exactly what is preserved in their extraordinary photo book.

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June 2019 winner:
Yunnan Shangry La Tibet

Enrico Rosignoli, Italy

Open Photo Book showing travel photo taken in Tibet

Enrico's stunning photography brings the culture, history and breathtaking scenery of Tibet to life. The book beautifully showcases the contrast between the hustle and bustle of village streets with the simplicity of everyday Tibetan life.

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May 2019 winner:
Mr & Mrs White

Caitlin White, New Zealand

Open Photo Book showing photos of newlywed portraits taken on hillside

In just 26 pages we get a glimpse into the beautiful summer wedding of Caitlin and her husband. Moments were captured of love and laughter between friends and family. Take a look into their beautiful wedding that was celebrated in a breathtaking New Zealand location.

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April 2019 winner:

Gabrielle Karademos, USA

Classic Photo Book with image of bright moon on the cover

This collection features spectacular photographs taken from across America, all in striking definition. In just 40 pages, we see Gabriella’s talent for capturing color, scenery and emotion through varied shots of nature, landmarks and people.

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March 2019 winner:

Rick Friedman, USA

Photo Book with image of beach on sunny day on cover

This book is a celebration of the beauty in urban life. It's divided into 6 chapters; each one named using simple captions from “Enjoy the ride” to “We are small”. It reminds us of lines in poetry, fitting as the collection feels like an ode to urbanity.

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February 2019 winner:

Carl Jani, United Kingdom

Open Photo Book showing photos of penguins in Antarctica

With this travel photo album, Carl showcases Antarctic wildlife. His stunning, high-quality photographs show us albatross, penguins, leopard and fur seals, and even whales up close. It's a wonder to behold.

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