Lauren Miller: A Love Story

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Miller

 Storyteller: Lauren Miller, USA

A newlywed couple surrounded by friends and family blowing bubbles.

What was the best part of your special day?

There were so many great parts of our wedding, it is truly hard to pick just one. However, if I had to, it would probably be all the support we had from family and friends. We were (pleasantly) surprised at how many people came to celebrate our day with us. Nothing feels better than to have so many awesome people surrounding us as we start our life together. We will both be forever grateful for the love we felt from everyone that day.

A groom's first look; and a father walking his daughter down the aisle.

What is your favorite image from your wedding and why?

I love this picture with my dad (above right). I was very fortunate to grow up with two awesome parents; I’ve always had a great relationship with them. They are so supportive and push me to reach any dream I have. I was the first child (out of five) to get married, so it was a really special day for everyone in my family. My photographer, Peyton Rainey Byford did an amazing job capturing all the emotions we felt and this photo is no exception! I had imagined walking down the aisle with my dad my whole life and this moment far exceeded anything I could have imagined.

Newlywed couple kissing whilst hanging in harnesses.

What is your favorite story behind a single shot in the book?

I love this shot!! My husband gave me free rein for planning our wedding. He likes my style and knew I would put together something beautiful (to us). But his one recommendation was, after figuratively “tying the knot” he wanted to literally “tie the knot” and rappel off something. Once we chose our venue, we knew we had to be creative and figure out how to make this happen. We got married at Snowbird, Utah. It's a beautiful resort up in the mountains in Utah. During the winter, it is a ski resort so they have lifts and a gondola to get to the top of the mountain. So, my husband had the idea to rappel off of the tram together!! Somehow, Snowbird approved it and after some test runs we were able to make it happen!


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