A guide to writing wedding thank you cards

Perfect your wedding thank you etiquette

Writing wedding thank you cards might feel like just another task on a long list of wedding to-dos, but it is an important final step in closing out one of the most important events of your life. Our complete guide is here to assist you in getting the job done so that you can focus on the fun part—reliving incredible moments and leaving your guests with a beautiful lasting impression of your special day. Let’s begin!

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Where to start

The task of writing wedding thank you cards will seem much more manageable with just a teeny bit of planning and organization. The key to avoiding overwhelm is to start early and do small bits and pieces over time.

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1. Prepare to keep track

You will need to collect guests' addresses for when it’s time to post thank you cards. This will likely happen prior to sending out the wedding invitations, but must be well organised. Decide on a record-keeping method, whether you prefer a digital spreadsheet or a handwritten notebook. We suggest digital tools as they are more easily shared and less likely to get lost. Make columns to add notes about every contribution from each guest on the lead up to the wedding.

2. Get matching stationery

Make sure your wedding thank you cards are an extension of your special day. The theme and feel of your cards should match the event as much as possible.

3. Record everything you receive

This is the most important aspect of writing wedding thank you cards. The period leading up to your wedding can be stressful and jam-packed with events, so it becomes far too easy to forget things. Make note of contributions from family and friends, take pictures of items, cards, and gifts, and if you’re not sure where something came from, ask immediately. Piecing it all together afterwards is the last thing you want to do in your wedded bliss. Some couples prefer to designate someone in the wedding party to take on this important task. If you do this, choose your most organised friend!


It’s not until you have planned a major life event do you discover some of those societal ‘rules’ that have developed over many years of continued tradition. Not to fret, however, the standards for sending wedding thank you cards are pretty straightforward—and it’s easy to go above and beyond if you want to.

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4. What to say

It is important to mention the specific gifts given in your wedding thank you cards, as well as something personal about the guest and your connection to each other.

5. How to say it

The cards do not have to be particularly long (a decent-sized paragraph or two is suitable), but they should be handwritten and free of errors. Names especially must be spelled correctly, and every guest should be accounted for.

6. When to send them

One simple rule of thumb is to send your wedding thank you cards within three months of your wedding event. More than just a matter of tradition, the event will still be fresh in everyone’s mind and therefore make the card more impactful. The sentiment and the task tend to go smoothest when the couple sets a bit of time out each day, rather than trying to write them all out in one sitting.

The fun part

Besides simply adhering to proper wedding decorum, there is something wonderful about thoughtfully considering the experience of each of your guests.

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7. Relive special memories

After the excitement of the wedding and related events dies down, writing wedding thank you cards give couples a chance to reflect on their special day and think about the contribution of each guest to their happiest moments.

8. Gratitude and appreciation

Weddings often bring out beautiful gestures of love, care and generosity, and in the chaos of the big day, couples don’t always get the chance to show their appreciation. Wedding thank you cards provide the opportunity to express gratitude and share a little more wedding magic with each guest.

9. Above and beyond

There are a few cute ways to make your wedding thank you cards even more special. Sending printed photo cards, enclosed wedding photos, or a link to an online album or video can add that little extra bit of pizazz your guests will love.

Writing wedding thank you cards is that last bit of admin that will get you over the finish line of hosting a fabulous wedding. With a little bit of preparation, writing out thank yous will be a whole lot of fun and a chance to share the fuzzy feeling of your wedded bliss one more time. Leave your guests feeling loved and appreciated with the perfect wedding thank you card.

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