Wedding articles

Flawless wedding photos in 7 steps.

You’ve seen them before. Those exquisite images that tell the love story of a couple on their special day. Every detail is perfect, every hair is in place. The emotion of the occasion evident in every…

How to select your wedding photos.

A veritable delight for the eyes and the emotions - that’s the goal of any wedding book. However, there is a lot to consider and many photos to sort through so even with insider tips like how to selec…

How to create the perfect wedding album.

Your wedding book or album is something you will cherish forever. It’s that keepsake you can turn to time and time again to relive some of the happiest moments of your life.

6 ways to build the perfect wedding collection.

Traditionally, it’s the wedding photo album that we focus on creating after the nuptials. And while it is very important, paramount even, there are actually other ways in which you can commemorate you…

Wedding albums by you.

At MILK, we always feel honored when our customers entrust us to make their precious wedding albums. Here are six wedding albums that really inspired us, now let them inspire you.