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Typically, we only share the winning Book of the Month entry, but the quality of customer books we see seem to be reaching greater heights with each passing month. So, rather than let those amazing finalists and their projects go by unseen, we've decided to showcase them here with their permission.

Because at MILK Books, we don't believe in keeping beauty to ourselves.



April Runner Up: Williams Family Travels

Vanessa Williams, USA

Join the Williams family on a captivating visual journey through Europe and the Netherlands in this stunning photo book. Each page invites you to marvel at the historic landmarks they encountered on their unforgettable adventure. Travel alongside them and be inspired by their breathtaking photography.

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April Runner Up: Shreya & Nitsan

Shreya Desikan, USA

Shreya and Nitsan's love is perfectly photographed in this extra sweet engagement photo book. Filled with playful and tender moments, each softly focused image captures the deep bond they share. From cozy moments in quaint cafes to blissful moments in the park, every page offers a beautiful way to remember the joy of saying 'yes'.

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Runners up for March 2024

A Photo A Day

Holly Murphy, Australia

Black and white photo of young girl on beach playing with ball.

Follow along a visual journey of cherished family memories. This heirloom, organized meticulously by date and time, documents every moment of love and kinship to create a timeless keepsake to admire forever.

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Wylder Weekly

Kelsey Goodwin, Canada

Baby with red hair smiling up at camera while holding light up teddy bear.

Be inspired by an adorable family treasure created for baby Wylder. Flip through a delightful baby book capturing a photo week by week, adorned with sweet messages from loving parents, sure to be read and passed down for years and years.

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Runners up for February 2024

Honey Milk

Lucinda McGregor, Australia

Open Portrait Softcover Photo Book of child playing with dinosaurs next to flowers in glass vase

Discover Lucy's family history in a captivating photo book. Each page documents sentimental snapshots of her family life through her lens. A beautifully candid showcase of love and kinship, with no frills.

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Ben + Bryce

Benjamin Fernandez, Australia

Open Wedding Magazine of newlyweds in black suits holding hands walking through modern architecture

Uncover the charm of Ben & Bryce's gorgeous wedding magazine, featuring compelling photos that capture the elegance of their ceremony. Relive the warmth of their unforgettable day through every image in this treasured keepsake.

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Runners up for January 2024

Anthony & Miranda

Miranda Sergas, USA

Engaged couple in red vintage car pose as they drive on Palm Springs road in California USA

Discover a love story in Palm Springs, where rock 'n' roll meets West Coast charm. This couple's connection is complemented by California's scenery, making for a playful, retro photoshoot.

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Melissa Bates, USA

Magazine of Italy travel photos highlighting a woman standing by the ocean docks

Embark on an Italian escapade, where wine tasting and gourmet dining merge with breathtaking lake views and scenery. The charm of Italy's finest was documented in Melissa's elegant Magazine.

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Runners up for December 2023


Selina Burt, New Zealand

Baby with outstretched arms on beach smiling

This precious baby book is a collection of heartfelt moments organized A-Z, with a special poem alongside each photograph. The perfect way to cherish precious memories – as well as making for an extra special bedtime story for years to come.

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Our Family

Sinead Kirkels, Australia

Couple with brown cowboy hats raise smiling toddler into the sky

A playful portrait session set against a rural backdrop beautifully captures the joyful dynamic of this family of three. Windswept hair, cheeky smiles and golden light make for a collection of photographs that feel full of life.

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Runners up for November 2023


Vanda Ralevska, UK

Couple kiss on bridge over river in Venice. Captured as a black and white photo.

Take a journey through the timeless charm of Venice, Italy, where history seamlessly intertwines with the present. Immerse yourself in monochrome photography of a fog-draped city that will leave you awe-inspired with every page turn.

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My pregnancy journey

Sharmila Schumacher, Australia

Pregnant woman with belly out smiles and raises arms towards sunlight in dried grass field in the morning

Sharmila's Magazine showcases her stunning maternity photoshoot set in the beauty of nature. Through her lens, a mother shares her pregnancy journey as her loved ones extend notes of warm wishes on each page.

