6 reasons to buy custom gifts

The Perfect Tailored Gifts for Any Occasion

Custom gifts are the ultimate in fun and thoughtful gift-giving. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or simply just because, putting time aside to create uniquely tailored gifts is a great way to show someone you care. Discover our top 6 reasons why you should buy a custom gift next time the occasion calls for it.


Three Premium Photo Books stacked atop each other

1. It’s a chance to get creative

With an endless rotation of occasions popping up throughout the year it can be easy to fall into a monotonous routine of gift-giving. Going with a tailored present is not only special for the recipient but it means you have a chance to get creative. With our new, powerful and intuitive Design Studio, you can put your artistry to the test and create a handcrafted photo book or album with endless customization options.

2. Perfect for anyone, for any occasion

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, milestone anniversary or just a small gesture to say, ‘I’m thinking of you’, a custom gift will fit the bill for any and every occasion. Plus, when it comes to custom made presents, age is nothing but a number – a grandparent will treasure a family photo album as much as your children will appreciate reliving their first moments in a baby photo book.

Black Metal Gallery Frame displayed in home showing photo of two friends laughing

3. Be unique

Do away with gift vouchers, cakes, candles and flowers and stand out from the crowd with a unique, tailored gift. Go the extra mile and take the time to create something that is uniquely theirs. A one-off keepsake that can’t be replicated is something they’re guaranteed to treasure. Craft a Moleskine Photo Book for the creative in your life, or liven up someone’s space with a photo frame of their favorite print or photograph.

4. Choose to suit your budget

A high-quality, tailored gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. From Canvas Prints to Leather Photo Albums, here at MILK we have a range of truly meaningful gift ideas at every price point.

Premium Large Landscape Photo Book with partial jacket on cover showing father kissing son on forehead

5. Make your memories more memorable

A custom made photo book or album is the gift that keeps on giving. Fill the pages of a photo book with all the great moments that you’ve shared; preserving your moments in print will allow them to relive the memories time and time again.

6. It’s the thought that counts

When it comes to gift-giving it’s the thought that counts and a unique gift speaks volumes. Creating a custom gift takes time and shows that you’ve gone out of your way to create something just for them.

Start creating the ultimate tailored, custom gift today with our range of Photo Books, Photo Albums and Canvas Prints.

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