Father's Day gift ideas

Discover 6 perfect ideas to celebrate Dad

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No matter who played the leading father-figure role in your life—whether it be your biological dad, uncle or mum, Father’s Day is a great opportunity to show 'dad' how much they mean to you. Here are 6 great ideas to help you make their day.


1. A canvas print

When we look back on our life we begin to realise that a lot of our formative memories are shared with our fathers. Fathers are always right beside us for the big achievements—the graduations and weddings, the first home and grandkids. Let dad remember those good times with a canvas print of one of your favorite moments you shared together. It will brighten their space and bring a smile to their face every time they see it.

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2. Treat Dad to brunch

Sometimes all it takes is to put a little bit of love and effort into a traditional Sunday activity. Choose their favorite café, reserve a table, pick them up, and get the bill. Time with you + delicious food = a winning gift. It doesn't have to be fancy (unless they're a foodie, then you have a good opportunity to really go for it) and it's a great way to take charge of the day and allow them to truly relax and be comfortable. Often, it's the simple things that end up being the best gifts—like good coffee and good company.

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3. Take a trip down memory lane

In our fast-paced world, the thing parents’ value most is simple: time with you. Take a day trip down the coast or a weekend away to a place you used to go as a family. Returning to a familiar place and doing old activities together is a great way to spend quality time.

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4. Help out with a hobby

Hobbies give the people we love an opportunity to take time for themselves. Why not use Father’s Day as an opportunity to help dad pursue his interests? Whether tinkering away in the garden, the kitchen, the garage or the outdoors, help them find new ways to get more enjoyment out of their hobbies. It’s a thoughtful gift that they’ll appreciate and get a lot of joy out of.

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5. Try something new

Maybe your dad is a bit more adventurous. This is a great opportunity for you to try something completely new together. New food, new places, new experiences are a great way to bond and get to know each other better. Think of something dad has always wanted to try that’s just a bit out of their comfort zone. Whatever ‘experience’ you choose will create new memories that will stay with you both forever. It’ll become a great story for you both to share.

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6. A Photo Book or Album

A MILK Photo Book or Album is a high quality, long-lasting, handcrafted keepsake. But it's the memories within that will truly stun your dad. Fill it with the best photos of your times together over the years and all the great memories you share. You can also add depth to the images by personalizing it with quotes, stories, and even their best (or worst depending how you look at it) dad jokes. It’s the ultimate gift that says it all and it's something they will return to time and time again.

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