Love stories by you

Let these love stories inspire your next creation.

Few things bring us more joy than seeing the beautiful moments of love our customers are preserving in MILK books. Here are some recent love stories our customers have kindly shared with us and the MILK community.

The love of a son, brother, friend & husband

Photo book with handwritten text and black and white portrait of two men hugging.

A celebratory story of 30 years

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A year of family love

Photo book with cover image of boy blowing a dandelion.

A year of family 2017

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The love of Bec & Justin

Landscape wedding album laying open with two photos of newlyed couple in wedding dress and suit walking across the street

Bec & Justin

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The love of a new arrival

Open photo book with newborn photography.

Willa Rose Bauer

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The love of Michelle & Cong

Wedding portrait of newlywed couple alongside a classic white car.

Michelle & Cong

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The love of a 99 1/2 year old

Black and white portraits in a photo book.

Ila Fuller McSorley 1918-2017

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The love of the Annie & Michael

Portraits of newlywed couple.

Stopak Wedding - November 3, 2017

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The love of great friends

Photo book with images of women lined up, dressed in bright outfits.

Enjoy the Memories! xoxo, Jackie

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