Our guide to 2024 wedding trends

A discerning look at this year’s most elevated wedding trends

At MILK we have the privilege of seeing hundreds of incredible nuptials pass our desks every day. Among the pages, we’re able to pick up on the coveted trends set to influence weddings for the upcoming year. From understated florals to hand drawn stationery, extra-large wedding cakes to bows, bows and more bows, discover the 2024 wedding trends set to make their mark.

1. Understated florals

Understated florals 2024 wedding trend

(L-R Photo Credit: Tessa and Jeremy by Fiona Vail, Wallflower Weddings, Courtney Laeste Film)

From single stem blooms to petite bouquets, one 2024 wedding trend to watch is the shift away from grandiose arrangements to understated florals. A subtle floral bouquet or table arrangement, with little to no greenery, exudes timeless sophistication and will allow your flora of choice to take centre stage. For a single-stem ‘bouquet’, consider the femininity of calla lillies, the classic beauty of roses or the delicate charm of orchids for a subtle yet stylish statement. We expect this versatile (and budget-friendly) alternative to make waves this year and next, as it seamlessly complements any theme, aesthetic or season.

2. Embroidery

emembroidery 2024 wedding trend

(L-R Photo Credit: Libby & Brayden by Kass Donaldson, Nevada Menjivar)

Embroidery is a captivating wedding trend making its way back into the heart of wedding day celebrations. Not only are couples incorporating embroidery in their wedding day finery, but we’re also seeing it weaved into wedding day décor; think signage, tablecloths, napkins and more. Whether it’s initials, dates or personal motifs, embroidery is a an elegant way to add meaning to the elements that make your special day unique.

3. Hand drawn stationery

Hand drawn stationery 2024 wedding trend

(L-R Photo Credit: Anne Banks Easter by Mary Hannah Harte, Ailiah Pella)

Hand drawn stationery is set to make a big impact on the world of weddings this year, and it’s easy to see why. A wonderful way to capture or reflect a couple’s love story, hand-penned invitations, menus, welcome signs or place cards will add an unmatched personal touch to your big day. For an air of sophistication, consider the fine art of calligraphy for your stationery. Or the more contemporary couples might like the rising aesthetic of visibly hand drawn, ‘undone’ typography, scribbles and illustrations. Get creative by using illustrations to bring your love story to life, whether that be sketches of your venue, or your favorite things and places.

4. Bows

bows 2024 wedding trend

(L-R Photo Credit: Elize Rota by Francesco Fornaini, Eden Dinsmore)

From the catwalk to the pages of high fashion magazines, the resurgence of bows is stealing the limelight as a 2024 wedding trend we’re seeing across both attire and décor alike. A modern interpretation of a quintessential feminine accessory, bows will add a touch of surprise and sophistication to your big day. For a bridal look, consider a gorgeous back bow on your gown or an oversized, statement hair accessory. We’re also seeing bows in wedding décor, tied around champagne flutes and candelabras for a touch of whimsy.

5. Extra-large wedding cakes

Extra-large wedding cakes 2024 wedding trend

(L-R Photo Credit: Kate Monro by Sapphire Studios, Anne Banks Easter by Mary Hannah Harte)

This year we’re going wider not higher, with a surge in wedding cake trends favoring large-format desserts. Once overlooked in favor of multi-layered confections, soon-to-be-wed couples are now embracing the decorative potential of single layer cakes. These cakes, whether rectangular or circular, offer a large canvas for couples to get experimental with decorative accents. From table-long sheet cakes adorned with edible flowers and delicate piping, to traditional Italian Millefoglie topped with powdered sugar and fresh berries, extra-large wedding cakes is one way to make a statement, both visually and gastronomically.

6. Statement veils

statement veils 2024 wedding trend

(L-R Photo Credit: Wallflower Weddings, Donella & Glen by Fish and Bear Co)

Your hair and makeup are complete, your dress is on and you’re ready for the ultimate bridal moment – the fitting of your veil. There’s something so special and quintessentially ‘bride’ about a veil. It has the power to take your wedding day look to elegant new heights and this year, we’re seeing more and more brides opt for a statement look. From bold colors to intricate embroidery and pearl accents, a less-than-traditional veil is a wonderful way to inject even more personality into your bridal look. We’re also seeing short veils, which pair perfectly with short dresses, encompassing all things ‘bridal’ but with practicality in mind.

7. Backyard wedding receptions

Backyard wedding 2024 wedding trend

(Photo Credit: Ben Smeltzer)

The last few years have had a significant impact on the way people envision their wedding day. While backyard weddings have always been popular, this year we expect to continue seeing couples opt for smaller, more intimate micro weddings. These gatherings often happen at home, or a venue with high sentimentality reflecting a growing preference for ‘quiet life’ weddings characterized by a slower, relaxed aesthetic. There are arguably pros and cons with any venue, but a backyard wedding promises comfortability, ease and meaningful connection.

