Graduation Photo Albums

Celebrate your academic achievements

Capture you or your loved one’s academic achievements with an exquisite Graduation Photo Album. Whether graduating from elementary school, high school or college, our Graduation Photo Books and Albums offer the perfect canvas for you to celebrate the accomplishment of reaching this special milestone. We believe every moment should be celebrated and enjoyed for generations, and capturing your graduation is just one of many important moments in your life’s story.

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Graduation Photo Albums

Our Graduation Photo Albums are the perfect way to commemorate your academic achievements. Available in Classic, Premium, and Premium Leather, any option will ensure that your graduation day memories are preserved in the highest quality.

Classic Graduation Photo Albums

Value meets quality with our range of Classic Graduation Photo Albums, perfect for gifting. Featuring weighty board pages, this range is perfect for showcasing a curated collection of your most-loved memories.


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Premium Graduation Photo Albums

Timeless cover fabrics, lay-flat board pages and vibrant 6-color printing are just a few of the features that distinguish our Premium Graduation Photo Albums. If you’re looking for an archival quality memento to share with family and friends, you’ll love our Premium range.


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Premium Leather Graduation Photo Albums

Wrapped in a genuine Milano Leather cover fabric, our Leather Graduation Photo Albums are the ultimate in luxury memory-keeping. Delicately handcrafted to the highest standard, this is perfect for new graduates looking to document their academic journey in the most sophisticated way.


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Graduation Photo Books

Our Graduation Photo Books offer a timeless way for you to document your academic journey, from the early days right through until graduation. Available in hardcover and softcover, our range of photo books will allow you to relive your academic accomplishments over up to 200 paper pages. Whether a gift for the people who supported you or kept as a personal memento, we have a photo book for every occasion.

Classic Graduation Photo Books

Our Classic Photo Books, available in a choice of three sizes and wrapped in a beautiful linen hardcover, are perfect for celebrating your academic journey. Perfect for gifting to loved ones.


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Premium Graduation Photo Books

Your academic accomplishments will be beautifully preserved in our archival quality Premium Photo Books. Featuring section-sewn binding, vibrant 6-color printing and a choice of stylish cover fabrics, this is our most popular and luxurious photo book format. Further elevate your graduation story with optional add-ons like a Presentation Box, Designer Cover, or Jacket.


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Softcover Graduation Photo Books

Our most collectable and lightweight format, Softcover Graduation Photo Books are a wonderful way to start adding to the library of your life. Fill up to 200 archival quality paper pages with your most memorable schooling moments.


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Frequently asked questions

A graduation photo book is a custom keepsake designed to record your academic journey, whether that be through elementary school, high school or college. You can fill it with your most-loved photographs that give insight into every moment of the journey; including your first day, college parties with friends, through to your graduation ceremony. If you’ve arranged a photographer to capture your ceremony and graduation portraits, a dedicated custom photo album is the perfect way to display these memories and keep them protected for generations.

There are no rules on what you can and cannot include. At MILK Books, we encourage you to tell your own unique story, start to finish. You could create for any number of educational milestones; think elementary school, high school, college, and post-graduate studies. Or a single academic achievement might be something worth celebrating, such as a receiving a special award or taking part in a graduation ceremony.

A personalized graduation photo book is a great way to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments. Here at MILK Books we believe all of life’s moments should be celebrated, and graduations are just one of many milestones that deserve to be celebrated in print.

We’ve made it easy for you to create and personalize your own professional quality graduation photo book. Simply visit on desktop or a mobile device. Select your format, size, orientation, paper type, and cover fabric, then upload your photos into the MILK Design Studio. You can upload photos multiple ways, including direct from you mobile device, via your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox. Once you’ve added your photos, customize your project in our intuitive Design Studio.

Yes! Our intuitive Design Studio allows you to create your own custom photo book. You can choose from a range of formats, orientations and sizes, and once designing, you can use our Designer Templates to select layouts that best tell your story.

Yes, you can. Our Designer Templates offer options for image only, text only, or image and text layouts. Adding text, image captions or personal notes to your personalized graduation photo album will enhance the storytelling aspect of your journey, and provide context that might otherwise go unnoticed.