Lucy McGregor: An Ode to Childhood

Artfully documenting childhood memories

Storyteller: Lucy McGregor, Australia

Family journals are important documentations of memories you never want to forget. Often in the form of scrapbooks, notebooks, photo books or albums, these are special heirlooms that preserve each moment to be passed on with each generation. In Lucy's captivating Softcover Photo Book, a visual diary was compiled of her children's early years and precious moments. With the timeless charm of film photography, each image beautifully captures her two boy's childhood memories for them to look back on when they grow. Explore these heartwarming photos lovingly preserved in this stunning photo book - and be inspired to create your own Family Photo Book or Album.

Three young brothers sit on tree stump

What format did you choose to create your keepsake and why?


I chose a Softcover Photo Book for my journal. I wanted to have it look and feel like a zine. Personal and artful. I plan to print an annual journal and like the idea of a softcover collection for my family photos.

Three brothers together looking through metal farm gate

Why did you create your keepsake?


My journal is titled ‘Honey Milk’; an ode to a childhood memory of having warm milk with honey prepared for me by my grandmother. I created this as a way to document similar core memories my two sons may hold, all captured on 35mm film. The sweet moments of childhood will be curated into an annual keepsake for them to always have and look back on.

Two boys sit together on field and watch small bonfire

What is your favorite image from your keepsake and why?


I think the image on page 6-7 of my family journal. It’s a grainy black and white photo of my boys looking out onto a bonfire at my friend’s farm. It’s comforting and warm to look back to. I just keep coming back to it. This photo was shot on Ilford HP5 film.

Photo spread of family at home relaxing in bed

What is your favorite memory behind a single shot in the book?


I couldn't possibly bring this to just one picture in my photo book! The photos from pages 28-29 are of a recent trip to Melbourne with my kids and husband. We stayed right in the CBD, the boys sleeping amongst the skyscrapers. So fun! These photos were also shot on Ilford HP5 film.

Black and white photo of two young boy brothers lying on wooden deck

What inspires you creatively?


I love the nostalgic, imperfect magic that is shooting on film. The whole process really inspires me. Seeing a moment, capturing it without being able to check how you did, and sending off the film. Then getting scans back and going over each frame, remembering the moment and seeing how it turned out puts a big smile on my face.

Young boys with a flower and teddy bear in hand walking down steps

What inspires you to take photos in general?


I love taking photos. My work explores themes of familiar life and attachment. I’m inspired by the connection with people around me, particularly my own children, as I chronicle varied stages of kinship. I particularly love capturing motherhood and the connection between mum’s and their babes. It goes so fast, and we are usually the ones taking the photos, so to prioritise a mother and photograph that beautiful but raw and emotional time inspires me.

I am currently working on an evolving series titled ‘After Naps’, exploring the importance of friendship formed between mothers. A relationship primed for longevity, one of solidarity and understanding. One not often documented.

Two young boys with a camera walking through flower garden

What does your keepsake mean to you and your family?


I love the quality of my softcover journal and the fact my work is tangible. I look forward to growing the collection each year and seeing the volumes side by side. It means a lot to me to be able to show my family these moments I’ve documented in childhood.

Two young boys holding hands walking down path

What bit of advice would you offer to someone creating their own MILK memento?


Have fun with it, play around with layouts and tones. MILK offers so many Designer Templates you can use to make your keepsake absolutely perfect to look at. It’s uniquely yours which makes it extra special.

Whether you are a film photography enthusiast, a parent, or someone who simply appreciates artful imagery, Lucy’s family photo journal is a treasure and a delight for her and her family to come back to in future years. Her photos on film add a timeless quality to each moment preserved in her keepsake. It's a style that creates a nostalgic, archival feel that you can see within the pages of her photo book. We loved the creative use of her family pictures that made up this stunning keepsake, and are happy to share her story with the MILK community. If you'd like similar inspiration for your family photo book or album, visit the MILK Gallery for more beautiful custom keepsakes others have created.


Customer Imagery & Photographer: Lucinda McGregor

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