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At the heart of every MILK Photo Album is love. It’s your love of life, family and friends that brings you here to create a legacy. And it’s our love of beautiful books that drives us to make every album a masterpiece.
Discover the difference between our photo books and albums to find the perfect format for you.

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Wedding Photo Books & Albums

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Couple holding hands at the beach on their wedding day.

Family Photo Books & Albums

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Father with his son on his shoulders.

Baby Photo Books & Albums

The happiest milestone there is. Capture the joy for generations to come.

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Landscape wedding photo book laying open with a photo of a couple walking down the isle covered in confetti.

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Charcoal landscape classic photo album with a bird of Australia on the cover.

Birds of Australia

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Frequently asked questions

On the MILK website, you exclusively create online in our innovative Design Studio. You don't have to download an application, simply enter the Design Studio on either desktop, tablet or mobile device. Our design studio runs best in the Safari or Google Chrome web browser. You can upload your photos and start creating in our design studio straight away, all you need to do is register your MILK account. This allows you to save your progress and edit your projects at your own convenience.

If you create via the MILK Books Photo Extension for Apple Photos, then you can create offline but you eventually have to jump online to print and purchase your Photo Book or Album.

Our Photo Albums are all hardcover, flush-mount and lay-flat. All are available in Medium and Large sizes and range from 24 to 64 pages. Note: albums with over 46 pages use a slightly thinner, more flexible board (0.85mm compared to 1mm) to accommodate the higher page count.

Our Premium Photo Album range is our most popular. There are two paper options; Photo Lustre (coated) or Eggshell (textured, uncoated). There are 13 cover fabric options; 9 linen options and 4 coated cloth (buckram) options.

Our Premium Leather Photo Album range is our most luxurious offering. There are two paper options; Photo Lustre (coated) or Eggshell (textured, uncoated). There are 4 leather cover options; Black, Winter White, Mocca and Silver Gray.

Our Classic Photo Album range is our most affordable range. Printed on Semi-gloss coated paper and available in your choice of 7 colored linen covers. Landscape only.

Flush-mount binding means that the pages open flush (completely level) and seamless. It allows for uninterrupted image display so your beautiful photographs can run to the border's edge without getting lost in the album's gutter (center fold). We use thick, board pages that are then handbound to create a finish that is robust, durable, and designed to withstand generations of use. This is the traditional way of binding high-end luxury photo albums and is a key feature of our Classic, Premium and Leather albums.

Make the world's finest photo books and albums on macOS. To get started, simply download the MILK Books project extension for Photos through the Mac App Store. It is fully integrated with Apple Photos, so you can work directly with the images already on your Mac. Edit your photos with Apple's design tools, drag and drop them into place with our designer templates, and watch your photo book or album come to life. Learn more about MILK for Mac or watch our video on how to create a photo book or album on Mac.

Yes, all MILK Photo Albums are lay-flat. We use a traditional binding technique which allows the spine and pages to lay completely flat, so rather than being limited to the confines of one page and having to avoid the gutter or center fold, you can enjoy beautiful panoramic or landscape images across two pages. Display your lay-flat album open on the coffee table and relive an unforgettable moment time and time again. To preserve the integrity of the spine, be sure to always lay your album on a flat surface; never suspend your album by it’s spine. Because they can be weighty objects, it’s best to view on a coffee table, bench or your lap.

Yes, you can choose from a range of cover designs that include cover images for our Classic, Premium and Leather albums. Adding a custom cover image is a great way to introduce your story or showcase a photo you love. Every cover image is printed onto 200gsm art card, matt laminated for an extra layer of protection and then fixed to a debossed area on your album's hardcover. The image will sit flush with the cover fabric for a seamless, premium finish. Learn more about how we create our custom cover images.

An alternative to cover images are our Classic and Designer Cover options. These cover options come complimentary with all Premium and Premium Leather Photo Albums and are printed directly onto the cover fabric using UV technology. When picking a cover option, we recommend opting for a Classic or Designer Cover rather than a cover image. Classic Covers are simple custom text covers available in two font types (Brandon Grotesque and Baskerville) and many colors (depending on fabric chosen). Designer Covers offer options for wedding, travel and family themed albums. They are similarly editable but the core template design is specially made for the occasion. Discover more in our blog about Designer Covers. A Classic or Designer Cover allows you to introduce your story in a simple, sleek way and the subtly raised inks atop the textured fabric will give your photo album another level of tangible quality.

The total number of photos you can include in a photo album depends on the number of pages you opt for. The maximum number of images per page is 12, and the maximum number of pages you can have in an album is 64. This means that you could technically have hundreds of photos in your album if you go with our max page count. We recommend against this as your album would quickly look overcrowded. Our designer recommends 1-6 images per spread for best results. White space is your friend. Of course, it’s entirely up to you. It’s your keepsake and it’s designed to last lifetimes, so as long as you're happy with the end result you can add as little or as many photos as our templates allow. To help you get started, we've put together a guide on how to choose the right templates for your images. Plus, our blog is filled with helpful design tips and tricks.

All MILK Photo Albums are lay-flat with flush-mounted thick board pages. This means that at their core they are all crafted expertly using the best techniques. However, there are three things that set our Premium Photo Albums above our Classic Photo Albums. One, they are printed in 6 color compared to Classic’s 4 color. With the addition of two extra colors in the print process, our Premium Photo Albums produce stunning colors and vibrant results that are even more true to life. Two, there is a larger selection of archival quality cover fabrics which include natural linens and coated cloth options. Finally, with Premium Photo Albums you have many more cover options from text or pre-designed templates to many cover image options like the ¾ wrap. You also have the ability to print text on the spine.

