5 unique book ideas from our community

The books you never knew you needed.

We're all familiar with the traditional books that comprise your typical memory collectionthe wedding album, the baby book, the family photo album. And while they are important, there is a whole world of great photo books out there waiting to be created. We've got 5 ideas for a photo book that will expand your collection in a meaningful and creative way.



1. A pet book

Open photo book with image of a cat.

Pay homage to the furry friends in your life who take you on adventures, greet you at the door and clean the crumbs from under the dining table. No doubt your phone is already filled with more than enough cute photos for a book.



2. A day in the life

Open Moleskine photo book with image of a young boy playing a harmonica.

Take people through a regular day in your family's household. No bells, no whistles, just an honest look at your everyday. The little moments are always more interesting than you think and they go far to capturing the essence of your family. Choose a lazy Sunday, grab your camera and let the magic happen.



3. Create for your child's artwork

Open photo book with image of child's artwork.

The school bag can quickly deliver an overwhelming number of creative delights—from macaroni art, to finger paintings and crayon drawn family portraits. As soon as a new creation arrives home from school, take a snap of it on your phone and save it in a folder. You’ll build up an amazing collection of your child’s art which you can then turn into a wonderful photo book.



4. A unique notebook

Open Moleskine Photo Book with black and white image of a rocky landscape.

Create your own stylish notebook or diary that surrounds your thoughts with beautiful and inspiring imagery. When creating, just leave white space for your words. They're great as gifts too and once you’ve printed, it’s easy to replicate and update the images without having to re-design the book.



5. A family recipe book

An open photo book with a fruitcake recipe in text on the left, and an image of the fruitcake on the right.

Food brings us together and it has the power to elicit emotion with every bite. We all have that iconic, secret recipe that’s been passed down for generations that almost defines our family. Start collecting those recipes, talking to family members, and taking photos of the final product (and the cooking process). A great idea for a gift full of memories and delicious meals—or as a simple treat for yourself.


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