8. Film and flash photography


(Photo Credit: Maggie Lorelle by Kelly Keene)

Film and flash photography has emerged as a prominent trend in wedding photography. At the heart of this trend, and a sentiment we feel strongly about, is couples’ desire for authenticity in capturing wedding day moments and prioritizing genuine emotion over anything contrived. Couples are increasingly drawn to the raw, candid aesthetic that film photography offers, embracing imperfections and beautifully capturing the essence of their special day. It also offers a nod to bygone eras, with a touch of vintage charm that we think younger couples are enamoured by, finding inspiration in their parent's or grandparent's traditional photo albums. We’re tipped to expect film and flash photography to feel like less of a trend, but rather a timeless way to beautifully capture and preserve moments of love and celebration.

9. Wedding content creators

wedding content creators 2024 wedding trend

(L-R: Nosy Parker, Content by Henry), Olivia and Living)

Within the past year or two we’ve seen an entirely new vendor enter the wedding space; cue the wedding content creators. Not to be mistaken for a wedding photographer, a content creator is there to work alongside them, focusing on creating and capturing photos and videos specifically tailored for social media platforms. They act as an undercover guest, capturing the real-time, in-between moments via a smartphone, delivered to you typically within less than 24 hours. Gone are the days of waiting weeks if not months for a behind-the-scenes look of your special day, now you can relive the memories instantly. This is an exciting development in the wedding world, and one we eagerly anticipate watching unfold.

10. Guest Books

Guest books 2024 wedding trend

(L-R Photo Credit: Eamon and Renee by Tess Follett, MILK Wedding Guest Book)

Wedding Guest Books have evolved over the years, with developing technology playing a role in the way well-wishes from friends and family can be captured. Traditional guest books remain a classic choice, but more modern interpretations like Polaroid or Audio Guest Books are also gaining popularity. With a Polaroid guest book, guests are invited to take a photo of themselves, leaving a heartfelt message alongside their picture. An audio guest book is an immersive experience for both guests and the newlyweds post-wedding. Guests are given a fun and interactive setting to leave verbal anecdotes and stories for the couple to relive. Whether it’s via pen and paper, photography, or recorded voices, there’s a style of guest book suitable for every style and aesthetic.

11. Fruity tablescapes

Fruity tablescapes 2024 wedding trend

(L-R Photo Credit: Kate Monro by Sapphire Studios, Elize Rota by Francesco Fornaini)

Food is huge focal point of any wedding and while the menu itself is important, don’t overlook the setting in which it’s served. We’re seeing fruit-filled tablescapes emerging as a unique 2024 wedding décor trend, offering a fresh and vibrant touch to the dining experience. Instead of the classic floral or greenery arrangements that typically adorn reception tables, couples are opting to include actual fruits and vegetables to wow their guests. Whether it’s complementary to a floral arrangement or the star of the show, bright colored fruits or vegetables can add an extra layer of depth and visual interest to your guest’s dining experience.

12. Mismatched bridesmaids dresses

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses 2024 wedding trend

(Photo Credit: Alessa Karam by Francisco Salas)

From different patterns to colors and textures, mismatched bridesmaid dresses are one 2024 wedding trend we’re loving. Doing away with the uniformity of traditional bridal parties, contemporary couples are inviting their closest companions to showcase their own unique personality and styles with mismatched dresses. Sometimes they’re guided by a curated color palette, other times it’s simply an eclectic mix of ensembles which adds an element of visual excitement and individuality. Mismatched dresses strike the perfect balance between trendy and timeless, and will allow your wedding party to feel their best, too.

13. Kitsch weddings

Kitsch decor 2024 wedding trend

(L-R Photo Credit: The Cartins by Bloom Weddings, Dan and Kate by Robinson Studios)

There’s something delightfully sentimental about a kitsch, retro-inspired aesthetic, and it’s a wedding trend we expect to see more of in 2024. A kitsch wedding is entirely up for interpretation. If you’re after excessive, nostalgic, vibrant, whimsical and everything in between, then this is an aesthetic for you. From vintage-inspired cakes with daring colors and piped detailing, to mismatched décor and retro-inspired accents, a kitsch wedding is a wonderful way to inject a whole lot of personality into your big day.

If the emerging 2024 wedding trends we’re seeing are anything to go by, this year’s nuptials will be full of creativity, individuality, and unforgettable revelry. Whatever the plan for your big day, take inspiration from this year’s timeless trends and incorporate them into a celebration that reflects your unique love story.

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