Top 50 MILK moments of 2021

50 moments that left us speechless

What better way to reminisce the year that was than with a selection of our most-loved MILK moments from 2021. Every photo book or album made with us is unique, but these photos always bring a smile to our faces. Here are 50 beautiful photos from our community that we love, in no particular order.

Toddler and child lying together

#1. Coote Family

Kristie Coote, New Zealand

Four girls at the park in Fall

#2. For Mom & Dad

Nicole Bell, USA

Newlyweds walking down the aisle

#3. Benjamin & Maximilien

Benjamin Terwagne, Belguim

Woman in front of Prada store

#4. 3 Rounds & A Sound

Sheridan Schulte, USA

Woman with dog cuddling two children

#5. To My Sister

Zachary Thompson, Switzerland

Two men riding mules

#6. Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania

Scott Tindal, Australia

Newlyweds dancing in field

#7. Mr & Mrs Nuku

Mele Tau'alupe, New Zealand

Newlyweds toasting champagne on the shore

#8. Jason & Sundae

Sundae Ngo, New Zealand

Bride speaking with elderly man

#9. Our Wedding

Alana Salmon, Australia

Art piece of sunflowers and portrait

#10. 2020

Alexis Winter, Australia

Newlyweds pose with dog

#11. The Bodners

Skylar Bodner, USA

Bride and groom leaving church

#12. Our Wedding

Candice Ciccarelli, Australia

Bride kissing groom on cheek

#13. Muhurtham

Prithvi Addepalli, USA

Three sisters holding hand in field

#14. The Family We Have Built

Sara Jodon, USA

Newlyweds pose in field

#15. Mr & Mrs Katoro

Natasha, United Kingdom

Bride and groom holding bouquet of flowers

#16. Holly & Sam

Holly Stevenson, New Zealand

Newlyweds share kiss among guests

#17. Lyda Wedding

Shelly Bergstresser, USA

Newlyweds stand on bridge

#18. Isaac & Jolene

Jolene, New Zealand

Man and child balance on low fence

#19. Kinsey Family

Hailey Kinsey, USA

Still mountain lake

#20. South Island

Danesh, New Zealand

Bride and groom dancing in window

#21. Millette & Tim

Millette Stambough, USA

Bride and groom laughing together

#22. Our Day

Rachel, USA

Sleeping newborn

#23. Tommy

Natalia De Faveri, Australia

Newlyweds holding hands on beach

#24. Carrie & Sam

Carrie Crarer, New Zealand

Large family sharing a meal

#25. The Lau Family Cookbook

Sarah Yeoman, USA

Car on street

#26. One

Tyler Bottles, USA

Bride and groom holding hands

#27. Mr & Mrs Seifert

Morgan, New Zealand

Newlyweds smiling together

#28. Gerard & Randy

Randy Jayakody, Australia

Newlyweds and bridal party toasting their marriage

#29. Caitlan & Trian

Caitlin Iliadis, Australia

Bride and groom in winter

#30. Mr & Mrs Reading

Zoe Wilson, Australia

Beach in Hawai'i

#31. O'ahu Hawaii

Kayla Byles, Australia

Newlyweds gazing at each other

#32. Amanda & Irving

Amanda Araujo, USA

Bride and groom holding hands at sunset

#33. Us

Marie-Eve Hudon, Canada

Family playing in park

#34. 2021

Karelle Granshaw, Australia

Aerial view of seaside

#35. Provence

Stephanie Klinke, Germany

Woman and child hugging and smiling

#36. Discovery Bay

Dixi He, Hong Kong

Newlyweds laughing in rain

#37. The Arches

Samantha Hartley, Australia

Parents with young child

#38. Our Family

Vanessa Hassett, Australia

Pink lake

#39. For Jessica

Rogan, Australia

Family on beach

#40. Family Shots

Gina Kelly, New Zealand

Bridal party admiring bride

#41. The Wedding

Chris, USA

Newborn in basket

#42. Lysander

Sasha McCann, Australia


#43. Volume 1

Tine Wiggens, Canada

Family with dog on cobblestones

#44. Wallace Family

CDI Properties, USA

Couple on bridge

#45. Junejas

Pallavi Juneja, USA

Man with child on bridge

#46. Asher

Natalie Stanford, Australia

Young girl blowing dandelions

#47. Crethar Family

Kate Rankin, Australia

Newlyweds walking dog

#48. Our Wedding

Jordan Lite, USA

Woman smiling with child

#49. You & I

Courtney Kumar, Australia

Family in park

#50. The Wong Family

Samara Wong, New Zealand

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