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Our Runners Up Showcase

Typically, we share only the winning Book of the Month entry but the quality of customer books we see seem to be reaching greater heights with each passing month. So, rather than let those amazing finalists and their projects go by unseen, we've decided to showcase them here with their permission.

Because at MILK Books, we don't believe in keeping beauty to ourselves.



April Runner Up: Natural Histories

Donna Hopkins, USA

Embark on a poignant journey of friendship and caregiving through this beautifully crafted collection of photographs and poems. We love how Donna and Susan have displayed both their visual and written creativity in our timeless Premium Photo Book format.

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April Runner Up: Nathan & Jordane

Jordane Hyams, Australia

This beautiful Premium Wedding Photo Album told the story of Nathan and Jordane’s special day. Jordane wore a stunning floral gown with décor to match, making for a rustic styled union that fit the happy couple perfectly.

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Runners up for March 2023

Our Wedding

Emilia Bellm, UK

Open landscape photo book with bright colorful wedding with shades of pink and yellow and floral themed - bride wears pink dress

This eye-catching Premium Photo Album captured a vivid scene of flowers in a picturesque wedding venue. With plenty of upbeat vibes, this gorgeous wedding was an undeniably festive occasion for the wedded couple and their guests.

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Mr. & Mrs. Metcalf

Zach Doleac, USA

Open portrait wedding magazine with photos of bridal party staring at camera wearing white and pastel shades

With pastel shades and a one-of-a-kind style reflected in this Wedding Magazine, this modern couple celebrated a chic wedding for their special day. Zach Doleac’s photography highlighted the captivating bond they both share with their friends and family.

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Runners up for February 2023

The Society Islands, French Polynesia

Will Kaner, USA

Photo book with tropical island photos

Stunning scenes from The Society Islands, French Polynesia are brought to life in this travel photo book. Full of sweeping vistas and nods to island life, we can think of no better way to capture a great adventure.

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House of Christiansen

Katarina Christiansen, Canada

Wedding magazine with retro style couple

A contemporary format for a modern couple. We loved flipping through the pages of Katarina and Chase’s Wedding Magazine; the endless smiles and unconditional love had us captivated from start to finish.

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Runners up for January 2023


Angela Lam, Hong Kong

Photo book of three children saluting in Northern India

The vibrant colors of Rajasthan come to life beautifully in this Moleskine Photo Book. Packed with captivating photography, each page gives viewers a glimpse at day-to-day life in this state in Northern India.

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From 3 to 4

Edmond Leung, Hong Kong

Photo book with photos of a father and son doing activities together

This thoughtful Moleskine Photo Book captures a year in the life of Georgie, his mama and papa. From an unexpected quarantine stay to beach visits and ice skating, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the moments that marked Georgie’s third year of life.

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Runners up for December 2022

Alva Clarke Poynter

Kelly Poynter, Australia

Premium Photo Book with baby imagery

These touching photographs capture some pure magic between baby Alva and their family. Moments spent at home, playing music, with a cup of coffee in hand, show that it's all about capturing life's simple pleasures. 

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Portraits 2022

Chloe Nario, USA

Classic Photo Book

This beautiful golden-hour family photoshoot takes place in Laguna Beach. These intimate moments captured between the Nario and Romero Family create a sentimental snapshot in time, to be preserved for generations to come.

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Runners up for November 2022

Mr & Mrs

Kaylie Smith, Australia

Wedding magazine

This stunning couple got married in Australia. The beautiful desert venue with its cactuses are reminiscent of a Mexican landscape.

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Japan Photo 100

Benjamin Riki Fletcher, Australia

Red premium photo books

This portfolio is simple yet moving. 100 black and white photos taken across Japan. We love it.

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Runners up for October 2022


Jahnavi Lakkireddy, USA

Photo spread showing family pictures

This photo album provides a display-worthy home for this family’s beautiful portraits. Featuring backdrops of lavender fields and snow-covered terrain, the incredible photography takes center stage in our timeless lay-flat format.

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Jillian & Patrick

Jillian Baco, USA

Photo spread showing wedding portraits

Iceland’s dramatic terrain serves as the backdrop for Jillian and Patrick’s striking wedding portraits. From the country’s quintessential turf houses to dazzling waterfalls, each page of this special memento had us truly captivated.

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Runners up for September 2022

Jenna & Ismael

Nadège Richards, USA

Premium Photo Album showing spread of wedding images

This photo album is 40 pages of perfection. A stunning day, now immortalized in print.

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A Night Excursion in Taipei

Angela Lam, Hong Kong

Moleskine Landscape Monograph book showing black and white image spread

Meet street vendors, locals, and workers during an evening in Taipei.

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Runners up for August 2022

backyard adventure

Alison Swan, USA

Premium family photo book

This beautiful photo book captures a crisp morning in September spent together in the backyard. Sometimes it’s the little adventures that make the most beautiful mementos.

