Discover 8 beautiful wedding theme ideas

Get inspired with these stunning theme ideas to use in your wedding

Weddings are one of the most memorable events in life, and everyone wants their own day to be perfect. Our community gallery showcases a selection of stunning themes that can serve as a source of motivation for you to personalize your wedding day.

The wedding themes featured on this list have been curated from married couples who have preserved their special days with MILK. Use these beautiful wedding ideas as inspiration for your own wedding photos and present them beautifully in one of our wedding albums, to share as a keepsake with your loved ones.

1. The Great Gatsby

Wedding couple in front of photo frames

Choosing this classic glitzy style will bring a fine aged ambience to your wedding. Think glamour, shine and opulence. Layer gold, pearls and black decor and don’t skimp on the candles. This theme is perfect for those who identify as party loving maximalists.

Incorporate vintage wedding cars, antique furniture, aged shade palettes and unique dress codes for the wedding party and guests. Now party like it's the roaring 1920’s.

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2. Rustic Romantique

Rustic wedding dining table setting

A rustic wedding is versatile, as you can involve as little or as much of the theme as you’d like into your décor and setting. The rustic theme gives warm and organic accents, exuding a classy imperfection throughout your wedding.

Common elements used include mason jar table settings, old lanterns, hand-picked flower bouquets, barrels, and various wood-like textures.

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3. Secret Garden

Wedding couple at ceremony aisle

For a wedding theme that is both romantic and feminine, a garden theme is perfect for you.

This theme is all about incorporating blooming flowers, and details like lace and ribbon. Delve into shades of blush, peach, and sage green. An outdoor wedding fits well for this theme.

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4. The Minimalist

White wedding ceremony venue

If you're a couple who prefers a sleek aesthetic, a contemporary wedding theme might be the perfect fit for you. Keep to minimalist hues like white and black, with accents of gold or silver. Consider using geometric shapes and symmetrical placements of furnishings and decorations throughout.

These elements can effortlessly make your modern wedding vision come to life.

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5. Ocean Lovers

Wedding couple on beach with lifeguard surfboard

Beach themes are a popular choice for couples who love the ocean and want a relaxed and airy atmosphere for their special day. Although this theme naturally links with a venue by the ocean, this theme’s décor elements can be incorporated in any venue of choice.

Use hues involving sandy beiges, muted greens, and ocean blues to mimic a summer holiday. You can also incorporate natural driftwood, sand, dried flowers, and natural lighting throughout your scenery.

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6. Punchy Pastels

Pastel bridesmaid outfits

For a bold and creative wedding, dive into this color palette focused theme.

You can create a photo booth area with a backdrop in pastel shades, or similarly you can coordinate groomsmen and bridesmaid outfits with a rainbow of soft hues. Better still, ask your guests to get on board and dress to the theme.

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7. Winter Wonderland

Snowy Winter wedding aisle venue

If you're considering a wedding in Winter (especially if it’s snowing), this theme would fit extremely well with the gorgeous and cool toned natural scene. Even if it isn’t snow-filled, you can imitate snow with white confetti and soft white décor, and play with decadent velvets and faux fur for décor and bridal outfits.

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8. Enchanted Forest

Forest wooden wedding aisle ceremony decorations

Nature lovers rejoice - celebrate your wedding surrounded by trees and all things green with this theme. Ideally, you’d choose a venue that has an outdoor space with a beautiful natural environment. Try twinkling festoon lights strung in the trees, homemade wildflower bouquets and plenty of loosely arranged floral and greenery.

The smell of tree bark, leaves, and the fresh air will be sure to make your ceremony serene.

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These beautiful wedding theme ideas were chosen to inspire you to highlight your personality on your special day. Exploring the essence you have as a couple will help you envision the style and ambience that suits you best. Using a wedding theme will also reflect in the design of your wedding album that will be shared through generation to generation.

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