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6 Special Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding anniversaries are a wonderful excuse to step away from the routine of married life; to honor and celebrate one another. Your wedding day may have come and gone in a flash, but taking the time to remember your vows and reflect on another year together will create even more special moments to remember and celebrate in the future. And because anniversaries are also a wonderful excuse for gift giving, we've suggested 6 wedding anniversary gifts that your significant other will love.

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1. A day spent together

It may seem simple but spending the day with your significant other and devoting your time to each other is a powerful statement of love. What are your favorite ways to spend time together? Maybe it’s as simple as stocking up on your favorite snacks, watching movies and ordering in. Maybe it’s watching the sunrise together and going on a hike out in nature. Maybe it’s a spa day and dinner at a restaurant you both love? Whatever you do, make sure it’s in each other’s company, doing the things that bring you both joy.


2. A MILK Photo Book

MILK Photo Books have up to 200 paper pages meaning they’re perfect for people who want to capture every detail. Celebrate your year together and create a book that documents the last 365 days as a couple. Or maybe you never got round to preserving the photos from your honeymoon? MILK Photo Books are great for your travel memories. Hardcover, section-sewn and archival quality, make these photo books long-lasting and beautifully crafted. Is it your first wedding anniversary? The theme of your first year anniversary gift is paper, which fits perfectly.

3. A beautiful accessory

Jewelry and watches are classic wedding anniversary gifts. They're timeless staples and another elegant piece of jewelry or simple watch would be welcomed into anyone's collection. But more than accessories, jewelry and watches are a reminder to the wearer of the sentiment behind the gift. If it's a daily piece, it'll be a constant little reminder of your wedding anniversary gift and the story behind it. So take the time to make it special. Add a personal touch with an engraving of a message from the heart. Or select a birthstone or gem that has special significance to your partner. Even monogram will do. These little touches turn a good gift into a great one. But if in doubt, go for diamonds.

4. A MILK Photo Album

MILK Photo Albums are exquisite. Expertly crafted using premium materials, they’re beautiful keepsakes. Consisting of weighty board pages that are flush mounted to lay perfectly flat, flipping through a MILK Photo Album is truly an experience. If you haven’t created your wedding album yet, there's no better anniversary gift than to bring your wedding photos to life. But MILK Photo Albums are not just reserved for weddings. Bring your favorite family or everyday moments to life in vibrant true-to-life print. Leather is the traditional theme for third anniversary gifts. Our Premium Leather Photo Albums are quite simply the finest albums on the market.

5. A perfect dinner date

Amongst kids, work, family and a social-life (if you’re lucky), it can be hard to find time for just you and your partner. Days off and leave from work can be a luxury that’s not always available. But grand gestures don’t have to be extravagant. One perfect dinner can go a long way. A home cooked, candlelit meal with a nice bottle of wine is a simple pleasure. For dessert you could even pull out some of your wedding cake from the freezer. Or perhaps a restaurant you went to on one of your first dates. Make a reservation and make a night of it. If you have to, organize a babysitter and take the time to be in each other’s company for an evening. Good food, good company will make it a night to remember.


 6. A MILK Gift Voucher

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is the freedom to do what they please. With a MILK Gift Voucher, the recipient can design their own way. We all have loved ones that have their own vision and prefer creative control and for them a MILK Gift Voucher is the perfect gift. Let them create their keepsake in their own time, using their own photos and their choice of customizable options. They choose the fabric type, the page count, the design style and more. Give the gift of creativity for your next anniversary. Once printed, it’ll be a beautiful treasure that’ll last for a lifetime. It’s not a gift that will be forgotten.

Whichever gift you choose for your next anniversary, the key is to put thought and care into it. Gas station flowers and a tepid Hallmark card won't cut it in this day and age. Make a genuine effort and make your partner feel special. At MILK, we believe our custom MILK Photo Books and Albums are the perfect opportunity to give something meaningful to a loved one. They're a wedding anniversary gift that’s guaranteed to be enjoyed for years to come.

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