7 unforgettable 21st birthday gift ideas

Give the perfect 21st birthday gift

21 years of memories. Bad haircuts, growth spurts, sports days, family trips and everything in between. Time flies and before you know it, you’re taking graduation pics and barrelling towards the coming of age milestone. How do you capture it all so it lasts forever? Create a 21st birthday gift that will be remembered and preserve the years gone in a beautiful print keepsake. Here are 7 unique 21st birthday gift ideas to inspire you.

1. 21 things I love about you

Presentation box and a premium photo book with cover text '21 things I love about you'

Upload your most cherished photos and add text detailing all of the things you love about them. The medium Premium Photo Book format is perfect for this gift. It will be the ideal little pick-me-up as they move through the ups and downs of their twenties. Show just how much they mean to you with a heartfelt memento.

2. Through the ages

Make an epic photo book filled with the photos you love. Cute baby snaps, adorable Halloween outfits, embarrassing school day pictures and selfies. Add little captions with dates, names and locations to the spreads; every detail helps bring the memories back to life. It’ll be a fun trip down memory lane and the first book in their collection as they venture into adulthood and make many more memories.

3. Create a custom notebook

Portrait Moleskine photo book with old black and white image of mother and son and text

Create a unique, custom journal just for them. Add great photos and leave lots of white space for their thoughts and sketches. Our Moleskine Photo Books allow you to create a beautiful personalized journal using genuine Moleskine materials. Sprinkle words of inspiration throughout and add your favorite image together to the cover. A personalized journal ticks all the boxes; it's something practical that they'll use often but it's also a one-of-a-kind treasure that will last.

4. 21 pieces of wisdom

What do you wish you knew at 21? What do you wish someone had told you before you ventured out into adulthood? Create a simple photo album with 21 spreads, one for each piece of wisdom and a photo memory to match. Help them avoid a lesson you learned the hard way, give them a little-known life hack or simply offer a staple recipe that they can carry with them through life. Ask loved ones to contribute to give a variety of perspectives and tips. Create a simple and loving guide that can help steer them through any adversity that may arise in their future and let them know that you've been there and made it through.

5. Make it collaborative

Open photo book with text on one page and a photo of a father and son on a paddle board on the other

Enlist friends and family to come together and share their favorite memories and photos with the birthday person. Ask them to write what they love about them and their most memorable moment together. Each contributor can have a dedicated spread in the book making it a beautiful patchwork of shared memories and photos. We offer a lot of templates with both text boxes and photos that give you a lot of options. Coming together to celebrate the person you love in print has never been easier.

6. ​Commemorate the event itself​

Friends and family from all around will come to celebrate the birthday boy/girl. It will be an event to remember with good times to be had. Why not record the day in a photo book? Collate all the photos from the event and tell the story of it all in print. It’ll be a day to remember. Big events like this don't happen often and wrangling the family together can be an impossible task. Take the opportunity to get lots of pictures and preserve them all in print. Don't just post them onto Facebook to forget about them, preserve them in a beautiful photo book or album.

7. Celebrate just the two of you

Open portrait photo book with text 'happy 21st Birthday' and image of two women taking a selfie

Create a keepsake of your time together, just the two of you. Make it special and personal, something for you and them alone. Include photos together throughout the years and add your favorite anecdotes. Whenever a photo sparks a thought, be sure to add it to the page to deepen the story. Take the opportunity to share what they mean to you and how much you treasure your time together. Moving into a new phase of life can be uncertain and little gifts like this are a reminder of the things that truly matter in life.

Giving a unique gift that will be enjoyed for years to come can be hard. But these seven 21st birthday gift ideas offer a creative way to celebrate the milestone. A print keepsake that you design and create is the perfect opportunity to give a gift from the heart. Designed to endure, our photo books and albums last longer than a lifetime meaning they'll be enjoyed for years and years to come.

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