Micro weddings: The ultimate guide

Make more meaningful moments with a micro wedding

The happy medium between an elopement and high-production soiree, a micro wedding promises an unforgettable celebration of love on a smaller-than-usual scale. Get insight into the emerging event trend with this ultimate guide to micro weddings.


What is a micro wedding?

Small group of wedding guests gathered and seated for ceremony

Micro wedding - a buzzword that has made its way to the forefront of many newly engaged couples’ minds - is a term used to describe an intimate wedding. Typically attended by no more than 50 guests, a micro wedding is just that: a ‘micro’, scaled-down celebration that features all the time-honored traditions of a classic wedding.


What are the benefits of a micro wedding?

Newlyweds being greeted by friends and family at outdoor reception

1. Budget friendly

One of the more appealing aspects of a micro wedding is the potential financial savings (we say potential because whilst in theory a smaller-sized celebration should mean lower costs, things can always add up quickly!). Instead of accounting for the cost of an additional 50+ guests, you can over-indulge elsewhere for the things that mean more to you. Spend the savings on a videographer; treat yourself to the dream wedding dress; go for the first-class ticket to your honeymoon destination; or splurge on the luxury leather wedding album you’ve been dreaming of - you deserve it.

2. More venue options

A micro wedding equals fewer guests, and fewer guests equals endless venue options. From the private dining room at your favorite restaurant, waterside at a beautiful beach or overnight luxury rental accommodation for your friends and family to stay, smaller groups are more easily accommodated than their 100+ guest list counterparts. Take advantage of this and wow your guests with a creative and unique wedding venue. Even destination weddings become more feasible with micro weddings. Read about Nick and Loann's beautiful destination wedding in the Your Stories section of our blog for inspiration.

3. Meaningful moments

I’m sure you’ve heard it before; the married couple recalling their wedding day and how it flew by so fast they barely had a chance to talk to everyone. An advantage of a micro wedding is that there will be more time to have intimate conversations with all your guests. Spending mindful time with you and your partner’s loved ones will make the occasion even more special for both you and them. Swap the rushed hugs and passing compliments for moments that will stay with you forever. When the time comes to make your wedding album, each photo and memory will be richer and more detailed.

4. Get creative with DIY elements

Add some personality to your micro wedding with a touch of DIY. Less guests means less of things like invitations, wedding favors, table centerpieces, food menus and more. Instead of outsourcing or using run-of-the-mill templates to save time and costs, try getting creative and tackle the projects yourself. Your guests will admire the ingenuity! Flip through books in the MILK gallery to see how other couples added DIY elements to their special day.

5. A spotlight feature

With fewer budget constraints, opting for a micro wedding will give you the chance to invest more in a special feature. Maybe you want to enhance the guest experience with a live band, creative spatial design, or live mixologists. Perhaps it is a build-your-own dessert station or a food truck for the late-night revelers. Whatever your spotlight feature is, focus on the elements that are most important to you.


How do I plan a micro wedding?

Newlywed couple toasting with their wedding guests

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming – yes micro weddings, too! Keep on top of things with this 10-step list of essentials and go from there.

1. Set the budget

2. Refine your guest list

3. Confirm your venue

4. Finalize your attire 

5. Choose your photographer

6. Select your food and drinks menu

7. Hire the entertainment

8. Select the décor

9. Enjoy the day

10. Create your cherished wedding collection - our range of photo books and albums has something for every newlywed couple.


Micro weddings allow you to bring your closest friends and family together for an intimate celebration. They let you focus more on the smaller moments and allow you to truly appreciate your day. Micro weddings aren't for every couple but if you're worried that a wedding with under 50 guests can't be done beautifully, look no further than these stunning customer weddings preserved in MILK.

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