Our Runners Up Showcase.

Typically, we share only the winning Book of the Month entry but the quality of customer books we see seem to be reaching greater heights with each passing month. So, rather than let those amazing finalists and their projects go by unseen, we've decided to showcase them here.

Because at MILK, we don't believe in keeping beauty to ourselves.



July Runner Up: Jill Woolf, Australia

A Day at Bondi Beach

Why we love it:

Often it’s the simple things that make the best photo books – like a day at the beach. Jill and her family spent quality time together at Bondi and now they have a great memento of that happy day.


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July Runner Up: Jon Jackson, USA

Guanajuato 2019 

Why we love it:

This book showcases Jon's travels around Guanajuato, Mexico. Jon captures the little details of the city from every angle, photographing what most would simply walk past. 


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Runners up for June 2019.

Alice Turnbull, Australia

This photo book captures the beautiful wedding of Alice and Shannan. The love shared between friends and family are portrayed throughout every page.


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Helen Cantrell, USA

This book showcases the artworks of Helen Cantrell. Each page tells a colorful story, every painting abstract yet carefully thought out.


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Runners up for May 2019.

Constance Brinkley, USA

This photo book is a visual conversation. Constance and her lifelong friend Doug spent a year communicating through photographs, inviting each other to see from the other's perspective.


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Shillika Chandrasekhar, USA

This young family captured their day-trip to the beautiful Snow Canyon State Park in Utah. Their hike through breathtaking trails and dunes produced some stunning family photos.


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Runners up for April 2019.

Christophe de Mulder, Belgium

This photo book takes us through all the highs and lows of little Thomas's day-to-day. It's authentic, candid and beautifully shot.


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Sarah Townsend, NZ

Josh & Sarah's wedding looked gorgeous. Rustic and breathtaking, rural Wanaka proved a stunning backdrop for their special day.


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Runners up for March 2019.

Alissa Kitchen, Canada

This album is a memento of Alissa & Karim's beautiful Boho wedding. A rustic venue on a gorgeous Fall day provided a fairy tale backdrop for their photos. With warm, golden tones throughout, the images of the ceremony in the forest are especially magical.


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Olivia Glazebrook, NZ

This book is a simple collection of photos from a trip to Vietnam. Each image gets their own page or a double page spread, with no white space in the entire book. This allows each photo and their subjects to hold your attention and speak for themselves. 


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Runners up for February 2019.

Kathryn Gillespie, USA

The Big Sur coastline makes for gorgeous wedding photos. Their 'first look' in the forest, a ceremony by the sea, and a shoot as newlyweds along the rugged shorethese images of love in nature are stunning and a testament to a masterful wedding photographer.


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William Labus, USA

This travel book is full of life; rural and urban, colorful and monochrome, contemporary and traditional. Where the stark contrasts should be jarring, they instead feel true to the essence of Cuba, which is endearingly both old-fashioned and new.


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Runners up for January 2019.

Sandra von Riekhoff, UK

Ice cream treats and adventures in the Gardens of Versaille; this is both a trip the kids won't forget and the perfect theme for a family photo album.


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Wei Jay Bill Fan, USA

This book takes us all over the world. It showcases the best of Wei's photographypicturesque landscapes, honest portraits and all between.


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Runners up for December 2018.

Loann Vo, USA

Loann & Nick's wedding book is stunning. The simplicity of the layout and design allows each image to shine and their careful photo selection tells the story of a stylish wedding day (and couple).


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Adam Deer, USA

A travel book filled with polar bears; sleepy polar bears, playful polar bears, roaming polar bears. With the addition of some history of the area and some local wildlife, this book is both interesting and fun.


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Runners up for November 2018.

Laura Vater, USA

Josh and Laura's wedding day looked stunning. A castle venue, a poolside ceremony, games among the topiary and a bright orange reception; these are just a few of the details that make this photo book shine.


