Custom wedding favors your guests will love

Express your gratitude with these custom wedding favor ideas

Wedding favors are a small but important way to thank your guests for being a part of your special day. Not only does it add sentimental value but it also ensures your personalities as a couple shine through. From custom cookies to seedling pouches and survival kits, we've curated a collection of inspiring wedding favor ideas that are sure to delight your guests.

1. Custom welcome bags

Make your guests a heartwarming welcome pack with a selection of trinkets that offer an insight into your relationship. Take inspiration from The Stambaughs, who provided guests with a selection of 'tokens from places we've lived and loved' in their welcome bags. These favors will not only make for wonderful conversation starters but will be entirely unique to you and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Mini string bag with contents laid out on table including list of travel places, book, sauces, cinnamon sticks, and packets of blueberries

 2. Pairs of sunglasses

Give your eyes a break from the sun during a bright, outdoor wedding by laying out sunglasses for guests to take. These will ensure everyone can see you walk down the aisle, whilst also adding an element of style to your ceremony.

3. Engraved multi-tools

Engrave multi-tools with your wedding date or guests' names for a practical wedding favor they can use long after your special day. Try to find one that has a corkscrew and bottle opener. That way, you can celebrate effortlessly with your loved ones, no matter who brings the champagne!

Large glass bowl of wooden multitools with burned engraved prints of initials and wedding dates

 4. Custom playing cards

Add a touch of playfulness to your special day with a custom deck of playing cards as wedding favors. Get creative and choose a unique design, add your initials or even a photo of you and your soon to be spouse. Perfect for guests of all ages, this is a wedding favor that can be enjoyed for years to come.

5. Homemade jam & jelly jars

Offer your guests something extra for the next morning's breakfast or tea with a selection of homemade jams, jellies, or honey. This is a great option for the price-conscious couple, who want to get resourceful and create their own custom wedding favors at home. Perfectly sweet and tart, these preserves won't last long in your guests' cupboards! Need some inspiration? We loved how the Hyams displayed their preserves and conserves at their wedding.

"Please take one!" blue writing on a wooden sign behind stacks of personalized labelled jams and jellies and other preserves

6. Teatime boxes

Facilitate a moment to unwind by making care boxes with your most-loved teas and a selection of cookies to compliment the taste. End your ceremony on a relaxing note with this wedding favor.

7. Custom koozies

Say cheers! Custom printed koozies (a foam or fabric sleeve designed to keep your drinks cold) are a fun and affordable way to bring a bit of personality to your wedding favors. Share a special message with your guests or keep it simple with your initials. The Shoulders had custom white and dark green koozies made for their loved ones, in keeping with their wedding's color scheme.

Custom white koozies labelled "The Shoulders" with initials on them, laid on white table

8. DIY organic soaps

Perfect for the eco-conscious couple, not only is making organic soap a sustainable wedding favor idea but it's also a luxurious and nourishing gift your guests can use at home. Choose your preferred essential oils (try matching it to your wedding day scent), add to a melted soap base, sprinkle in some dried herbs or flowers, add some coloring should you choose, then pour into a soup mold to set.

9. S'mores kits

Are you planning an outdoor ceremony or autumn/winter wedding? Custom s'mores kits are guaranteed to impress your guests - particularly those with a sweet tooth or penchant for this campfire classic favor! Arrange packs of the chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow trio to indulge your guests with a cozy treat by the fire. You can look to the Kasicky’s wedding as inspiration.

Wooden table outside with tea and coffee with brown bags with kit for s'mores in each

10. Dancefloor flip-flops

Dress shoes are made to complete your outfit but they're not always the most comfortable. That's where custom flip-flops come in. Encourage your guests to take a break from the stilettos and swap them out in favor of a pair of dance-friendly slip-on sandals. These favors are also convenient for a summer wedding or a destination ceremony at the beach.

