How to build the perfect wedding collection

How to build a wedding collection to last a lifetime

Wedding collection of photo album photo book and thank you cards.

Traditionally, it’s the wedding photo album that we focus on creating after the nuptials. And while it is very important, paramount even, there are actually other ways in which you can commemorate your special day and build your own cherished wedding collection. Such a collection adds color and detail to your memories and helps to immortalize your happiest day. 


Here are our beautiful ways to build the perfect wedding collection...

1. Create a honeymoon album

Wedding honeymoon photo album in presentation box on dark wood table

Complement your wedding album by making a honeymoon project celebrating your first trip away as newlyweds. Both keepsakes tell the story of your love, just in different ways. The wedding album is a celebration of your love with your family and friends but a honeymoon album can be a more intimate look at the time you spent together in a new place as newlyweds. Your honeymoon moments deserve print too.

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2. Create a piece of art

Art prints in cream presentation box on coffee table

Bring a smile to your face every day by picking your favorite images and turning them into a piece of art. Pick a Canvas Print size and format, and have it on display in your home for all to see.

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3. Share your day with those you love

Woman scrolling through laptop holding glasses

With each photo book and album purchased you receive an online version. Share this with your friends and family near and far so they too can flip through it online, relive the magic, and have a digital memento of their part in your special day.


4. Paper - the one-year anniversary gift

Three different formats of wedding photo albums in portrait square and landscape

Traditionally, the first year of marriage is commemorated with the gift of paper. Why not create a photo book or album depicting your first year as a married couple? When you’re 10, 20, 30 years in, you will look back on it and smile.

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Your wedding album tells the story of your special day but each of these options can enrich the memory of it. Build the perfect wedding collection your love deserves.

Ready to start your wedding collection?


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