6 thoughtful Father's Day photo book ideas

Melt Dad's heart. Pour your love into a custom photo book

A beautiful Father’s Day photo book loaded with sentiment and nostalgia is perfect for new dads, grandads, husbands and more. Show the special father figure in your life just how much they're loved and appreciated with a custom-made gift.

To help you get started, we’ve put together six unique Father’s Day photo book ideas, guaranteed to make dad melt.


1. Then and Now

Take your dad on a trip down memory lane with a collection of photos from then and now. From his earliest years through to teens, early adulthood, the birth of his children to now, this precious timeline will make even the staunchest of fathers teary-eyed. You can’t go past a beautiful Leather Photo Album for this kind of family heirloom. Made with genuine Italian leather and thick board pages, it will ensure the legacy of your family’s patriarch can be handed down for generations.

Father's day photo book with old black and white photos of father and daughter together


2. The Tale of Dad

Get your children involved in recreating the ‘Tale of Dad’ with a DIY picture book. Have them get crafty with hand drawn pictures that tell a captivating story with your family at the heart of the adventure. Simply scan the artwork (traditional scanners or plenty of phone apps will do the job) and upload your images into our Design Studio to get started. Reminiscent of a true picture book, we’d recommend designing a Softcover Photo Book for this thoughtful, DIY Father’s Day gift. An affordable yet high quality option, evening story time never looked so good.

Softcover photo book with child's drawing of heart saying daddy I love you on cover.


3. Days with Dad

The big milestones, little moments and everything in between, keep things simple with a round up of all your favorite photo memories with Dad. Our Classic Photo Books can have up to 200 paper pages, giving you plenty of space to display all the photos currently hidden away on digital devices.

Father and son together with child on father's back displayed on photo book


4. 15 Reasons Why

Pair your favorite photos of Dad with text detailing all the reasons why you love him. Create a beautiful Premium Photo Book (add a Designer Cover for extra customization) and work with the text tool in the MILK Design Studio for extra narration. This is a great one for kids to get involved with and is bound to spark some creative one-liners.

Portrait photo book with cover text 15 Reasons Why We Love Dad


5. First Year with Dad

Create a beautiful Father’s Day photo book that celebrates a year of firsts. Perfect for new dads celebrating the annual holiday for the first time, a photo book is not only a physical record of the year that was but a friendly reminder that he got through it in one piece. We guarantee that this will become a treasured keepsake enjoyed by parents and children alike. Mark the year in a format that counts. Our Classic Photo Albums, featuring thick board pages and lay-flat binding, will ensure memories from this precious year will withstand the test of time.

Father's day photo book with cover image of father and baby smiling together wearing blue


6. Photo Journal

Turn your Father’s Day photo book into a journal full of both images and sentimental thoughts and feelings. A great activity for children, the kind words they share today might be just what Dad needs to get through those tumultuous teenage years. Add your favorite photos and use our text tool in the Design Studio to customize each spread.
Use these photo journal prompts to help you get started:

I’m really happy when my dad…
5 things I love about my dad...
When I think of my dad I think of...
If my dad was a superhero, his power would be...
My dad makes me laugh when...
I'm thankful for my dad because...
When I get older I hope my dad and I can...
On Father's Day, I want my dad to know...
My dad is really good at...

For an authentic, journal look and feel, opt for a Moleskine Photo Book.

Moleskine Photo Book with text and black and white image of father and child on paddleboard

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