A chat with designer, Caitlin Crisp

Caitlin Crisp’s fairytale wedding & beautiful bridesmaids collection to match

Step into the world of weddings and fashion with Caitlin Crisp, New Zealand based fashion designer of her eponymous brand. Caitlin is a 2024 bride, recently tying the knot in a fairytale wedding in the backyard of her husband’s childhood home. She also not long ago unveiled her captivating bridesmaids collection, consisting of silk designs and pastel hues. Find out more as we chat to Caitlin about all things bridal, fashion and inspiration.

Bride Caitlin and groom kiss in vintage white car

Photo Credit: Stephan & Nakita

Tell us a bit about yourself and your fashion journey?


I have lived and breathed it since a very young age, I would always insist on putting my own outfits together as a child and learnt to sew when I was 12. It’s been a natural progression since then, year after year I endeavor to become a better designer! Fast forward 28 years and we are working on opening our first store, it’s an incredibly scary and exciting time.

What drew you to becoming a fashion designer?


It’s intrinsic. Some people are ‘numbers’ people, some are cooks, bakers, mechanics, all sorts! Some things come naturally to people and that’s always been me with sewing, pattern making, design.

Seven models in colorful satin bridesmaid dresses

Photo Credit: Holly Burgess

Who inspires you - both for fashion and day-to-day life?


In terms of design, fabric always sparks inspiration for me. I love looking through new ranges and dreaming of my ultimate piece for that fabric. Generally speaking, I feel inspired by blue skies, the ocean, boating, being outdoors and spending time surrounded by friends and family! All the good stuff.

When was it that you knew, or what happened that saw you create a bridesmaid collection?
Were there any notable challenges or highlights throughout the process?


This too was a slow burn, it started small, with the blue Wilmer dress. We had one lovely customer buy them for her bridesmaids and it was a stunning wedding! Then we did the same thing in black, then champagne, then we introduced a few new styles which were also used as bridesmaids dresses.

One day a friend of mine asked me to dress her bridesmaids in a pastel rainbow of Wilmer dresses, the wedding photos were stunning and that kicked off a whole new wave of requests for multi-coloured bridesmaids dresses. It was becoming too much to make them individually, so we started to plan towards a production run of multi-coloured dresses in different styles.

Six models in sleek satin black bridesmaid dresses

Photo Credit: Holly Burgess

What influenced the choice for slip-style bridesmaid dresses and the beautiful pastel color palette?


It was all fueled by what people have been requesting. I personally had floral cotton bridesmaids dresses for my wedding! But everyone is different, and we do have the ability to create so many different looks for your dream bridal party, the slip dresses are just the most popular at the moment which is why we have the most variety of them. But I do love getting creative and mixing slip dresses with cotton, plains with prints and texture... I think we’ll see more of this in NZ weddings soon!

Working in the fashion industry - you must be always looking to future trends and styles, what do you suspect is
coming next in the world of wedding and bridesmaid dresses?


There has already been a shift from having a matching style to mixing it up! It used to be the same style in the same colour, then it went to same colour in different styles, now it’s different colours in the same style, but I think soon we’ll see even more contrast. Different florals, prints, frills, textures, fun!

Bridesmaids in floral gowns hold white flower bouquets

Talking of looking to the future, do you have any ideas about what’s next for CC Bridal?


We’re just taking it day by day at the moment. We are working on opening a store in June where you will be able to try on our ready to wear and bridesmaids range, one day I would love to dabble more in bridal/occasion wear but at the moment my plate is pretty full! It’s exciting having that to look forward to and grow into one day.

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding - what a dream! When designing your wedding dress, did you instantly know what you wanted and when you’d got it right, or was there a bit of trial and error?


Thank you! It was such a dream. It was a bit of both, I knew I wanted tulle and the big dramatic frill skirt, so we started on that first! The bodice was a bit of trial and error, it was a bit more detailed to start with, but we refined it to make sure I *wore* the dress and the dress didn’t wear me. The end result was so perfectly me. I loved it and felt amazing wearing it.

Caitlin and her husband pouring a champagne tower

Photo Credit: Stephan & Nakita

Let’s talk more about your wedding day, how would you describe the style of your wedding?


Fun! So much fun! Andrew and I were smiling ear to ear and giggling our heads off all day. We were surrounded by our closest friends and family, at his family home, what could be better than that!? I want to hold onto that feeling forever. The whole ‘theme’ was a fairytale garden wedding.

What was the best moment from your wedding?


I can’t pinpoint a moment, but it was a feeling, I was so sure that I was where I was meant to be with the people I was meant to be with.

Black and white drone photo of bride walking down aisle

Photo Credit: Stephan & Nakita

What's your favorite photo from the day?


Again, this is so hard to pinpoint, we love our wedding photos! But I have one saved where we’re standing at the top of the aisle together saying our vows. There’s also one where our mothers are holding hands walking up to be our witnesses (asking them was a surprise) and I love that too. Too many to pick just one!

Bride and groom at the wedding altar holding hands

Are there any current wedding trends you’re loving at the moment? And did you incorporate any into your own big day?


Flowers flowers flowers! I love live music, flowers and bubbles at a wedding - so festive.

Pink and white flowers and parasols at Caitlin's wedding

Photo Credit: Stephan & Nakita

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?


I know it’s stressful but it’s worth it, don’t forget why you’re doing it and plan as much as possible leading up to the day. The more you prepare, the more you can enjoy the day when it comes around! Have fun and be each other's number one priority on the day (and always!).

Caitlin and bridal party stand together in white wedding attire

Photo Credit: Stephan & Nakita


As our conversation with Caitlin Crisp ends, we scroll through her dreamy wedding photos and are left in awe of her wedding day vision and infectious bubbly personality. Through her bridesmaids collection, her own wedding dress, and the many bespoke designs created, Caitlin has woven tales of love and creativity. As she looks to the future with opening a new store and fresh ideas for CC Bridal, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in her journey.

Wedding vendors

Photographer: Stephan & Nakita

Makeup: Kate Solley

Hair: Robyn Munro

Dresses: Caitlin Crisp

Suits: Crane Brothers

Catering: CÔTE

Florist: Sue Cameron

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