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The MILK Premium Landscape Photo Book is our customers most loved format. We've explored what makes this format so popular and listed the top reasons why our customers love it most.



Two standing premium landscape photo books with image of the Taj Mahal on both covers.
Open photo book with image of travels from India
Closeup of premium photo book binding.
Two premium photo books laying flat, featuring a full jacket and a 3/4 wrap jacket.
Standing row of photo book showcasing range of MILK fabric colors

Why Landscape?


The "WOW" factor

Wedding photos and beautiful scenic landscapes can be much more impactful in a horizontal orientation, especially if you choose to display them on a double-page (full bleed) spread. A mountain range, a picturesque shoreline, or an entire wedding party can be depicted in full glory in a landscape format. Such statement images within a book or album can really elevate the overall visual spread. Touches like this can make a photo book extraordinary.


Visual aesthetic

Our eyes naturally travel across a page as opposed to up and down it, they are placed horizontally in our head after all. Thus, the landscape orientation is more conducive of a pleasing viewing experience. At times, portrait photo album layouts can be a bit challenging for eye movement – top left to bottom left to top right to bottom right – and it can become tiring on the eyes. Landscape layouts offer a natural, easy eye movement that flows and works for you, not the other way around.


The layouts are more accommodating

Usually, when we get down to making our photo books or albums, we have a collection of both landscape and portrait photographs - especially if we have a collection derived from multiple devices. When designing layouts, portrait images are much easier to include into a landscape page as opposed to the other way around. This is because vertical images can be condensed into a landscape page quite easily thanks to the layouts provided in our Design Studio.


It's a timeless classic

Landscape albums are simply a classic format. They’ve been the most popular design for a long time and for good reason. Each book and album is a visual story. The landscape format allows you to tell that story beautifully and with clear, linear cohesion.


Why Our Premium Photo Book?


Stitched binding for quality that endures

We use the most secure book binding method ever invented - stitched or section-sewn binding. It takes more time and skill to craft, but it ensures the pages don’t come loose and your memories are kept safe for posterity. Stitched binding also allows your stunning double-page spreads to lay flat and sit comfortably open for display.


Premium printing

When creating a book, ensuring every nuance is captured is a priority. Printing in 6-color print does just that. Our customers know their images won’t fade away and will stay warm and rich for generations.


Superior materials

How do you do your most precious memories justice? Our customers simply want the best and our Premium Range offers just that. Create from a selection of exquisite archival quality materials, with 15 linen, cloth or vegan leather cover fabric options and Satin, Matt or Textured paper pages. Our Premium Range also offers more design selections than our Classic range, including the option to add UV cover designs and/or a custom printed Jacket. It’s the obvious choice for creating a book that’s just right for you. 


More pages = more memories

With up to 200 pages to fill with your favorite images, a photo book is the best option when you have a multitude of memories to preserve. 


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