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Jennifer & Johnathan

Jen Wong, Australia

Premium classic wedding album

With over 250 photos, we’re invited to see Jennifer and Johnathan’s beautiful commitment to each other, from the tea ceremony to their wedding day.

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Runners up for July 2022

Book Fleurs

Anne-Sophie Mathis, France

Moleskine Photo Book with images of flowers on spread

A format fit for a masterpiece, this beautiful Moleskine Photo Book is full of photography that beautifully captures the artistic and delicate nature of flora and fauna.

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Me and my dog Bruno (mostly)

Evy Anwar, Australia

Softcover Photo Book closed

This sentimental Softcover Photo Book documents the story between Bruno and his owner, from his earliest days as a puppy to summer holidays at the beach.

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Runners up for June 2022

Welcome Baby Yona

Erik deWeaver, USA

Double page book spread showing family pictures

Erik’s book is a touching piece which shows us the true joy baby Yona’s birth has been for the family. Delicate moments of love are shared between the family, as they come together for this shoot.

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Europe 2019

Kaylee Ogan, USA

Double page book spread showing travel pictures

Kaylee’s adventures leave us hungry for travel as she documents her way around Europe. Surrounded by venerable buildings and some delicious looking food, we know Kaylee’s trip was great!

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Runners up for April 2022

Mr & Mrs Martinez Mas

Cristina Guevara, Mexico

Double page spread of wedding amongst flowers

We love how Cristina has arranged these moments from her special wedding day into a memoir glowing with warmth. Surrounded by exquisite flowers, we can easily see the heartfelt happiness shared between these newlyweds. Congratulations Cristina and Martinez on your marriage! 

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Revisiter l'abandonné

Mélodie Béland, Canada

Open spread of building amongst snow

There is a certain charm to be found in the forgotten world Mélodie captures; abandoned sheds, decaying furniture, and uninhabited spaces lay long untouched under a layer of pristine winter snow. We are intrigued by the fragments of rustic wonderland she has portrayed through her book.

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Runners up for March 2022

The Rosendales

Danielle Bartlett, Australia

The Rosendales

We are delighted to witness the Rosendales’ special day through their Wedding Magazine. The newlyweds lead us through a dreamlike meadow, with an ‘I do’ waiting at the end. Congratulations, on your special day.

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Aotearoa on Film

Gemma Hinckesman, New Zealand

Aotearoa on Film

To capture the essence of a New Zealand summer is a challenge to some photographers – even more so when film gives you only one shot. Gemma has done exactly this, and beautifully, creating a glowing portrait of the country.

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Runners up for February 2022


Alexandra Minnis, USA

Classic Photo Book showing family laughing, holding newborn

A beautiful family photo book which highlights the delights of adding your little one to your tribe. Alexandra gives this beautiful memory as a gift to her son Conrad, who will be able to revisit this for years to come. 

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The Day the Sky Went Black

Tony Kenny, Australia

Black & white Moleskine book on coffee table

We love this Moleskine Photo Book which powerfully documents the Australian bush fires of 2019-20. Tony chillingly captures this natural disaster in grayscale, preserving the moment for lifetimes as to be never forgotten.

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Runners up for January 2022

Mr & Mrs Covill

Alyssa Covill, Canada

Wedding magazine displaying newlyweds posing for portrait.

A magazine which faithfully attests to this particular day being a perfect one for the newlywed Mr and Mrs Covill. We receive the privilege of witnessing their beautiful ceremony, which is accented with flowers and bathed in sunlight.

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Regina Melo, USA

Open book depicting grayscale portrait of old woman.

Regina provides an immersive introspection into the world of her mother. We are given fragments, and whispers, of her that paint a charming portrait. A beautiful memory which this book will forever preserve.

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Runners up for December 2021

Jason & Sundae

Sundae Ngo, New Zealand

Book of wedding couple at beach

A stunning portrait of the newlyweds tying the knot on the shores of a beautiful New Zealand beach.

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Stephanie Klinke, Germany

Book on table of blue door and trees in Provence, France

Did someone say bon voyage? Stephanie provides us with charming insight into the delights to be found in southern France.

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Runners up for November 2021


Natalia De Faveri, Australia

Open photo book showing images of newborn child

This baby book celebrates the arrival of little Tommy. It's a simple collection of newborn photos that is sure to be treasured.

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Mr & Mrs Allen on Film

Hollie Molloy, UK

Open photo book showing images of wedding day

Each photo is captured on a film camera, giving the images a warm quality and making this photo book a wonder to behold.

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Runners up for October 2021


Alexis Winter, Australia

Open Moleskine portfolio showing art pieces

Alexis added beautiful selections of drawings, printed & bound in Moleskine. Each page showcases artworks created during 2020.

