Tips to perfectly shooting your next adventure

Tips for capturing life's big (and small) adventures

Man on cliff overlooking the hills

Life is full of adventures, both big and small. Whether it's a day at the beach, buying your first home or travelling the globe, here are 7 tips to ensure you best capture your next adventure.



Girl on road reading a map
Hand holding phone taking a photo of the ocean
father and daughter rubbing noses
Friends jumping into a lake at sunset

1. Plan ahead

It's hard to capture an adventure from the inside, you're busy living it. So a little planning wouldn't go amiss. It's as simple as checking the weather, scouting a few prime spots ahead of time (tip within a tip: ask locals about the little-known places), and making sure your devices are all fully charged... and packing light.


2. Get out your smartphone

Buy a life-proof case, a portable charger, and wear pockets because your smartphone is now your best friend. They're very handy and only getting better in camera quality with each new release. Familiarize yourself with the burst function as it allows you to take a lot of photos in quick succession. This is great for action photography. Just make sure you have plenty of free memory for all of your photos.


3. Look for the little things

Capturing those smaller moments will add color to the story of your adventure and detail to the world of your photo book. Look for the light between the trees, the details of the buildings, the locals going about their daily life. These little moments will enhance your story and give it that extra bit of depth.


4. Capture candid moments

Adding candid moments to your collection will give a note of authenticity to your story and a sense of action too. While posed shots are great, it can be the ones where the subjects don't even notice their under the lens that "wow" the most. So snap your kid posing in their bright yellow coat but don't forget to capture them jumping in puddles too.


5. Experiment

One classic photography tip is to follow the 'Rule of Thirds'. Simply apply your camera's grid feature to divide a shot into a 3x3 frame - this is to help you to compose an aesthetically pleasing image. One common way this is used is to perfectly shoot a sunset (by keeping the horizon in the bottom third). It's a classic tip because it's easy, is applicable to any shot, and it rings true. But don't be afraid to throw the rule book out the window. Feel free to think of your own interesting and creative ways to frame the shot. Let the subject inspire you. Just have fun and experiment in the moment.


6. Review regularly

After each session, take the time to review the photos you've just taken. Remove the bad ones immediately - the obvious blurry, out-of-focus ones but also the ones that are only just okay. Be harsh. The more ruthless, the better. When it comes time to create your photo book, you'll thank yourself for it. You'll have less images to sort through and thus more time to devote to the actual designing of the book. Which is the fun part!


7. Choose your own adventure

Adventures unfold around us everyday. They don't have to be "big" to warrant getting out the camera. A day at the beach, a walk through the park, date night - these are the little adventures that keep us going. They may not be glamorous or exotic but the memories they create are just as unforgettable. Define adventure according to you and capture it as you see it.

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