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Runners up for October 2023

Our engagement

Ashlen Sepulveda, USA

Two engaged women kiss on cliff edge in Greece overlooking ocean

Get a glimpse of a private engagement in Santorini, Greece, involving a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean. From start to finish, every moment of the couple’s intimate proposal reflects the love they have for each other.

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Wedding in Norway

Maggie Gardner, USA

Newlyweds in thick winter coats pat snow dogs by wooden lodge in Norway

Be enchanted by the celebration of Maggie and Kelly's wintery wedding as their vows were exchanged against the backdrop of a snow-covered landscape. The Northern Lights, a sled of huskies and intrepid locations make this an extra special album to peruse.

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Runners up for September 2023

Wales, 2023

Bryony Melhuish, UK

Large square natural linen premium photo book of baby eating ice cream on beach

Join Bryony’s family on their memorable outdoor journey. Packed with laughter-filled activities, their camping adventure made a landmark in our collection of family photo books.

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T & J

Jayde Cooper, Australia

Blue linen portrait photo book of newlyweds kissing at end of aisle during wedding ceremony

Experience Jayde and Tommy's vibrant wedding bliss in this exquisite Premium Photo Book. Feel the happiness and joy of the newlyweds and guests exuded on every page.

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Runners up for August 2023


Ang Weir, New Zealand

Blue linen landscape photo book of Antarctica with close ups of penguins and rocky shore

Explore Antarctica's frozen wonderland with Ang, as he captures detailed shots of icebergs and Antarctic wildlife. Simply flipping through the pages of his photo book gave us an icy chill!

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Martin Tournebize, France

Red rose colored portrait photo book of a chicken and grandma in polaroids

Martin’s ode to his grandmother gave a glimpse of everyday life at her home. We felt nostalgic from the warmth in these memories, and loved the sweet comments from loved ones throughout.

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Runners up for July 2023

Book of Boz

Bill Meyer, USA

Black landscape photo book with Labrador dogs together on rocks

Follow in the heartwarming adventure of Boz as he grows from a puppy, supported by a loving family and playful companion Enzo. This photo book captures pure joy at its finest!

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The Adlingtons

Rosana Clifton, UK

Magazine with soft lighting photos of wedding vintage car with newlyweds inside holding bouquet

Take a look inside Rosie and Tom's exquisite wedding at Casa do Lago, Portugal. With a soft, romantic ambience, discover the captivating warmth of their wedding ceremony.

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Runners up for June 2023

The Brennans

Brooke Brennan, Australia

Wedding Magazine featuring newlywed couple in Tulum Mexico standing by the poolside in their tropical villa near palm trees

Join the Brennans on their intimate wedding ceremony in Tulum, Mexico, as the rustling palm trees and the vast gulf waters bear witness to their heartfelt vows to each other.

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The Hamiltons

Marina Hamilton, New Zealand

Luxe Softcover Photo Book spread of the Hamilton family with two babies carried by parents wearing green and brown

The Hamilton family preserved precious moments at home in their heartwarming Softcover Photo Book, cherishing their early family memories with adorable babies, August and Zayla.

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Runners up for May 2023

The Outlier

Simon Doughty, UK

Black Square Moleskine Photo Book of black and white photos of UK cliffs by the crashing ocean waves

We were captivated by Simon's breathtaking photography, which was made into a striking photo book. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the dramatic cliffs, rugged hills, and grey overcast skies that veil the landscape.

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The Abitbols

Niko Abitbol, USA

Portrait Magazine two page spread of newlyweds in shades of brown hugging each other and looking into camera as sunlight shines through background pine trees

The Abitbol's stood out with their radiant woodland forest wedding in one of our contemporary magazine formats. We fell in love with the autumnal shades worn by the wedding party and the warm light that cascaded over the ceremony.

