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Love stories by you.

Few things bring us more joy than seeing the beautiful moments of love our customers are preserving in MILK books. Here are some recent love stories our customers have kindly shared.

Photo Books and Albums made by you.

Every day, hundreds of customers turn their most precious memories and stories into beautiful MILK Photo Books and Albums. We should all celebrate the beauty found in Moments of Inspiration, Love,…

6 steps to designing your Photo Book.

The MILK Design Studio has hundreds of features designed to make creating books simple and quick. Our drag and drop, background image uploading, a photo library with unlimited photo storage...

Introducing your book.

A book’s title will introduce the story, and set the tone for the experience. A few choice words will create a mood that begins before you even see the first page and continue long after you’ve closed…

How to scan your old photographs.

Old photographs are an incredibly meaningful part of each family’s unique journey. It’s so important to look back upon our past and where we came from, but unfortunately, our amazing old negatives and…

How to make the perfect Photo book.

In my childhood, I loved going through the old photos which were carefully arranged into the large photo albums with soft paper pages. Things have changed today and we rarely print our ...

8 cool photo book ideas for Christmas.

Christmas is a time for celebrating family and friends and so we've picked our favorite books and albums to do just that.

How to take great photos on your phone.

We've put together our top tips for capturing your best travel moments on your phone.

How to make the perfect pet album.

When you first met your beloved pet and looked into those big round eyes, you knew they were the one for you. Sound familiar? There’s no doubt that pets hold a special place in the heart of families,…

Milestone albums by you.

At MILK, we believe in celebrating those big moments, those milestone events. Here are six milestone albums as made by our customers. Let them inspire your own milestone album.

Our most popular photo book.

The MILK Premium Landscape Photo Book is our customers most loved format. We've explored what makes this format so popular and listed the top reasons why our customers love it most.

The difference between photo books and photo albums.

Before you get started on your project at MILK, it's important to know what it is you're creating. So here's an easy guide to the difference between photo books and albums.

Our binding process.

At MILK, all of our Premium Photo Books and Classic Medium Photo Books are bound using traditional sewn book binding techniques.

Creative books by you.

Everyone has the ability to make art. All you need is a blank canvas and a drive to create. Don't let your inhibitions stand between you and your next work of art. Be inspired.

How to make a creative photo book.

The first rule of creative expression is there are no rules. But a few helpful tips wouldn’t go amiss. Here are some tips to making a creative photo book.