Traditional Photo Albums

A new approach to a favorite tradition

Opening an old photo album makes time stand still. As you flip through images from days gone by, you can’t help but get lost in memories, reliving family stories and reminiscing about the good times. But while the albums of yesterday manage to evoke strong feelings, they likely have missing photos, curled up edges, and discolorations, putting them at risk of being lost forever. With a MILK Traditional Photo Album or Photo Book, you can get that sense of story and tradition, but every photo will be in its place, and every image will be as sharp as the day you snapped it. 

MILK natural linen Photo Album laying open to show digitized old photographs in red shades

The MILK Traditional Photo Album Range

A photo has the power to stop you in your tracks and transport you to another time. Our range of MILK Traditional Photo Albums help you look back in vivid detail with lasting materials, high-quality inks and timeless elegance. Instead of placing a photo into a pocket, each image will be clearly printed on pages that lay perfectly flat thanks to contemporary binding techniques, and for an even more modern touch, you’ll get a digital copy of your photo album to share with friends and family.

Classic Photo Albums

Create a Classic Photo Album to tell your family’s special story. Board-mounted pages ensure the thick feel of a traditional album, while 4-color printing brings out the vivid details of your images. An optional presentation box will ensure this album stays in mint condition for generations.


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Premium Photo Albums

A Premium Photo Album is the crème de la crème of beautiful keepsakes. You’ll design your album with a range of templates and cover design options, and we’ll hand-make the final product with archival quality paper and 6-color printing to deliver a timeless treasure.


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Premium Leather Photo Albums

A Premium Leather Photo Album includes all the features of a Premium Photo Album, with the additional option of an exquisite Italian leather cover in either Black, White, Silver Gray or Mocca for a final touch of luxury.


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The MILK Traditional Photo Book Range

Add a modern twist to your collection of family photos with a traditional photo book. Printed and bound in a gorgeous book format, a MILK Photo Book offers contemporary and elegant templates, a range of cover options, a digital copy of your final product, and the option of adding an exquisite presentation box for extra security and style.

Classic Photo Books

Designing a Classic Photo Book means that your photos will come out crisp and clear with 4-color printing and beautifully displayed on coated art paper. You’ll choose from 7 linen cover fabrics, and our designer templates will ensure your story is shared with the esteem it deserves.


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Premium Photo Books

A Premium Photo Book is made with the most luxurious materials and latest technology. From the archival quality paper, to the tried-and-trusted bookmaker techniques, a Premium Photo Book gives you more durability, more choice, and more style.


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At MILK we offer a new approach for recreating traditional photo albums. An old photo album makes time stand still but chances are there are pages falling apart, photos are starting to fade and discolor and the edges are curling up. Rather than losing the precious memories forever, our traditional photo album range will add a contemporary touch and bring your treasured memories back to life in vibrant color and lasting materials. Your digitized photos will be printed on archival quality, environmentally-friendly paper stocks, then expertly bound with lay-flat capabilities to withstand generations of use.

Our Traditional Photo Album Range includes:

  • Classic Photo Albums - 24-64 thick board pages, 4-color printing, classic linen covers, lay-flat flush-mount binding.
  • Premium Photo Albums - 24-64 thick board pages, 6-color printing , linen and coated cloth covers, UV cover prints, lay-flat flush-mount binding.
  • Premium Leather Photo Albums - 24-64 thick board pages, 6-color printing, leather covers, lay-flat flush-mount binding.

Our Traditional Photo Book Range includes:

  • Classic Photo Books - 24-200 paper pages, 4-color printing, classic linen covers, PUR binding.
  • Premium Photo Books - 24-200 paper pages, 6-color printing, linen and coated cloth covers, UV cover prints, stitched binding.
  • Moleskine Photo Books - 40 - 96 paper pages, signature Moleskine Materials, 6-color printing, section-sewn stitched binding.

You can create a traditional photo album or book with MILK via our intuitive Design Studio on our website (accessible on mobile and desktop devices) or via our Project Extension for Apple Photos, available for download via the Mac App Store.

To create online with our Design Studio, simply click here, select your format, upload your photos and start creating. To create on Mac, download the MILK Books extension and start creating direct with the photos stored within your Photos app.

Old photographs make the perfect addition to any traditional photo book or album. Rather than keeping old memories tucked away in storage boxes gathering dust, freeze time by digitizing your photographs and turning them into a beautiful memento. Simply choose your photos, select your method of scanning (use a traditional scanner or plenty of smartphones offer downloadable apps with scanning functionalities), then start creating. See our helpful guide on how to scan your old photographs.

We love this traditional photo album created by Kaye Wahlstrom. The album beautifully captures Lynn & Nancy's relationship, with scanned copies of their wedding portraits and guest list from 1962 included alongside more recent memories. It's a thoughtful and elegant way to preserve a special couple's love story.

At MILK we use the highest quality sustainable paper available. All our paper stocks are archival, meaning they won't decompose or discolor with age, and are certified environmentally-friendly by the Forest Stewardship Council. When printing old photos we recommend the following paper types:

There's no right or wrong format to go with when creating a traditional photo book or album. The Compare our range page is the go-to place to learn more about our different features available including page counts, paper types, cover fabrics and more.

We think our Leather Photo Albums are a great option when creating a traditional photo album of your most treasured memories. Printed in 6-color on thick, archival grade paper, we bring your old images back to life in a timeless format. All MILK Photo Albums also have lay-flat capabilities, meaning they are durable, will withstand years of use and allow your favorite memories to spread across two pages - making for a beautiful statement on your coffee table. Our Mocca leather cover fabric is our top pick for an authentic yet timeless finish.