7 creative pre-wedding photoshoot ideas

These photoshoot tips are the perfect way to preserve your special pre-wedding moments

Before you even set foot down the aisle on your big day, there’s a multitude of special moments that deserve to be captured so you can look back on them for years to come. From the expression on your loved ones’ faces during the “first look”, to the smallest of details like jewellery and fragrance, there are plenty of pre-wedding photoshoot opportunities that are not to be missed.

1. The finer details

Wedding accessories laid on white marble table bride and groom separate

Photo Credit: @natalie_pluck

It’s often the smallest of details that make your wedding day personal to you. Enlist someone from the bridal party (or your wedding photographer) to put together a quick flat lay for each of you. Think accessories like shoes, jewellery, cufflinks and, of course, the all-important wedding bands. Other unique touches for this shot could be to include the fragrance that each has chosen to wear for the big day, or your wedding stationery and cards that vows will be read off.

As the bridal party get ready for the day ahead, this is the perfect opportunity to capture some candid snaps of everyone together. Whether toasting with a glass of bubbles or enjoying the groom’s favorite drop, the calm before the storm makes for a perfect photoshoot opportunity. Consider fun touches like matching or custom robes for bridesmaids to be worn while getting glammed up for the big event.

3. The finishing touches

Bride wearing wedding dress standing in front of round mirror with assistance zipping up gown in back

Photo Credit: @natalie_pluck

The moment that you and your significant other get changed into your wedding attire deserves to be cherished, whether it’s zipping up the dress, adjusting a bow tie or pinning a corsage. A beautiful backdrop can make all the difference to this shot. Consider using a mirror to create an artful composition that captures the bride or groom’s reaction.

4. The first look

Emotional father of bride first look at her in wedding dress

No longer just reserved for the moment that the bride walks down the aisle, capturing the “first look” is a special way to preserve the emotion of friends and family when they see the bride in her dress for the very first time. Consider capturing separate moments for each loved one: the father of the bride, the bridal party as a group, and of course, the groom. A little shoulder tap photographed using a fast shutter speed can add a fun touch to the latter.

Many people are now opting to get their photoshoot with the entire bridal party done and dusted before the ceremony. This means more time to celebrate and be present with guests at the reception. It’s handy to plan ahead and consider the most ideal location for these group shots to take place – sometimes a unique location like a meadow or forest can make all the difference.

Playful photographs that include pets can add a fun touch to your big day. A photoshoot with your beloved pet is best done pre-wedding, so a loved one can then take care of them while you focus on your special day. A cute touch like a bow or flowers can help tie the shots into the theme too.

Often so much thought goes into the way that the bridal party arrives at the ceremony, whether it’s a vintage car or fleet of vehicles that matches the theme. As the soon-to-be wed arrive in style, it’s the perfect opportunity to capture images that set the scene for the ceremony – as well as the final moments before exchanging vows.

These creative photography ideas will add an extra special touch to your wedding day, making for sentimental memories that speak to your personality as a couple. A little planning ahead can make a big difference to the moments that your photographer captures. Pre-wedding photography is the perfect way to set the scene in the first chapter of your wedding album that will become a keepsake to be cherished forever.

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