6 fun photo projects to try with kids

Try these photo challenges your kids will love

Finding new ways to keep your children entertained can feel like an impossible task. A photo project you can work on together is the ultimate family activity. Dust off the camera, capture memories as you create them and get some insight into how your little ones see the world. Mix up the routine of your day-to-day with some casual and candid photography you can enjoy together and at the end of it, create a tangible heirloom you will cherish.

1. Try the A to Z Photo Challenge

Girl taking photo of flower in garden

Equip the kids with a camera and have them wander around the house or garden with the task of taking a photo of something to represent all 26 letters of the alphabet. Tip: The object can either start with the specific letter or can look like the letter. Turn the end result into stylish prints they can display in their rooms.

2. Create Travel Photo Books together
Contributor: Liz Tamanaha

Moleskine travel photo book

The second best thing to traveling? Reliving past travels via photo books. My daughters (at 13 and 11 years old) loved flipping through them, giggling (as teens/tweens do) at their younger selves and they especially loved the pages that included details that an image doesn’t capture: conversations, things they said, how they felt.

3. Write your own toy stories

LEGO Star Wars toy in garden

Spark a little imagination in your young ones and have them be the narrators of their very own toy story. Let them come up with ‘scenes’ for the toys while you take photos and they tell the story of what’s happening. Then you can use the MILK Design Studio, upload your photos, and create a custom childhood story book to cherish for generations. Discover this story book made by a member of the MILK community.

4. Document a 'Day in the Life'

Premium Portrait Photo Book with natural lini

Set the kids a challenge of compiling a photo gallery of ‘a day in their life’. From morning through night, they’ll capture the little snippets of their day, slowing down to take it all in. Once it’s all wrapped up you can curate the photos in a beautiful MILK Photo Book, using the text tool in the Design Studio to add a time stamp and extra details. Bring the book out 365 days later and see how much has changed in a year!

5. Showcase your little one's art

The perfect gift for Grandma and Grandad, elevate your children’s DIY artwork with a picture frame. The perfect, sentimental addition to anyone’s home, scan a copy of their masterpiece (use a traditional scanner or smartphone app) and create a photo frame that's elegant and loved by the whole family.

6. Express gratitude with photos

Classic Photo Book with text Grateful on the cover being held

Teach the kids the art of gratitude while they’re young. Encourage them to wander around the house or outdoors taking photos of all the things they’re grateful for. Add the photos to a timeless photo book as a forever reminder of the things that made them feel happy and thankful.

What photos do you want to preserve?


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