11. Reception 'survival kits'

Set your guests up for post-wedding success with a wedding 'survival kit'. There are lots of premade options available to buy online or you could make your own wedding favor kit packed with everything from pain relief to bandages, mints and safety pins. Your guests will certainly be thanking you for this one! Conveniently, it should also be able to fit in the pockets of anyone in attendance, making for practical favors.

Wooden brown box with wedding initials in black writing, brass flower pin and silver mini scissors on either side

12. Infused olive oil

Olive oil compliments many dishes and baked goods – why not offer a special batch to your guests? Personalize your favors by adding cloves of garlic or rosemary to the bottles and leaving them for at least 24 hours to infuse to your unique taste.

13. Potted plants

For a unique wedding favor, consider giving your guests a plant to take home. Try sourcing succulents, as they're known to be easy to care for and are a beautiful addition to any home. Or offer potted herbs or veggies as the Le Pages did at their wedding. Seeing the plant flourish will remind them of your wedding day celebrations.

Boxes with cardboard labelled potted plants

14. Hot sauces

It’s time to turn up the heat – spice up your favors with mini hot sauces. Make your own DIY sauce or use your preferred flavor (like sriracha) and keep them in travel-sized bottles for guests to take on-the-go.

15. Miniature drinks

Raise a toast to your marriage by offering miniature bottles of champagne, whiskey, or other spirits with custom labels. Place these favors at the corner of each table setting for your guests to enjoy during your reception meal.

Black table with small cardboard gift boxes laid in grid layout with white flower on top and beer on the side

16. USB mixtapes

Create a playlist with songs that have special meaning to you as a couple and share it with your guests via USB sticks. You can even add a custom label and packaging to make it look like a vintage cassette tape. This nostalgic wedding favor will remind your guests of the dance floor.

17. Monogram cookies

There's nothing more classic than baked cookies with the couple’s initials as wedding favors, as Charlotte and Duane did for theirs. Take things further by changing the flavors or shapes into something meaningful for you and your partner.

White table with white and gold presents and iced monogram cookies for wedding

18. Personal letters of appreciation

For intimate and meaningful favors for your guests, write a small message of thanks on a custom greeting card. Lay them at their table settings for them to read as they enjoy their meals. Be assured - they will love reading your thoughtful letters and treasure them for years.

19. Luxe scented candles

Sophisticated couples wanting to add a touch of luxury to their wedding favors can offer each guest a scented candle to enjoy at home. Opt for high quality candles for a longer burn time in a scent that you love. Add a custom label with your initials for a personal touch.

Wedding table setting with white cloth and warm candle lighting with mini bags with a small white candle in each wedding favor

20. Temporary tattoos

Get creative by making some temporary tattoos and putting them out for loved ones to grab on the way through to your reception. Anything can be used as a tattoo; something meaningful to you, something to represent the celebrations, or simply a selection of playful designs. The possibilities are endless.

21. Seedling pouches

Give your guests pouches of your most-loved fruit or flower seeds to plant in their gardens, with a custom print to signify your wedding day on the front. This favor is great for a couple with green thumbs and a nature loving lifestyle.

Woven basket being lifted with lots of brown envelopes labelled Mr & Mrs in black writing

22. Homemade recipes

Share some of your most-loved meals by making recipe cards as favors for your friends and family. Choose a selection of your most cherished recipes, from secret family dishes to beloved desserts, and have them beautifully printed on a custom card. They’ll fondly remember your special day with every bite.

23. Wrapped candy apples

For a ceremony during the fall season, candy apples can be an on-theme pick-me-up for your guests. Dip them in caramel, sugar syrup, or chocolate and line at the entrance for guests to help themselves.

Dark lighting over selection of individually clear wrapped red candy apples

There you have it. We have provided our selection of custom wedding favor ideas to help show your appreciation to your guests, the ones who were with you and your partner through it all. Your choice of favors will tell your loved ones all about your essence as a couple, which will shine though your wedding photo book, album, or magazine to be created and shared for generations to come.

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