25th wedding anniversary gift ideas

The Perfect Gifts to Celebrate the Silver Milestone

Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary! Also known as the Silver Anniversary, this special time marks 25 years of loving marriage. How do you give something that truly shows your appreciation for the time spent building a life together?

After 25 years of birthdays, Christmases and Valentines', it can feel impossible to give a unique and meaningful gift worthy of the occasion. We’ve curated a collection of 25th wedding anniversary gifts to inspire your gift-giving and bring joy on this momentous anniversary.

1. I Do (Again)

Wedding photo album

Your 25th anniversary is the perfect time to reflect on the meaning of the vows you made to your spouse all those years ago. As vows are commitments to each other meant to last forever, why not preserve them in an archival quality item, such as a Photo Book, along with other meaningful memories from your life together? Your love is everlasting, and your 25th wedding anniversary gift should be too.

2. A trip down memory lane

Surprise your partner with a trip down memory lane and take them out to somewhere you used to frequent when you first got married! These could be places you used to dine at, that museum you haven’t visited in years, or perhaps an activity you used to do together before the kids were born. Cast your mind back to those halcyon days of old and plan a day-trip full of nostalgia.

3. Snap!

Woman holding camera on beach

It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby, so why not give photography a crack? Gift your significant other with a camera so you can capture your future adventures together. A camera is an investment that will derive joy for years to come, because it will provide you with physical copies of your memories when you print your photos.

4. 25 reasons why I love you

It may be hard to think of all the reasons you love your partner – love is so vast. Your love encompasses every part of your spouse, from head-to-toe. But giving them 25 different reasons why you love them in that larger-than-life way will be sure to make them feel appreciated. Present your reasons to them in a silver Leather Photo Album, making the ultimate keepsake.

5. A Silver Vacation

Suitcase being packed for vacation next to passports.

Embark on a well-earned holiday together – it's up to you whether to bring the kids or not, though! A 25th wedding anniversary is an admirable achievement that deserves some celebration through relaxation! Spend a holiday together to unwind from your busy lives and reflect on all the wonderful memories your marriage has brought you. You can also make this holiday even more meaningful of a gift by preserving it for years in a travel book.

6. Sterling silver​

If your partner is a lover of jewellery then buying them a sterling silver embellishment is sure to satisfy. A classic staple for the silver anniversary, they will be able to wear it on a daily basis and always be reminded of your love for them.

7. A MILK Gift Voucher

Photo book

Maybe you’ve already gifted your loved one with everything under the sun in the first 24 years and don’t want to give them another candle or pair of socks. Don’t worry – our MILK gift vouchers give your significant other the ability to craft a unique book or album tailored to their taste. This gift is gives the perfect opportunity to ensure they make something they love (almost) as much as you.

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