Loann Vo: A Wedding in Mexico

Celebrating Love

 Storyteller: Loann Vo, USA

Man and woman walking down street as man and donkey follow in San Miguel de Allende

What was the best part of your special day?

The destination. Because all our guests had to travel quite a way we wanted to have events planned so our friends and family could experience San Miguel del Allende and celebrate with us over the 4 days. We hosted a tequila tasting at Casa Dragones, a traditional Mexican parade called a callejoneda, rehearsal party at one of the most delicious restaurants in Mexico... oh and the post wedding brunch plus pool party. The cover image of the book (above) is from the day of the parade which included a tequila donkey, a mariachi band and giant bride & groom puppets.

Bride, groom and guests in pool

Why did you decide to design and create your wedding book?

I created this book as a Christmas gift to our parents. Because there were so many images from all four days of celebration, I wanted to focus this book specifically on our wedding day. It was the perfect way to commemorate our wedding story with our family. I'm eventually planning to create another version, (slightly less formal) for Nick and I, that has a wider narrative to include all four days and the fun and craziness that ensued. We have about 3000 images from the entire weekend so plenty more to choose from to create another book. The books are such a great way to share our favorite memories in a perfectly packaged and beautiful way.


What is your favorite image from your wedding and why?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite image in the book because they all are attached to such fond memories, but if I had to choose it would be one of the pool images (above). I think it’s a really good representation of the party and the amazing time our family and friends were having... even our moms jumped in pool!

Man holding hands with grandmother

What is your favorite story behind a single shot in the book?

My favorite story behind a single shot would be the one of Nick and his grandmother holding hands, because she was the reason we got married in San Miguel de Allende. Carolyn (who has since passed) had lived there in the 90s but moved back to Oregon when he was young. He had so many fond memories of visiting her that when we got engaged he suggested we get married there. I, having had no connection and much knowledge about San Miguel, was skeptical but also curious as to why Nick thought it would be a perfect wedding destination. We visited in April of 2015 and needless to say I fell in love with the charming town as well. We started planning the wedding during that trip. Carolyn was able to visit San Miguel for one last time for our wedding before she passed which still warms our hearts.


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