Christmas Photo Albums

'Tis the season for cherished memories

Piles of torn wrapping paper on the floor, the fragrant smell of pine needles in the air, and the utter contentment of gifting, eating, and laughing with loved ones. The magic of Christmas can be found in the smallest of moments as you get together with your nearest and dearest, and everyone knows it starts long before the gifts are opened. We can’t wait to help you bring those memories together and share them in a beautiful MILK Photo Book or Album. Create one each year for a meaningful annual tradition, or prepare one as a gift to remember that special festive season together.

Portrait Premium Christmas Photo Album on Presentation Box with red ribbon

The MILK Christmas Photo Album Range

Capture treasured memories from a season that goes by in the blink of an eye with a MILK Christmas Photo Album. Our Photo Albums are designed and handmade with care, promising the utmost in quality, while lay-flat binding allows for perfect pictures and panoramas. These memory keepers are made with the highest caliber materials, so you can relive precious Christmas memories for many generations to come.

Classic Christmas Photo Albums

Opt for a top-end Classic Photo Album for affordable luxury and an enduring keepsake. You’ll feel the quality of each weighty page every time you open the album, and you’ll love the cover fabric options that allow you to make the memento your own using custom text.


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Premium Christmas Photo Albums

Don’t worry about missing the finer details of your Christmas photos as you create a Premium Photo Album. This option offers 6-color printing to make those red and greens pop off the page, as well as archival quality sustainable paper to ensure each memory stands the test of time.


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Premium Leather Christmas Photo Albums

Give those Christmas memories the most exquisite home possible with a Premium Leather Photo Album. Choose from Black, Winter White, Mocca or Silver Gray Italian leather for a classy finish.


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The MILK Christmas Photo Book Range

It only happens once a year, and it’s those unique traditions and moments that make every Christmas season emotional and magical. Tell the story of your festive traditions through images in a MILK Christmas Photo Book. Whether you choose a Classic or Premium Photo Book, those memories will be shared using the most beautiful designs and the highest quality materials.

Classic Christmas Photo Books

A Classic Photo Book will give your Christmas memories the gorgeous home they deserve. Each page is made from Satin or Semi-gloss paper, and the 4-color printing offers vibrant and lasting images. You’ll have a range of linen covers to choose from and Designer Templates to help ensure a professional finish.


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Premium Christmas Photo Books

Luxurious and lasting, it’s no wonder the Premium Photo Book is our most popular format. Fill up to 200 pages with Christmas moments and share them with your family for generations to come.


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Frequently asked questions

Our costs vary based on the size and format you select. Our Photo Books are great for those with lots of Christmas memories they'd like to preserve. Our Photo Albums are great for those extra special Christmas moments that you want to remember in luxury.

  • Photo Books start from $35 USD (Classic Small Landscape Photo Book, 24 pages).
  • Photo Albums start from $194 USD (Classic Medium Landscape Photo Album, 24 pages).

As you add pages and optional add-ons, the price will increase. Keep up to date with the cost of your book or album using the Live Price Calculator in our Design Studio.

To make your Christmas Photo Album standout, we have a beautiful Ruby Red Linencover fabric in our Classic range, or a Winter White Premium Leather fabric for our Premium Photo Albums and Guest Books. For those who want something less vibrant, we also have many other colors to choose from in both our our Classic and Premium ranges (including our four luxury Leather options). With our Classic or Designer Covers, you can customize the text on the cover or spine of your Christmas Photo Album*. Choose a title that best fits your album, and we'll UV print it onto the cover with our top quality inks.

*This is only available for Premium Photo Albums and Books.

While our Photo Books and Photo Albums are far and away our most popular products, you can also add to your Christmas collection with our little known favorite. Does a particular photo come to mind when you think of Christmas? Turn it into a Canvas Print and hang it on your wall to enjoy all year round.

Did you spend the holiday season with loved ones? You can order multiple copies at the checkout to share your Christmas Photo Album with all who celebrated with you. Or if you'd like to create smaller versions of your album to gift (our Medium formats are the perfect size for gifting and affordable too), we recommended duplicating and changing the format. To do so, simply head to the 'My Books' section of your account. From there you can duplicate and add to your order with ease. Just be sure to recheck your book or album after each duplication as the layouts may jump around. Or you can pre-purchase our 3 Piece Sets at a discounted rate and use them to tell and share your family's Christmas story.

This Christmas Photo Book is a contemporary way of celebrating the season past. It looks great in Moleskine, a format typically used for photography and art projects. We love this Family Christmas Recipe Book - such a great way to record and celebrate your loved one's signature recipes in a long-lasting format.