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Tyler Bottles, USA

Open photo book showing spread of car image

22 photos across America. A striking collection that's simple yet impactful. Each image captures a moment, person and place.

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Runners up for September 2021

Forte Family Recipe Collection

Sarah Yeoman, USA

Open photo book showing spread of family recipe

The Forte family cookbook is sure to become a family heirloom. The pages filled with family recipes and accompanied with photographs of generations cooking the meals together heightens the sentimental value.

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Sivan Wexler, Australia

Open photo book showing spread of family photos at farm

This photo book tells the story of family vacation to Queenstown, New Zealand. It's a beautiful memento filled with photos of their fun family adventures in nature like going to the snow and visiting farm animals.

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Runners up for August 2021

The Prasads

Simrit Prasad, USA

Open Photo Book showing photos of newlyweds posing with pet dog

The Prasads celebrated their union at the waterfront on a sunny summer’s day in 2020. Their photo album is a stunning celebration of their intimate ceremony and their beautiful steel blue fabric choice perfectly matches the groom’s suit.

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A Leap of Faith

Robin Greenwell, UK

Open photo book showing spread of photos of new home

This photo book tells the story of what happens when you take a leap of faith on a derelict barn in the rolling hills of England. With progress pics and diary updates on each page, we see the old barn transform into a beautiful dream home before our eyes.

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Runners up for July 2021

A Creative Portfolio

Jonde Northcutt, USA

Moleskine Photo Book open to display photo spread

Californian artist Jonde Northcutt gives her painting and printmaking a permanent home in this Classic Portrait Moleskine Photo Book – the perfect format for a creative portfolio.

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Kelly & Sara

Sara Lukmanji, Canada

Classic Photo Album showing spread of wedding portraits

The snow-capped surrounds of resort town Banff serves as a striking backdrop for the intimate elopement of Kelly & Sara, beautifully captured by photographers Willow and Wolf.

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Runners up for June 2021


Ben Fogg, UK

Photo book spread showing travel photos in Kyoto

We loved flipping through the pages of Ben’s travels through Japan. With no more than three photos to each spread, there is clear intent and simplicity behind each image showcased.

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Langston James

Katherine DeGroot, USA

Photo book spread showing baby photos

This book preserves the first 12 months of Langston’s life. Precious times have been captured throughout each page from candid shots to milestone moments with family.

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Runners up for May 2021

Gerard & Randy

Randy Jayakody, Australia

Photo book with cover image of wedding photo

Gerard and Randy share a special memento created for loved ones that couldn’t attend their wedding. Each page of vibrant color brings the day back to life.

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Life in a Motorhome

Teresita Perez, USA

Photo book spread showing travel image with motorhomes

Aptly named La Vida En Una Casa Rodante (Life in a Motorhome), this project beautifully records the intrepid travels of Teresita.

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Runners up for April 2021

Mr & Mrs

Nicole Eichstaedt, New Zealand

Photo album with newlyweds on the cover

Introducing Mr and Mrs Eichstaedt McComb. Wedded against an urban backdrop, this contemporary Wedding Photo Album is a beautiful celebration of the pair’s stylish and very intimate nuptials.

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Andrew Paul

Emily Bentley, Canada

Open photo book with photos of mum and her newborn son

Few things bring a smile to our faces quite like the beautiful baby photo albums created by our community. This keepsake proves it’s never too late to bring your child’s first precious moments back to life with this collection of portraits from 2018.

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Runners up for March 2021

Day in the Life

Christophe De Mulder, Belgium


The mundane and the beautiful. Whether it's brushing your teeth, wandering through the woods or settling down for dinner, Christophe's 'Day in the Life' celebrates the everyday moments with his family.

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Sukhpreet & Lovleen

Lovleen Dhaliwal, USA


These striking portraits of Sukhpreet and Lovleen were taken at sunset against the stillness of a rural backdrop. With each page as beautiful as the last, this Premium Landscape Photo Book was easily one of our favorites.

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Runners up for February 2021

Vishwa & Shalini

Shalini Rajakaruna, Australia

Open photo book

Vishwa and Shalini share their opulent wedding day in a stunning MILK Premium Photo Album. Their photos are simply stunning.

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Banff to Jasper

Vanessa Rienau, Canada

Photo Book with travel cover image

Vanessa captures the beauty of nature as she travels from Banff to Jasper. Now it's beautifully preserved in MILK.

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Runners up for January 2021

Richard & Catherine

Catherine Jow, USA

Classic Landscape wedding album closed

Catherine and Richard's perfect day has been preserved in a timeless classic format. Words simply couldn't describe the joy expressed in these photos.

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Summer at the Beach

Stephanie Peterson, Australia

Open Premium Photo Book

10 years of summer holidays at the beach have been captured in each page of this book - as if it's a time capsule. We wish we were there!

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