Why we take photos

To record, to share, to remember.

We have devices in our pockets (more often in our hands) that can take hundreds of photos of anything. Selfie. Lunch pic. Sunset. We record our daily lives as part of our culture. We take photos to remember moments, people and places. But is it more than that? Why do we take photos?


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To recreate a feeling

We take photos to remind ourselves of a feeling. It’s not just remembering something that happened, it’s recalling the emotions and sensations that were present at that time too. A simple photo of a beautiful sunset at the beach can transport you back to the shore it was taken. You can feel again the sand underfoot, the cool evening breeze and the warmth of a friend sharing the moment beside us. You can remember the exact moment you realized you wanted to preserve this beauty forever in a photo. Looking back on such photos as you get older will make your feelings evolve too, making one-off moments like this into so much more - bittersweet memories, joyous reflections and reminders of life's beauty.

To create memories

We take photos to create small memories for ourselves. In the day to day ebb and flow of life, little moments get lost. Taking a photo of your child at rest, at play or when they’ve climbed to the top of the slide all by themselves is a moment you might not fully appreciate at the time. But when they're 16 years old and eating everything in sight and only emerging from their bedrooms to grunt, that quick click of a proud kid on the top of the slide will warm your heart. Take photos to capture everyday life and to celebrate the little things.

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To share our lives

We take photos to record our family history. As well as the little moments, we need to record the big ones. Birthdays, anniversaries, gatherings, houses we lived in and holidays we took. These are things that we know we want to remember. They become part of our biography, bigger than just our story. And shared stories mean that the same photograph can evoke different things for different people. This brings layers to your family's story, making it that much more full. Creating a home for these family moments can be as simple as scanning old photos and turning it into a legacy memento.

To capture our history for the future

We take photos to tell our story. Not only that but taking photos allows us to tell richer stories. Where words might fail, a picture can convey the truly breathtaking scenery you encountered or be the proof needed for your unbelievable tales. More importantly, memories will fade and details will get a hazy but just one photograph can be the spark to bring it all back to life. Without that spark, stories may get lost forever. With photos, your stories live on and with photo books, they last lifetimes.

Create photo books to record your history

Creating a photo book is more than just an opportunity to print the photos you love. It's a chance to record family history. You can add context that won’t get lost in time. You can create beautiful stories, complete with names, dates, places and even backstory. Imagine in 100 years, your ancestors trying to reconstruct your story from photos. How amazing for your family to discover your history, preserved beautifully in a photo album. Make sure you put time into creating photo mementos of your life. Without these photos and stories, the names, faces and history will disappear quickly, and be lost. Create beautiful photo books that capture memories and store them safely for your future generations to discover.

Flipping through a photo book and seeing your photos come to life in print is a beautiful way to re-experience and preserve your favorite moments. Start creating your very own today.

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