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Runners up for April 2023

Natural Histories

Donna Hopkins, USA

Open portrait photo book with poetry and pictures inside of house next to cup of coffee

Embark on a poignant journey of friendship through this beautifully crafted collection of photographs and poems. We love how Donna and Susan have displayed both their visual and written creativity in our timeless Premium Photo Book format.

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Nathan & Jordane

Jordane Hyams, Australia

Open landscape photo book of newlywed couple walking down aisle in Australian hills with confetti thrown at them

This beautiful Premium Wedding Photo Album told the story of Nathan and Jordane’s special day. Jordane wore a stunning floral gown with décor to match, making for a rustic styled union that fit the happy couple perfectly.

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Runners up for March 2023

Our Wedding

Emilia Bellm, UK

Open landscape photo book with bright colorful wedding with shades of pink and yellow and floral themed - bride wears pink dress

This eye-catching Premium Photo Album captured a vivid scene of flowers in a picturesque wedding venue. With plenty of upbeat vibes, this gorgeous wedding was an undeniably festive occasion for the wedded couple and their guests.

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Mr. & Mrs. Metcalf

Zach Doleac, USA

Open portrait wedding magazine with photos of bridal party staring at camera wearing white and pastel shades

With pastel shades and a one-of-a-kind style reflected in this Wedding Magazine, this modern couple celebrated a chic wedding for their special day. Zach Doleac’s photography highlighted the captivating bond they both share with their friends and family.

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Runners up for February 2023

The Society Islands, French Polynesia

Will Kaner, USA

Photo book with tropical island photos

Stunning scenes from The Society Islands, French Polynesia are brought to life in this travel photo book. Full of sweeping vistas and nods to island life, we can think of no better way to capture a great adventure.

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House of Christiansen

Katarina Christiansen, Canada

Wedding magazine with retro style couple

A contemporary format for a modern couple. We loved flipping through the pages of Katarina and Chase’s Wedding Magazine; the endless smiles and unconditional love had us captivated from start to finish.

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Runners up for January 2023


Angela Lam, Hong Kong

Photo book of three children saluting in Northern India

The vibrant colors of Rajasthan come to life beautifully in this Moleskine Photo Book. Packed with captivating photography, each page gives viewers a glimpse at day-to-day life in this state in Northern India.

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From 3 to 4

Edmond Leung, Hong Kong

Photo book with photos of a father and son doing activities together

This thoughtful Moleskine Photo Book captures a year in the life of Georgie, his mama and papa. From an unexpected quarantine stay to beach visits and ice skating, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the moments that marked Georgie’s third year of life.

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Runners up for December 2022

Alva Clarke Poynter

Kelly Poynter, Australia

Premium Photo Book with baby imagery

These touching photographs capture some pure magic between baby Alva and their family. Moments spent at home, playing music, with a cup of coffee in hand, show that it's all about capturing life's simple pleasures. 

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Portraits 2022

Chloe Nario, USA

Classic Photo Book

This beautiful golden-hour family photoshoot takes place in Laguna Beach. These intimate moments captured between the Nario and Romero Family create a sentimental snapshot in time, to be preserved for generations to come.

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Runners up for November 2022

Mr & Mrs

Kaylie Smith, Australia

Wedding magazine

This stunning couple got married in Australia. The beautiful desert venue with its cactuses are reminiscent of a Mexican landscape.

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Japan Photo 100

Benjamin Riki Fletcher, Australia

Red premium photo books

This portfolio is simple yet moving. 100 black and white photos taken across Japan. We love it.

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Runners up for October 2022


Jahnavi Lakkireddy, USA

Photo spread showing family pictures

This photo album provides a display-worthy home for this family’s beautiful portraits. Featuring backdrops of lavender fields and snow-covered terrain, the incredible photography takes center stage in our timeless lay-flat format.

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Jillian & Patrick

Jillian Baco, USA

Photo spread showing wedding portraits

Iceland’s dramatic terrain serves as the backdrop for Jillian and Patrick’s striking wedding portraits. From the country’s quintessential turf houses to dazzling waterfalls, each page of this special memento had us truly captivated.

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