We wrap your memories in quality

At MILK Books we use the finest quality fabrics and materials because we believe your most cherished moments deserve our best. 

Premium cover fabrics stacked together

Classic Linen

Available in seven colors exclusively for our Classic Photo Book and Classic Photo Album ranges, the lightly textured, woven fabric of our linen covers give an understated elegant feel.

Classic linen swatch - Sand


Classic linen swatch - Ivory


Classic linen swatch - Charcoal


Classic linen swatch - Black


Classic Linen swatch - Ruby Red

Ruby Red

Classic Linen swatch - Pale Pink

Pale Pink

Classic Linen swatch - Baby Blue

Baby Blue

Premium Natural Linen

Our archival quality European linen in a textured, woven natural fabric with a modern-classic appeal. Available in three natural colors for our Premium Photo Book, Premium Photo Album and Guest Book ranges. Perfect for any occasion and our most popular cover fabric choice.

Premium Natural linen swatch - Salt


Premium Natural linen swatch - Pepper


Premium Natural linen swatch - Nut


Premium Colored Linen

Featuring the same high quality European linen as seen in our Natural Linen range and available in 4 beautiful colors. Exclusively for our Premium Photo Book, Premium Photo Album and Guest Book ranges.

Premium Colored linen swatch - Ivory


Premium Colored Linen swatch - Stone


Premium Colored Linen swatch - Blush


Premium Colored Linen swatch - Steel Blue

Steel Blue

Premium Coated Cloth

Made of cotton, sealed with a glossy coating to provide a smooth, polished surface. One of the most commonly used fabrics for traditional book binding and available exclusively for our Premium Photo Book, Premium Photo Album and Guest Book ranges. The shiny finish of these fabrics adds an extra special, formal feel to our books and albums. The Metallic Pearl and Metallic Chestnut fabrics, in addition to the signature gloss-finish, have a subtle pearlescent lustre.

Black buckram fabric swatch


Metallic pearl buckram fabric swatch

Metallic Pearl

Deep blue buckram fabric swatch

Deep Blue

Metallic chestnut buckram fabric swatch

Metallic Chestnut

Premium Leather

Our four high quality and premium Milano Italian leather covers will give your album a luxurious finish. Available exclusively for our Premium Leather Photo Albums and Guest Books, and perfect for preserving your most treasured moments including weddings and anniversaries.

Premium Leather - Black


Premium Leather - Winter White

Winter White

Premium Leather - Silver Gray

Silver Gray

Premium Leather - Mocca


Vegan Leather

With buttery soft texture and exquisite quality, our premium Vegan Leathers will finish your photo book in luxury. Available exclusively for our Premium Photo Books, our Vegan Leather covers are perfect for wedding mementos and family heirlooms.

Please note: We’re experiencing limited stock levels. We recommend placing your order before the end of April 2024.

Black Vegan Leather

Classic Black

Ivory Vegan Leather

Warm Ivory

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