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5 ideas for a meaningful gift

When you design and print shared memories and moments, you create a gift from the heart. This Christmas, create something that you know will be treasured forever.

Tips and tricks to photographing fall

Fall is full of photographic opportunity. Discover our guide to capturing it all, from the small moments spent snuggled by the fire to the amazing scenes out in nature.

How to make space for moments of joy

Helpful tips for decluttering your living space and focusing on what's really important to you.

How to sort, organize & select your photos

Get ready to spring-clean your digital photo library with these 5 tips.

Why I'm taking a photo a day

We sat down with photographer Clair to discover why she's taking a photo a day, what it's taught her and get her advice for starting a challenge of your own.

The Origins of MILK Books

MILK Founder Geoff Blackwell wanted to surprise his dad with a gift that truly captured just how loved he was by his family. Discover how this simple wish became the spark that started MILK Books.

5 unique book ideas from our community

We've all heard of the traditional photo albums that line ones shelves. Let us introduce you to the little known wonders that everyone should be creating.

Tips and tricks to photographing spring

New life, blossoming flowers, and more daylight hours make spring the perfect time to get outside with your camera. Here are our tips and tricks to capturing those great spring moments.

Photography tips from our community

Tips from our community of photography lovers to help you get the most out of every moment.

How to capture the beauty of everyday life

Our guide to photographing the beautiful little details of your day-to-day.

MILK Inspiration Series

The MILK Inspiration Series is here to inspire your next project.

Why you should try MILK

Whether you're an experienced book maker or a first time creator, whether you have a book in progress or sitting in the basket—here are some great reasons to try us.

Book of the Month runners up

We couldn't let these customer projects go unseen, so we've decided to showcase our amazing runners up for Book of the Month.

How to create a photo book or album fast

There’s just not enough time in the day. We’re not time-poor, we’re time-destitute. So I won’t waste a precious second more—here’s 5 tips to creating your photo book or album fast.

How to make a creative photo book

The first rule of creative expression is there are no rules. But a few helpful tips wouldn’t go amiss. Here are some tips to making a creative photo book.

Creative books by you

Everyone has the ability to make art. All you need is a blank canvas and a drive to create. Let these customer works inspire your next work of art.

Our binding process

Discover more about the binding processes we use to create our photo books and albums.

The difference between photo books and photo albums

About to start creating? Make sure you've got the right format for you.

Milestone albums by you

At MILK, we believe in celebrating those big moments, those milestone events. Let these customer-made milestone albums inspire your own.

Our most popular photo book

The MILK Premium Landscape Photo Book is our customers most loved format. Read on to find out why.

How to make the perfect pet album

When you first met your beloved pet and looked into those big round eyes, you knew they were the one for you. Sound familiar? Here are 5 tips to celebrating your furry friends with a pet book or album…

How to take great photos on your phone

We've put together our top tips for capturing your best travel moments on your phone. A must-read for every traveller and every smartphone user.

Love stories by you

Few things bring us more joy than seeing the beautiful moments of love our customers are preserving in MILK books. Here are some recent love stories our customers have kindly shared.

8 cool photo book ideas for Christmas

Christmas is a time for celebrating family and friends and so we've picked our favorite customer books and albums to do just that.

How to make great photo books

We spoke to blogger Anna Konevskaya and got her tips and tricks to turning your extensive photo collection into a really great photo book.

How to scan your old photographs

Old photographs are an incredibly meaningful part of each family’s unique journey. Read how you can scan them to turn them into a beautiful keepsake.

Introducing your book

A book’s title will introduce the story and set the tone for the experience. Make sure you pick a good one. If you need some title inspiration, look no further.

6 steps to designing your photo book

The MILK Design Studio has hundreds of features designed to make creating books simple and quick. To learn more about them, click through to watch our tutorial video series.

Photo books and albums made by you

Every day, hundreds of customers turn their most precious memories into beautiful MILK Photo Books and Albums. We've picked some of our favorites to inspire you and your next project.