How to make the perfect pet album

5 tips to creating the perfect album your pet deserves

Woman and small dog read large square photo book with black and white dog photos

There’s no doubt that pets hold a special place in the heart of families, providing love, loyalty, companionship, affection and endless entertainment. Whether we’re cuddling up with a kitten, puppy, cat, dog, bunny, bird or another animal altogether, our furry or feathered friends quickly become an integral part of our lives.

Why not celebrate your animal’s contribution to your family with a pet book or album? Here are some tips on how you can honor your pet’s role in your life by doing just that. 


Pet portrait photo album cover in linen fabric with a photo of a dog called Charlie Open photo book with couple sitting in their living area with their pet dogs and cat Photo book with images of a pet dog. Open photo book with closeup image of a person and a dog.


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1. Select the right photographs

Choosing the perfect photographs of your furry friend is the first step. Try to capture your little darling in the different stages of their life with your family - all those treasured moments like when they first came home with you, started settling into the house, and eventually started running the place, of course!

Let your pet’s personality shine by capturing images where their quirks, cute (and naughty!) moments, and funny antics are on display. Whether it’s that time your dog ran off with a steak, your cat tipped over your water glass or the adorable way your kitten squeezed itself in a tiny box, take a photo of it.

Don’t forget to include photos of your pet with the family. It’s those everyday interactions that make having a pet so special, whether it’s your kitten cuddling up to your child, or your dog pawing excitedly at your loved ones as they arrive home after a day at school or work.


2. Decide on your layout

There are so many ways to structure your book or album, and it’s a great opportunity to get creative and reflect your pet’s amazing individual personality. Some ideas include:

  • • Organising your album like a storybook from your pet’s point of view - allow them to ‘tell the story’ of their life with pictures and text.
  • • Opting for a more traditional, chronological layout.
  • • Grouping photos by theme - at the beach, in the home, with family, playing fetch, etc.


3. Embrace the written word

Don’t be afraid of adding some text to your Book or Album. Tell funny stories, get family members to write what they love about your pet, or sprinkle some of your favorite quotes about animals throughout. All of these memories and words will help to chronicle your pet’s life with you.


4. Include mementos

Just like some people add birth certificates and hospital bands to their baby Book or Album, you can do the same for your pet to bring their story to life even more vividly. You could include precious pet keepsakes like:

  • • Paw-prints. Gently dip your furry friend’s paw in pet-safe ink or paint and press it onto the page.
  • • Your dog’s puppy training graduation certificate.
  • • Veterinary records
  • • Your children’s pet drawings or poems
  • • Any other meaningful mementos related to your four-legged friend


5. Take it online

In the process of making your pet Book or Album, you’ll have uncovered some cherished photos of your pet. Why not create an Instagram for your little companion and give them their own voice online? Pets are now showcased on the internet around the world, and some of them have extremely high-profiles - think Grumpy Cat! There’s something about the way pets can comfort us and touch our hearts, even through social media, that has made accounts like these so popular.

Every animal has something about them that makes them unique and special. With a pet Book or Album, you can celebrate your treasured pet, telling their story and ensuring you have a keepsake of them you can look back on for years to come. 

Ready to start your pet book or album?