5 best photo editing apps

Turn your family photos into forever memories with these easy-to-use mobile apps

Gone are the days of dull photo studios, unnatural poses, and expensive equipment to preserve family memories. Capturing daily life with your smartphone is not only easier and cheaper but also much more authentic and personal. And the secret’s out—it’s not difficult to achieve those professional-looking, stop-in-your-tracks photos you see online: it all comes down to apps that are free and available for immediate download. It’s common to be overwhelmed with all the different apps available online, which is why we took the time to research the five best photo editing apps you need on your iPhone or Android.

Once you have your desired cohesive style of photos, it’ll be easy to build your cherished photo album to keep and share for decades to come. So grab your iPhone or Android and start downloading the following apps for your best work yet. Plus, the MILK Design Studio is available on mobile which means you can upload your photos straight away and start designing.

*Time-saving tip: save all the photo editing apps in one folder on your phone so you can easily switch between them if needed.

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1. Snapseed (Free)

This award-winning photo app is great for beginners, as it offers both straightforward editing tools, as well as tutorials for easy-to-follow editing instructions. The Looks filters are a simple way to achieve your desired style, or you can try out the Tools for more advanced editing techniques including selective edits, healing help, and brushes. The app also includes modern features such as lens blur, grainy film, frames, and more.

Why Snapseed? It’s both fun and incredibly easy to use for those new to editing. Download on iPhone or Android.

2. VSCO (Free with offers of in-app purchases)

VSCO is more than just a photo editing app for your iPhone or Android. It has a community built within the app for sharing your creations, and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to export to other social apps. The reason why photo enthusiasts love it is for its wide range of filters. It’s easy to spend hours playing around with the staggering 200+ filters from professional options to bring quality, color and tones to your image, to cool, retro-style effects, there are plenty of options to choose from to match your aesthetic. You can also utilize the photo editing tools to fine-tweak your images or enhance color in your photos—great for achieving a consistent look for your MILK collection.

Why VSCO? The cool factor is enough to hit download, but the abundance of unique filters will inspire your own personal photo editing style. Download on iPhone or Android.

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3. Prisma (Free with in-app purchases)

Prisma is another photo editing app with impressive downloads, yet this five-year-old app brings in a distinctive element. It uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to transform your images into works of art. Choose from the styles of famous artists like Picasso and Salvador Dali, plus over 300 other unique art-inspired styles to turn your favorite memories into paintings! Hang your work of art at home with a MILK Canvas or MILK Gallery Frame.

Why Prisma? This award-winning app will turn your photos into masterpieces—and it releases a new art filter every day! Download on iPhone or Android.

4. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Free with optional subscription membership)

Well-regarded in the professional photography field, the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app provides you with unrivaled editing capabilities. This powerful photo app allows you to transform your images in seconds with in-app filters or gives you access to top editing features used by professionals across the globe. Its built-in AI helps sort your photos making it easier to create albums in the design studio.

Why Adobe Photoshop Lightroom? Without spending a dollar, you can have professional software at your fingertips. Download on iPhone or Android.

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5. Canva (Free with membership options)

Canva has given those without a graphic design background the chance to create designs for a wide variety of projects. Its user-friendly structure allows you to create logos, books, collages, and more, plus it’s easy to add text and designs to your images. This app is a must for when you're ready to add your own personal flair to your photos before creating your MILK Photo Book.

Why Canva? You get access to incredible graphic design work without the need for confusing and expensive computer software. Download on iPhone or Android.

In a world of constant photo taking, video snaps, and infinite amounts of storage, it’s quite rare to have tangible memories in the palm of your hands. Download the best photo editing apps and upload your beautifully edited photos into our easy-to-use online MILK Design Studio to start creating; your family’s treasured moments will forever be captured in your own special style.

Please check the output of any images taken on your mobile is of high resolution. We recommend an image resolution of 300ppi for the best print results.

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