How to take perfect honeymoon photos

Our honeymoon photo tips to remember your adventure together

Your honeymoon is your first adventure as a married couple. Filled with love and laughter, this is only the beginning of a lifelong journey together. What better way to cherish these special moments than through beautifully captured honeymoon photos? With some great photoshoot ideas and a keen eye for details, these memories can be preserved for years to come. Here are some of our best tips to create the perfect collection of honeymoon photos to document your memorable trip together.

1. Choose the right locations

Couple hold hands walking up rocky hilltop in summer overlooking blue ocean landscape

As you cruise through your honeymoon, pick the best scenery you find along the way to set the stage for your honeymoon photos. Have a balance between popular romantic spots and local "hidden gems" to provide a range of unique perspectives. Each of these places come with their own charm and appeal - making for a gorgeous variety of honeymoon pictures.

2. Prepare your outfits

Tweak your outfits to the spirit of each day’s activities to ensure your honeymoon photos work well with each location. Wearing something flowy and floral, for example, would fit well with a garden stroll.

You can even tailor your outfits to match each other. Wear styles that reflect your personality as a couple, but make sure you’re comfortable. Your honeymoon photographs will be elevated by your closet (or luggage) choices.

3. Utilize the ‘Golden Hour’

Couple pose for drone photo in rocky Australian desert at sunset

The 'Golden Hour' provides a magical canvas for photography. The soft lighting during sunrise or sunset brings out romantic 'golden' hues, casting a dreamy aura in your photos. Embrace this naturally stunning light for enchanting honeymoon photos.

4. Keep it candid

Candid moments hold a special place in any photo collection. Unplanned and natural, these shots encapsulate the raw emotions and genuine joy of every moment. The authenticity of candid photography captures those heartwarming honeymoon memories for you to preserve in print.

5. Try different angles

A couple swimming in light blue clear water by rocky shore

Explore different points of view to capture a unique shot of your honeymoon. If you have a GoPro or a drone, try a birds-eye-view. Otherwise, set up your camera at a distance to take the full depth of a beautiful landscape from your trip. You could even try a different perspective with your phone camera by using a selfie stick or mini tripod.

This can be a fun honeymoon activity to do with your new spouse as you get creative with what to capture next.

6. Encapsulate the details

Amid your beach relaxation time, or when you’re wining and dining, it's often the small details that matter most. Take photos of your honeymoon with an eye for details that preserve its essence. Perhaps it's your first cup of coffee overlooking the view from your hotel, checking out your luggage, or tying your laces for a big walk together.

Regardless of which moments are captured, your honeymoon photos will be treasured as you look back on them time and time again.

7. Add some playfulness

Woman poses with illusion of holding a man in the background on a dry desert flat

Honeymoons don’t need to be taken too seriously - your photos are much better when you’re going with the flow! Bring a touch of light-heartedness to your honeymoon photography. Embrace a quirky pose together, or a take a cheeky picture of a moment that made you laugh.

Sometimes, these little moments are cherished as you try to remember them later, so make sure they are all captured!

In the end, the art of taking perfect honeymoon photos isn't about your camera, but the special moments you’d want to relive again and again. Enjoy the journey first and foremost, and capture your photos as each memorable chapter goes by. Your honeymoon photos will reflect the first of many beautiful memories you'll create together.

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