Our Runners Up Showcase.

Typically, we share only the winning Book of the Month entry but the quality of customer books we see seem to be reaching greater heights with each passing month. So, rather than let those amazing finalists and their projects go by unseen, we've decided to showcase them here.

Because at MILK, we don't believe in keeping beauty to ourselves.



August Runner Up: Bryan & Laura

Laura Robert, Canada

Laura and Bryan scaled Little Lougheed for their intimate elopement.

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August Runner Up: Glacier National Park

David Thomas, USA

David captures the serenity of nature in this book documenting his solo journey through Glacier National Park.

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Runners up for July 2020.

Spring Break 2017

Liz Tamanaha, USA

This travel book is a photo-diary of the Tamanaha’s United States West Coast Road Trip. Flip through the pages and experience alongside them the beauty of their backyard.

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Sarah & Taylor

Taylor Patronete, USA

Sarah and Taylor’s special day is beautifully celebrated in this wedding album. Set against a serene New Zealand backdrop, joy overflows the pages of this precious memento.

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Runners up for June 2020.

Vic & Elaine

Elaine Elemani, NZ

Vic & Elaine's beautiful photo book is both a celebration of their love and the character of their local neighborhood.

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Our First Garden

Gabriela Ojeda, USA

This book is a tale of discovery, nurture and harvest. A simple story that captivates in our classic Moleskine format.

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Runners up for May 2020.

Wishes & Wisdom

Laura Fraser, Canada

Inside this book lay precious notes from loved ones – wishes and wisdom from Laura and Michael’s traditional tea ceremony.

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Sarah & Esgardo

Sarah Linzon, USA

Flip through the pages of this unique wedding album and discover breathtaking photos from Sarah and Esgardo's Rocky Mountain elopement.

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Runners up for April 2020.


Adam Deer, USA

Flick through the pages of this travel book and discover Adam’s epic journey through India, reaching elevations over 11,000ft.

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Christian & Lissette

Lissette Carabello, USA

This wedding album showcases Christian and Lisette’s intimate elopement against the backdrop of the picturesque Santorini coast.

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Runners up for March 2020.

Erik Jon Larson

Amy Gattie, USA

This photo book is a breath of new life into old photographs. Memories held dear, frozen in time and preserved in MILK.

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Mr & Mrs Fenton

Heather Fenton, Australia

This book is a beautiful showcase of Daniel and Heather's special day, married among loved ones in stunning South Africa.

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Runners up for February 2020.

Married in Kenya

Vivian Le, USA

This book beautifully captures a couples intimate elopement against the stunning backdrop of Kenya.

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Best Loved

Donna Hopkins, USA

In this book, Donna shares a collection of stills. Each page, telling a different story, comes together beautifully.

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Runners up for January 2020.

Andr​é & Kathrine

Pamela Soeharno, South Africa

This book captures the beautiful wedding of Kathrine and Andr​é. Their special day, complete with family and loved ones, is elegantly preserved in this precious memento.

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Our Family

Alyson Aga, USA

Three generations of the Aga family come together in this beautiful photo book. We believe these moments together ought to be cherished.

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Runners up for December 2019.

Urich & Ying Loo

Ying Loo Ding, Australia

This book boasts a stunning showcase of Urich and Ying Loo's wedding reception. A vibrant coming together of two people, this book is a precious memento to be held dear for time to come.

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Super Cub Adventures

Lucy Flight, USA

Lucy and Bob take to the skies to deliver breathtaking scenery in this epic travel book. Flick through the pages and witness their spectacular journey not to be forgotten.

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Runners up for November 2019.

A & M

Antonia Short, New Zealand

This book showcases Antonia and Matthew’s exquisite wedding. The love and joy shared on their special day is captured and beautifully composed in this timeless memento.

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Family Photography

Kaleen Enke, USA

Dedicated to the small things, a flick through this book reminds us that there is extraordinary in the ordinary, and that these moments too are worth celebrating.

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Runners up for October 2019.


Jason Kirchgessner, USA

This book captures the 4,800-mile journey of a man and his best friend – Jason and Ellie’s two-week adventure into the Canadian Rockies.