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Janneke Smarius, Netherlands

This is a great baby book introducing the newest member of this young family, little Duuk. The layouts are simple yet considered and the baby blue linen cover fabric matches the tone of the images perfectly. But mostly, Duuk is just so darn cute.


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Runners up for October 2018.

Umberto Pastore, Italy

Moleskine is not your typical choice for a wedding book but in this case it fits perfectly. The images within depict a wedding day that is both traditional and contemporary; a modern classic. This makes the aesthetic of Moleskine a natural pairing. The beautiful couple shine throughout the book, leaving us in awe of their effortless way.


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Carl Jani, UK

This wildlife album is spectacular. Bookended by roaring cats and with the rest of the animal kingdom on the pages between, it's a gallery of nature's finest. The project devotes a spread to each animal, giving them the same respect they so command in the wild. This album had us dreaming of an African safari.


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Runners up for September 2018.

Alan Shortall, USA

This Moleskine notebook is colorful and captivating. It incorporates the pictures he took both professionally and in his down time and they combine beautifully to tell his story of India. Alan was able to capture the essence of all of the places he visited through his portraits of locals and a focus on everyday life. 


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Laura Counsel, USA

This travel photo book is wonderful. It's these kind of events, like a mother-son road trip, that stay with you forever. Laura shares the story of their journey through scenic images of the places they visited together and accompanying diary-like text. It makes for a great storybook.


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Runners up for August 2018.

Alex Dillon, Australia

This photo shoot is stunning. Love against a beautiful rural landscape makes for great formal wedding images. With just 26 photos, this book perfectly conveys their newlywed bliss and creates a memento that will be treasured forever.


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Jonathan Jackson, USA

This travel book is amazing. The photos of varied landscapes and subjects showcase what must've been a beautiful road trip and hero those quieter, lesser-known places that we pass through as we go from A to B.


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Runners up for July 2018.

Damian Gullo, USA

This is a photo book from the heart. A gift for mum and dad, it's filled with a mix of old and new, drawings and photographs, the past and the present. It all combines to make a beautiful keepsake and a precious legacy.


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Darsha Aldous, USA

A rustic ceremony in the Californian outdoors that seamlessly transitions into a beautiful reception under the stars. This wedding album depicts a beautiful, earthy wedding and the love of all the family and friends present just leaps off the page.


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Runners up for June 2018.

Anette Urbina, Mexico

Cuba is the perfect subject for a photo book - colorful, authentic and effortlessly photogenic. Anette Urbina has created a beautiful tribute with her project. Beautiful, inquisitive and full of love and appreciation, we had a great time flicking through this book at MILK.


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Margi Denton, USA

What began as an evaluative process for the creator has transformed into a experience for the impartial viewer. Fitting for a book that challenges our ways of seeing. Interesting, unconventional and a conversation-starter to boot, we loved this book at MILK.


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Runners up for May 2018.

Malcolm Graham, Australia

Aptly titled "Birds of Australia - Volume 3", the book's flow and the natural beauty of its subjects leave very little to the imagination but this is not a complaint; imagination is simply not needed when reality exceeds. A love song to these majestic animals and a testament to patience and hard-work, this book left it's mark at MILK.


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Carmen Krahn, Canada

This photo book is gorgeous. Baby Cruz is just so precious. Each cute outfit and pose comes together to make a fantastic baby book and a precious memento that Carmen and her husband will undoubtedly treasure forever. This project was an instant favorite here at MILK.


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Leroy Schulz, Canada

This photo book is breathtaking. Stunning in it's simplicity, Schulz doesn't waste time with variations in layouts or accompanying text but rather lets the pictures speak for themselves. These photos left us in awe of mother nature. A beautiful collection and a pleasure to flick through, this book left it's mark at MILK.


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Carolyn Mendelsohn, UK

This photo book explores the "complex transition between childhood and adulthood".  Such a time in one's development is often fraught with fear and uncertainty yet the conviction of these young girl's statements is like a breath of fresh air. Food for thought and a feast for the eyes, we loved this book here at MILK.


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