How to select your wedding photos

Your quick guide to selecting your perfect wedding photos. 

Couple in forest on their wedding day.

A veritable delight for the eyes and the emotions - that’s the goal of any wedding book. However, there is a lot to consider and many photos to sort through so even with insider tips like how to select your wedding photos, it’s completely understandable that you might feel a little overwhelmed. This is precisely why we’ve created a bulletproof guide for pulling it all together in a way that will make the process fun and easy and deliver an end result that is as polished as any professional’s.

So put on your storyteller's hat and try this simple guide for a stunning display of happiness and love on every page of your MILK Wedding Book or Album.

Minimal wedding invitation and delicate flowers set on top of grey linen fabric
Friend doing up brides wedding dress.
5 flower girls holding brides veil.

Set the scene.

Every great story begins with a defining introduction. Start your wedding book off on the right foot with the images that will build the excitement and create the tone for what’s to come.

All wedding books must begin with an intriguing opening shot. We suggest a photo of your wedding invitation.

2-4 photos of the venue or setting to introduce the location.

10 photos of those beautiful moments of excitement as you both get ready. Mix in shots of the flowers, shoes, bow ties, as well as candid snaps of everyone preparing for the day.

2 photos of the ceremony venue. One with people and one without can be a good contrast.

1 photo of the rings. Go big so you can see the beauty in the detail.

4 ‘first look’ photos to set the mood of what’s to come.

Anticipation will be building at this point!


Capture the big moment.

It all comes down to this moment, the reason everyone is there - the ceremony. Capture the essence of this beautiful and memorable milestone by including photographs that help to creatively tell your unique love story.

6 photos of your guests arriving in all their finery.

1-2 photos of the groom before the ceremony. The love and excitement of these photos will speak for themselves.

2-4 photos of the bride arriving and floating down the aisle.

1 photo of the groom watching the bride walk down the aisle.

8 photos of the ceremony. Aim to include plenty of smiles, a few of the wedding party, and include a kiss for added sizzle. The shot of the couple walking back down the aisle, hand-in-hand as confetti falls around them is deserving of a double-page spread all to itself.

2-4 photos of everyone leaving the ceremony (more ear-to-ear smiles, you really can’t overdo this one!)

You will have a captive audience now, feeling all the emotion of the day.

Father and bridge walkigng down aisle, father shaking husbands hand.
Wedding reception outdoors.

Share the celebration.

Once the vows have been made, it’s time to celebrate. The warmth and love enveloping the room will be evident in every photo as you and your new spouse share drinks, meals, and dances with your nearest and dearest.

4 photos of the reception venue and decor before guests arrive.

6 photos of guests enjoying the reception, with a good mix of posed and candid shots.

2-4 bridal party photos.

2-4 family photos.

6-8 photos of the happy couple (we have no doubt you’ll have plenty to choose from).

4 photos of the bridal party entering the room.

6-8 photos of the speeches, mix in candid shots of the crowd giggling, clapping, and crying to pull it all together.

2 shots of the first dance.

2 photos of cutting the cake.

8-10 party photos. You can really go wild with creativity in this step, so don’t be shy about adding some truly fun shots for that extra sparkle.

1 closing shot. Pick a photo that will linger in your mind after the book is closed. A shot of you and your spouse leaving the room together, a snap of the crowd dancing, or a pair of discarded heels can truly be the picture-perfect finish for an exceptional book.

By the time the last page has been turned, everyone who experiences your book will have gone on a joyful and emotional journey, reliving the magic of your special day.

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