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A Day in New York

Rachel Lariviere-Singh, USA

A showcase of a stunning collection of New York City wedding portraits. Frozen moments in time, juxtaposed against the buzz of the city that never sleeps.

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Runners up for September 2019.

The Adventures of Big Red

Emma Orchard, New Zealand

This book is a beautiful birthday gift that tells the story of Big Red, a bright red 80's Toyota and its trusty travel companions. A simple story that preserves the breathtaking scenery and winding roads that were traveled.

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San Francisco Elopement

April Hudson, USA

This photo book showcases an intimate San Francisco wedding shared between the ones that matter most. Flip through the pages of moments shared as a family; a day that will be treasured for years to come.

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Runners up for August 2019.

We Sayers Yes

Julia Sayers, Australia

This photo book showcases the beautiful wedding of Julia and Ben. Feel the love as you flip through the pages.

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Our Little Family

Kiri Armstrong, Australia

This book showcases moments shared between Kiri and her family. Life moves by so quickly it's important to capture these times.

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Runners up for July 2019.

A Day at Bondi Beach

Jill Woolf, Australia

Often it’s the simple things that make the best photo books – like a day at the beach. Jill and her family spent quality time together at Bondi and now they have a great memento of that happy day.

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Jon Jackson, USA

This book showcases Jon's travels around Guanajuato, Mexico. Jon captures the little details of the city from every angle, photographing what most would simply walk past.

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Runners up for June 2019.

Alice & Shannan

Alice Turnbull, Australia

This photo book captures the beautiful wedding of Alice and Shannan. The love shared between friends and family are portrayed throughout every page.

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Helen Cantrell Paintings & Prints

John Heckman, USA

This book showcases the artworks of Helen Cantrell. Each page tells a colorful story, every painting abstract yet carefully thought out.

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Runners up for May 2019.

A Year of Conversations

Constance Brinkley, USA

This photo book is a visual conversation. Constance and her lifelong friend Doug spent a year communicating through photographs, inviting each other to see from the other's perspective.

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Snow Canyon State Park

Shillika Chandrasekhar, USA

This young family captured their day-trip to the beautiful Snow Canyon State Park in Utah. Their hike through breathtaking trails and dunes produced some stunning family photos.

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Runners up for April 2019.

A Day in the Life of Thomas

Christophe de Mulder, Belgium

This photo book takes us through all the highs and lows of little Thomas's day-to-day. It's authentic, candid and beautifully shot.

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A Wedding in Wanaka

Sarah Townsend, NZ

Josh & Sarah's wedding looked gorgeous. Rustic and breathtaking, rural Wanaka proved a stunning backdrop for their special day.

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Runners up for March 2019.

Alissa & Karim

Alissa Kitchen, Canada

This album is a memento of Alissa & Karim's beautiful Boho wedding. A rustic venue on a gorgeous Fall day provided a fairy tale backdrop for their photos. With warm, golden tones throughout, the images of the ceremony in the forest are especially magical.

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Olivia Glazebrook, NZ

This book is a simple collection of photos from a trip to Vietnam. Each image gets their own page or a double page spread, with no white space in the entire book. This allows each photo and their subjects to hold your attention and speak for themselves. 

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Runners up for February 2019.

Lauren & Jason

Kathryn Gillespie, USA

The Big Sur coastline makes for gorgeous wedding photos. Their 'first look' in the forest, a ceremony by the sea, and a shoot as newlyweds along the rugged shorethese images of love in nature are stunning and a testament to a masterful wedding photographer.

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William Labus, USA

This travel book is full of life; rural and urban, colorful and monochrome, contemporary and traditional. Where the stark contrasts should be jarring, they instead feel true to the essence of Cuba, which is endearingly both old-fashioned and new.

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Runners up for January 2019.

Versailles 2017

Sandra von Riekhoff, UK

Ice cream treats and adventures in the Gardens of Versaille; this is both a trip the kids won't forget and the perfect theme for a family photo album.

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Selected Works

Wei Jay Bill Fan, USA

This book takes us all over the world. It showcases the best of Wei's photographypicturesque landscapes, honest portraits and all between.

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