5 ideas for a meaningful gift

Make it memorable with a MILK gift

In this time of gimmicks and one-offs, truly meaningful gifts can be hard to come by. When you design and print shared memories and moments, you create a gift from the heart. With MILK you can create something that shows your love and appreciation and that you know will be treasured forever. Here are 5 MILK gift ideas that will wow the recipient and more importantly will be enjoyed for years to come.

1. A Photo Book

photo book held in hands

Fill the pages with photos of great moments you've shared. Tell a story with your images and celebrate the good times you spent together. Those special friendships and relationships deserve to be remembered in print. Your images won't dull and the materials won't fade, even as you pick it up again and again and relive those great moments.

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2. A Gallery Frame

A gallery frame set on a white table, alongside a pot plant and white lamp.

A sprawling landscape, a big embrace, a milestone moment or a childhood memory - whatever meaningful photo you choose to print, it will look beautiful in our metallic frames. Create a simple piece of art that will brighten the space it's in and remind the receiver of a special moment in time. Our black gallery frames fit any and all decor.

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3. A Photo Album

An open photo album with image of a bride and her bridesmaids.

A MILK Photo Album is an exquisite keepsake. Comprised of weighty board pages that open to lie perfectly flat, they showcase your spreads beautifully. Preserve your history and create an heirloom album to share and pass down, or simply give new life to those great photos that are worth remembering. Whatever moments and memories you want to gift, they'll be enjoyed for lifetimes in our archival quality albums.

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4. Art Prints

Art print set on a coffee table with image of two giraffes.

Coming in sets of 12, MILK Art Prints allow you to gift a dozen beautiful moments. Our mini, small and large art prints add color to any room and are sure to bring a smile. They arrive in a elegant presentation box and if you opt for our mini option, they also come with a wooden display block. A simple and thoughtful way to celebrate the good times and inject life into a space - the bedside, the office desk or the mantel.

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5. A Moleskine Photo Book

Male holding an open Moleskine Photo Book with an image of person overlooking a lake and forest landscape.

A personalized Moleskine notebook is the perfect gift for the creative in your life. Pepper the pages with great photos and give their scribbles and thoughts a beautiful and unique home. For the loved one who always has a pen in their hand, give them a photo notebook created with genuine Moleskine materials. Give them their own pocket inspiration for their creativity.

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