Rachel & Karamjit

Storyteller: Rachel Lariviere-Singh, USA

What was the best part of your special day?

It was great to have pictures taken of just the two of us, without any stress of the actual wedding day. We were also very lucky with the weather! The sun was shining, the trees were colorful, the air was fresh. These pictures were taken in NYC during the perfect Fall Day in November! We spent the entire day going around town in our wedding outfits, from one great location to the next. It was a great reminder of the beauty of NYC and of why we love it so much. Since food and cocktails are such a big part of our lives (I run an Instagram page about the NYC and Montreal food scenes called @Hungry.Hood), we took time to stop by some of our favorite spots around the city for a few bites and drinks (above)!

What is your favorite image in the book and why?

My favorite image (above) was taken in Dumbo in Brooklyn while we were walking to take pictures near the Brooklyn bridge. This picture represents us very well. It is not a cliché wedding picture nor is it iconic. It's simply us. And that’s perfect. Karamjit’s favorite picture is the one taken in Grand Central (below). It’s a very iconic NY location and it’s a great representation of how we can be so happy when we are with one another, even amongst the chaos of NYC

What do photos mean to you?

Our wedding pictures are extremely important to us. They remind us of the beautiful memories that will last long after the wedding day is over. Photos defy time. We hope to cherish them for years to come and maybe show our kids one day.

Why did you decide to design and create your wedding book?

Although things tend to be digital nowadays, we wanted to have a "classic" paper album for our wedding. I still look at my parents and my grand-parents wedding albums, and there is just something special about having a physical book. We also preferred to design it ourselves to ensure it reflected our personality. MILK made it very easy for us to design our album and the result is exactly what we were hoping for. It’s personal and timeless.


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