Premium Leather Photo Albums are the pinnacle of our photo album offering. They are the same as Premium Photo Albums in every way except the cover fabrics. You have a choice between four luxurious leather options sourced from Milan, Italy. Choose between Black, Winter White, Mocca and Silver Gray. A leather cover elevates your album to a level of luxury unparalleled in the album market. The texture and feel means your album will be an experience that begins from the first touch.

Have you ever flipped through old family photo albums and discovered things you never knew about your family? Have you ever been surprised by the pictures of uncles and aunts when they were young or even discovered intense family resemblance? Photo albums let us share every version of ourselves with the next generation. They’re a deeply personal piece of history that transcends age. Not only do they allow us to preserve our most-loved moments for ourselves to enjoy but also for our children and their children too. Each image sparks a story and offers an opportunity for you to connect with loved ones over good times and great memories. When you create an heirloom photo album you’ve also created a special gift for the next generation, an the generation after that. It's an treasure for them to refer to and to see themselves in; the crooked smile they share with their grandpa, the twinkle in their eye that they get from their great aunt. It also let’s them see loved ones at their happiest, celebrating special events like weddings and birthdays. They're an opportunity for you to impart the stories behind the images, the inside jokes and the dynamics of the day. In this way, a photo album is a gift that is priceless, with incalculable sentimental value.

Giving new life to your precious photos in print is important and you'll never regret it. But while we make it easy, it still takes the time and care of curating your photos and designing your album. However, we believe this effort is 100% worth it. Seeing your most loved memories recreated in vibrant color, feeling the quality as you flip through the board pages; this experience is unmatched.

Photo Albums offer a beautiful, high quality way to experience your great moments. They’re the keepsake your memories deserve. Don’t just keep your moments, celebrate them, share them with loved ones and pass them down to the next generation.

Finding the right photo album for you is the most important step in creating with us. A good place to start is to first look at the differences between MILK Photo Albums and MILK Photo Books as it may be that the latter is better suited to your needs. Generally, we recommend photo albums to people who are celebrating an important milestone occasion, the most obvious one being a wedding. Wedding’s have been traditionally celebrated in wedding photo albums due to the thick board pages and the high quality materials, although it’s not unusual to see people creating wedding companion books. Family heirloom albums are also popular as they become family treasures that carry a deep personal history and are passed down through the generations. Other big events like anniversary celebrations, family reunions, big epic travel experiences and remembrance mementos are all occasions that have been celebrated in MILK. Our photo albums feature board pages and this limits page count to a maximum of 64. This makes them ideal for people with a selection of quality photos in mind. For example they’re not ideal for those creating family yearbooks who want to print a year’s worth of family memories. They are heavy, quality items that should be viewed as statement pieces in a wider collection.

Truthfully, there’s no such thing as a wrong way to create a photo album. It’s a blank canvas for you to decide what to add. If you need some inspiration, browse The MILK Gallery and get inspired by what others are creating. Learn more about our full range to make sure you pick a format that's right for you.

Base pricing starts at 24 pages for each MILK Photo Album. Pricing will increase for each additional spread you add to your project.

Premium Photo Albums – From $199 USD

  • Premium Medium Landscape 8.6 x 6.4" (21.8 x 16.3cm)
  • Premium Medium Square 8 x 8" (20.3 x 20.3cm)
  • Premium Medium Portrait 6.4 x 8.6" (16.3 x 21.8cm)
  • Premium Large Landscape 12.7 x 9.5" (32.3 x 24.1cm)
  • Premium Large Square 11 x 11" (27.9 x 27.9cm)
  • Premium Large Portrait 9.5 x 12.7" (24.1 x 32.3cm)

Premium Leather Photo Albums – From $304 USD

  • Premium Medium Landscape 8.6 x 6.4" (21.8 x 16.3cm)
  • Premium Medium Square 8 x 8" (20.3 x 20.3cm)
  • Premium Medium Portrait 6.4 x 8.6" (16.3 x 21.8cm)
  • Premium Large Landscape 12.7 x 9.5" (32.3 x 24.1cm)
  • Premium Large Square 11 x 11" (27.9 x 27.9cm)
  • Premium Large Portrait 9.5 x 12.7" (24.1 x 32.3cm)

Classic Photo Albums - From $159 USD

  • Classic Medium Landscape 9.25 x 7.4" (23.5 x 18.8cm)
  • Classic Large Landscape 13 x 11" (33 x 27.9cm)

MILK Photo Albums are designed to last lifetimes. To ensure your keepsake remains in top condition, we recommend following these care instructions.

  • Never store your album where it may be exposed to extreme heat, humidity or moisture. To prevent fading, store your album away from direct sunlight.
  • Ensure your album is stored in a place where there is plenty of ventilation.
  • Photo Albums should be stored flat, not vertically.
  • When flipping through your album, always support the binding by resting the back cover on a clean surface.
  • Never hold or suspend your album by its cover as the weight may damage the binding.

  • We also recommend purchasing a matching Presentation Box for your photo album. Not only is it a beautiful way to showcase your album but it also protects your album for safe keeping.